Buddha, Lord of the planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology
Buddha, Lord of the planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Watch the state of your mind.

Watch the state of your communications.

Beware escalation and miscommunication, and downright torsion in communication. Anger and frustration rules. Mind games take over.

The current Mercury retrograde experience now needs even more careful handling. We need to bring enlightened consciousness to our own mind and to maybe a stream of angry ranting miscommunication that is about.

It’s vicious.

Not only are there violent energies affecting our minds from the eclipses that take place on October 8th and October 23rd, but Mercury is now caught up in a very harsh torsion of planetary aspects.

We need to bring enlightened awareness if we observe the following energies arising in ourselves or others and taking over people’s mind and communications. and we also need to be on the lookout for radical change, even revolution, too, because Uranus is in the eclipse mix:

Here is the Vedic Chart for Now. The Western chart is at the foot of the post, below.

Vedic Chart 14.10.14
Vedic Chart 14.10.14










First of all note that this Retrograde Mercury is made even more problematic because it is ‘in exchange’ with Venus. In other words, ‘exchange’ means Mercury is in a sign ruled by Venus (Libra) and Venus is in a sign ruled by Mercury (Virgo). So this unhappy Venus is making the retrograde Mercury even worse.  So this means the confusion of Mercury Retrograde is made even worse now.

Let’s look at the mess Venus is in at the moment and bear in mind this is affecting the Retrograde Mercury. For Venus is really sadly treated by the present energies.

Venus in Virgo: First of all, Venus is Debilitated in fussy Virgo. It’s a very bad sign to have your Venus in in your Vedic birth chart.

Venus conjucnts the North node (Rahu): To make matters even worse, Venus is also in the same position in the heavens as Rahu, the North Node of the Moon. This energy makes us too assertive even sexually driven. We can be too driven by desire in a way that kills beauty and love. There’s explosive driven confusion and torsion, there’s obsession. There’s impatience.

Venus Combust: And to make matters even worse, Venus is ‘combust’ too close to the Sun: Ego burns up love. Anger and frustration rules. This is the energy of the heavens at the moment, that is also badly affecting the already retrograde Mercury.

How long does this Mercury Retrograde period last?

Well, Mercury turned retrograde on October 4 at about 17.41 hrs BST, at 8 Vedic Libra. When does it end? Mercury goes stationary on 25th October at 22 Virgo. But the Mercury Retrograde divine learning effect is not actually over until 10th November when Mercury arrives back at its pre-retrogradation position at 8 Libra.

What does it mean in our lives?

When Mercury is Retrograde, we will need to be careful about communications, posts, organisation and our speech and areas of our life where we need to make improvements will be shown up.

If we are attentive to the energy, this is a good time for writing and for having spiritually correct speech and dialogue with others.

You may need to clean up your communication and admin messes big time if you have let problems arise in these areas.

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Lastly, here is the Western Astrology chart for Now:

Chart western Mercury Retro 14.10.14