Mercury went Direct this morning, 1st July 2014.

MercuryMercury has had retrograde motion in the heavens from 7th June – but now he has turned direct.

But, please note that according to accurate and sure declaration of Vedic astrology, the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ effect is not actually finished with until Mercury gets back to its pre-retrogradation position, i.e. on 16th July.

It is a good idea to look at what divine learning you have made around Mercury principles such as communication, but also commerce and admin, since 7th June – and reflect what more consolidation and extra detail do you need to cover? Have there been any communication mix-ups and misunderstandings in your friends and associations?

Mercury principles are really important in our lives and we overlook and neglect them at our peril.

I have been constructing a website for the first time, and have had to learn quite a lot of communication and administration skills to do this. You might like to have a look at it. It is for my kundalini Yoga Teacher: And my next step is to construct another website for myself to underpin my Ogham teaching. It is not yet published but it will be called:

And I have encountered people who have lost their email account details or password, lost their PayPal details and other people who have created websites at this period.

But I am also aware of communication misunderstandings and misrepresentations, and these can cause immense harm if we do not honour Mercury Principles.

So take a moment to work out how you need to tighten up on Mercury Principles in your life to avoid tears for yourself or others, now or later on!

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