Mercury Turns Retrograde 10th April 2017 The Practicalities and the Spiritual Meaning

Michael ConneelyMercury Turns Retrograde 10th April 2017.

The dates and the western and also vedic astrology charts for these three big moments of the Mercury Retrograde are set out for you below. And read on also for explanation of the practical implications and the spiritual purpose.

Mercury goes Retrograde at 4 deg Taurus in western astrology’s tropical zodiac (10 degrees Aries in the Vedic sidereal zodiac). Note that Mercury continues Retrograde until 4th May when he reaches 24 degrees Western Aries (0 degrees 10 mins Vedic Aries). Note too that the Mercury Retrograde effect in our consciousness and our lives does not really end until Mercury regains his pre-retrogradation position. That is on: 20th May 2017.

So, what are the practical implications and the spiritual purpose? What do retrgrade planets in your own birth chart mean?

Depending on how Mercury features in your own birth chart, Retrograde Mercury will bring loads of challenges into your life to do with posts and communications, computers and IT, communication with other people, and organisation of finances and other issues.
Postal deliveries will be delayed or may go astray !

As I said, how bad it will be for you, or what exact Mercury areas will be affected for you will depend on how the planet Mercury features in your birth chart: in other words, what scripts and Karmas your soul chose to experience around the Mercury principle this time.
It will also be made more of an issue if there’s a planet transiting on top of your natal Mercury at present, or if you are in a Mercury Period within the system of vedic Astrology predictive periods called Dashas.

The Divine Purpose of all this is due to the fact that Mercury is a God. He is a refraction of the Divine. We each of us need to perfect our relationship with Mercury. It’s a divine and inescapable part of our soul learning this life time.

I personally can often have a very tough time during Mercury Retrograde periods, because Mercury in my Vedic birth chart is conjunct Ketu the South node of the Moon (which means I have big past life scripts around Mercury) and he is also Lord of the 12th House, and he receives an aspect from Saturn in my 2nd House whose affairs include voice. A big thing also in my Mercury destiny is that he occupies Chitra Nakshatra (The Nakshatras are the beautiful and wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology) and Chitras incarnate to be creative, and as a very special spin on this: my natal Mercury is in the 4th of the four padas of Chitra (every Nakshatra has four quarters or pads) and Chitra pada 4 has Scorpio quality which means I can give quite fierce investigative spiritual or occult declaration, and the ruling deity of Chitra pada 4 is Chitra Gupta. Now this is important because Chitra Gupta is the deity who hold the book of life. Ancient Vedic Sages saw that in a sense there’s a book of life kept on each of us. When we die, what’s in that book depends on whether we go to heaven or hell (as it were) before our next reincarnation. So Chitra Gupta is the equivalent of the Egyptian Goddess Maat before whom the soul of the deceased is weighed in the scales against the weight of a feather at the point of death, and thrown to the crocodiles if heavier. And Chitra Gupta is also the equivalent of Odin in Norse pantheon and Ogma in the ancient Irish pantheon, and Hermes. So, people with planets in Chitra Pada 4 incarnate with a duty of UTTEREANCE. I have known many in my work as an astrologer over 22 yrs. They include seers and Seeresses, tarot readers and psychics: their life-duty is to perfect their utterance. Classically, the great examples are the Pythoness at Delphi who mounted a tripod over a fissure in the cave issuing volcanic fumes and uttered prophecy to whom people came to from all over the Graeco-Roman world, notably of course poor tragic Oedipus; also the Norse Volvas or Seeresses who mounted a high chair and went into shivering trance and uttered prophecy, and also the Sibyls of ancient Rome. Often these people were blind. I personally have worked twice with blind Seeresses.

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Here are the Charts for the three moments in this Mercury Retrograde:
Chart 1: Mercury turns retrograde 10.4.17:
Mercury Turns Retrograde 10th April 2017














Mercury Turns Retrograde 10th April 2017

















Chart 2: Mercury turns direct 4.5.17:























Chart 3: Mercury regains pre-retrogradation position: 20.5.17






















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