An Expert Worldwide Advanced Vedic Astrology Course

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This is a wonderful offering to the world: a Caring and Expert Advanced Vedic Astrology Course (Level 3)
With Five Modules from Michael Conneely.

Lakshmi at Skanda Vale Ashram
Lakshmi at Skanda Vale Ashram

This course has Five modules and you can purchase the course as a whole from:
The Starwheel Astrology Shop
Or, alternatively, you can buy each module separately, as listed below.



As five powerful distance-learning options in Advanced Vedic Astrology. These really are a gem.
Here is a summary of the Modules in my Level 3 Advanced Vedic Astrology Course:
I. Advanced natal chart interpretation

II. Bhavat Bhavam: Derived House analysis

III. Advanced Prediction Techniques

IV. Jaimini Astrology

V. The Astrology of Love and Relationships Course

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

The teaching Michael Conneely gives you is totally caring and always the best approach, to suit you, for any topic is identified.

However, you do need to know some Vedic astrology already in able to tackle these course options: For example it would be a good idea to have completed my Level 1 and maybe my Level 2 course, or roughly similar background.

Vedic Astrology Level 1 Course
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Vedic Astrology Level 2 Course
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For more about Michael Conneely and the Healing Centre in Foxford, in the West of Ireland, please visit:

The insight you receive into your life from this Advanced Vedic Astrology Course is peerless, in fact Vedic Astrology is such vast declaration. The wisdom from Vedic Astrology simply grows and grows.

And because of the caring and personalised way Michael Conneely personally teaches Vedic Astrology, as your insight deepens, the healing and breakthrough empowerment you can make is utterly life-changing.
You can pay to enrol on any one of the five Level 3 Course Options from here:

Each course option teaches profound and deep insight and wisdom.
You will develop a huge web of perception and understanding now from each Vedic chart you read.

Always the Modules are taught in a way that ensures authentic declaration and insight, with a rejection of the formulaic or legalistic content so often found in other Astrology Courses.

Always, the Modules are taught in a way that connects to gateway for your healing and empowerment and the most open and transcending way possible of dealing with the states of energy and consciousness that Vedic Astrology so accurately predicts. In all cases we can link to art and embodiment work, healing and empowerment modalities.

Always the Modules are taught with the possibility of western astrology crossover if you wish. Please visit: