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My name is Michael Conneely. I am based in the West of Ireland and I offer worldwide Astrology Readings and healings and this video tells you about my LoveStarDating worldwide website for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking Love.

LoveStarDating is Free to Join for its first phase.

And uniquely, the LoveStarDating website is supported by Astrologers and Healers who people anywhere in the world can avail themselves of if they need an astrology reading, e.g. about their life, their year ahead, their relationship scripts or their actual relationship, or who feel they will benefit from the truly wide array of on-line Healings that are offered.

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A unique feature of my Astrology work is that I always combine Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology.

Western Astrology is really good at depicting our psychology and interpersonal dynamics and also very importantly brings insights into the effects of Chiron, Lilith, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on our life. It can be used to highlight our sometimes very different subpersonalities and our Nature versus Nurture scripts: the effect of our upbringing environment on our essential nature.

Vedic Astrology excels at describing our soul journey and has very well-developed love astrology. It defines our life purpose, the details of our personality ‘warts and all’ – all with the purpose of bringing higher spiritual awareness to our personality and to our relationship scripts. It has wonderful interpretation techniques such as our Atmakaraka: the planet of our soul purpose which we are driven to fulfill in this lifetime, and also our Darakaraka a oh-so-valuable definition of the sort of person we are really looking for in love relationship.

I sincerely believe that combining both Western and Vedic Astrology is very important to give the fullest picture of who we are, and to raise our spiritual awareness of our self and our relationship scripts. I have been offering this combined Western and Vedic Astrology for 28 years. I have five degrees including psychology and sociology and I have completed a five-year university-based field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West. My wife Maggie Pashley offers a vast range of Healing Modalities on line.

And my speciality is also that I always suggest ways of Healing where this helps.

You can get an Astrology Reading from me through my StarwheelAstrology website:

You can get a Reading of your Relationship scripts and issues and their healing – and of your Relationship itself, from my LoveStarDating Website: