Mercury Retrograde in your Birth Chart?

ImagePlease refer to the blog posting general note on Planets Retrograde in the Birth Chart, for the qualities that are generally brought to your life by having a retrograde planet in your birth chart. This Note is about Retrograde Mercury in the birth chart: where Mercury had an apparent backwards motion in the heavens at the moment you were born. About one-quarter of us have Mercury retrograde in our natal charts. Since Mercury covers perception, getting a handle on how you see things helps you be more effective in the world.

With Mercury Retrograde, you’ve got a different communication and conceptual make-up than other people. It’s worth understanding the possible consequences. It’s all about authentic Mind and Communication. Mercury retrograde can mean

You have a past life issue of holding back the truth

You need to get it right around the issue of going along with the party line

You may feel inarticulate

You may struggle to speak or write.

You are not allowed to speak superficially this lifetime.

You must communicate fully, from the authenticity of your entire being, speak from the heart, speak your truth.

You will have to do a lot of work to get in touch with this level of authenticity.

Your mental processes are different from the norm and may take longer or have delayed development or ‘weird phases’ in your life.

You may sometimes feel like you’re speaking another language from the other people in your family or around you.

You may feel swim your mind works in very different ways from those around you.

You feel very misunderstood

You may feel you have to learn to translate what you perceive into language others can understand.

You may need to find ways of expressing yourself through writing, art, music, ritual or dance.

You need to trust that you have a unique way of seeing the world

You may feel very frustrated. You may feel you can’t communicate your ideas as clearly or as easily as others. In fact others might see you as very articulate.

You may not feel sure where you stand on issues.

You may have blocks or delays to learning.

You may take longer than others to learn a new subject, and have to painstakingly learn it in order to really ‘get it’.

You may have come into this incarnation with a “knowing” of some sort: a past life skill, a gift of insight into certain subjects.

You may have come into this incarnation feeling “out of touch” with what you really think. In this incarnation their challenge is to reconnect with the authenticity of their own ideas and decisions based on their own inner knowing and personal perceptions of situations, and maybe take a stand.

You need to learn to be authentic and need to use you own personal intuition in life and go with your gut instincts.

You may be labelled slow thinkers or may be someone who cannot retrieve information quickly but basically you take in knowledge and disseminate it differently from others.

To understand Mercury Retrograde in your natal chart more fully, look at the sign, house, modality, element and aspects Mercury has in your birth chart: how do these affect your issues of conceptualisation and communication?

Past Lives

Mercury Retrograde may indicate that in past life there was a discrepancy between the words you spoke and what you truly thought or felt.

Your own ideas were submerged; you may have been in a position where you were expected to speak the “party line” rather than speak your own truth.

In this way you may have invalidated your own ideas and your own self-worth and truth.

The house occupied by Mercury in your birth chart shows the area where you had this prior knowledge and your choice of environment where you will play it out in this life.


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