Mercury Retrograde and US Presidential Election November 2020 Starwheel October Newsletter Pt 3

Mercury Retrograde and US Presidential Election
(also including the relevant issues of the Nodes of the Moon change sign, plus Mars Retrograde)

Mercury Retrograde and the US Presidential Election:

Mercury starts October at 10 deg Libra.
Mercury turns retrograde at 17 deg Vedic Libra on 14th October. He retrogrades to 1 deg Libra on 3rd November.
We are thus in the shadow of this Mercury Retrograde from 23rd September when Mercury was at 1 Libra, until 19th November when Mercury regains his pre-retrogradation position at 17 Libra.

Expect and try to prepare for and manage all the usual Mercury Retrograde problems of communication, quality of speech, posts, IT.

BUT, difficult though Mercury Retrograde is for some people, it is dependant on how Mercury is placed in your Vedic birth chart, the more significant implication of this Mercury Retrograde is that when Mercury is super-powerful stationing and turning direct at the end of his retrograde on November 3rd, this is the day of the US 2020 Presidential Election!

This happened with the US Presidential election on 7th November 2000, where the outcome of race between Bush and Gore unknown for several weeks due to a dispute over close vote totals. Bush was said to have received 50,456,062 votes. Gore was said to have received 50,996,582 votes. Florida had a major recount dispute.

After an intense recount process and the US Supreme Court’s decision, Bush won Florida’s electoral votes by a margin of only 537 votes out of almost six million votes cast and as a result became the president-elect. The process was extremely divisive.

And as the sequel to this Mercury Retrograde effect in the 3rd November 2020 Presidential Election, see my post on the effect of the 14th December Eclipse on the stability of Donald Trump’s mind and behaviour.
Remember Mars is Retrograde too in the 4th House of the USA (Kelleher chart), too, at this time = Fighting in the homeland.

Uranus is opposition Mercury on 7th October: Uranus Rx at 15 Aries; Mercury Rx at 15 Libra: Bharani to Swati Nakshatras. And again, on 19th October and 18th November.
Mercury Uranus = Intuition, revolutionary spirit. Revolutionary mind. Inventive thinking. Talent for speaking. Scatter of energies. Nervous haste. confusion, brutal frankness. Self-over-estimation. Contradictory disposition. Computer and IT Issues. Ugly, violent scenes. Stay away from social media or handle it very wisely. We do need to filter out so much of the conspiracy theories and flaky spiritual paths. This way we will be really able to be ourselves, and really take off.

CHARTS: Do note as a very special resource, that I show the charts and ephemeris for each month in both Vedic and also western astrology on my Starwheel website. You can see the full Vedic and also Western Ephemeris of the planets positions, the charts of the October Full and New Moons, plus the 2020 eclipse dates and more – all on my October Astrology page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

Sun transits from 14 deg Virgo at the start of October, transiting into Libra on 17th October and ending October at 13 Libra.
So, Sun transits through the Nakshatras of Hasta, Chitra and Swati.

Nodes of the Moon change Sign – Rahu and Ketu:

The Nodes changed sign on September 23rd, with Rahu entering Taurus and Ketu entering Scorpio. I note that the Nodes changing sign caused turbulent weather, internet problems, and some upsurge in coronavirus issues. So, this is Rahu in Mrigashira Nakshatra ruled by Mars, and Ketu moving across the Gandanta into Jyestha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury. Ketu the South Node is very strong in Scorpio: Fierce and cutting, but if handled positively: mystical and occult. Depending on how many degrees the Gandanta energies can be experienced either side of the sign transition point, note that Ketu is within 2 degrees of the sign transition point until 31st October. And note that the closer any planet is to the zero point, the sign transition point this is, then the fiercer is the Gandanta effect.
To check out the effect of the Nodes in their new signs of Taurus and Scorpio on you personally, and in your life, note that House in your chart that is Taurus and Scorpio. Note the planets that may be occupying those signs in your chart. Get in touch with me for a Reading.

Mars and our Hero’s Journey:

Mars is Retrograde from September 10th to November 14th. He retrogrades from Aries to Pisces on 4th October, turns direct at 21 Pisces on 14th November, and re-enters Aries on 21st December.
Note that Pisces is the 4th House in the Kelleher chart for the USA. So, I do believe this will manifest again as rioting/unrest in the homeland.

We must each be very careful to monitor our Mars energies generally at this time. This is because Mars in Aries can be over the top, and Mars in Pisces really messy. And we must be very aware when Mars is making his Gandanta crossings. At its highest form this can be our opportunity to do embodiment and vision work connecting personally with Mars and our Hero’s Journey:

Mars first crossed the Pisces to Aries Gandanta on 16th August. Mars is going through this his second Gandanta crossing around 4th October, and through his third Gandanta crossing around 21st December.

Mars in these two signs can have a big impact in relationships, so discuss lovingly with your partner if Mars mishandling issues seems to be affecting the happiness of your relationship.

And the big thing to notice is that Mars is square the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn conjunction at this time. This can create a very angry square and a violence amplification. It can certainly amplify the social reset caused by Jupiter/Pluto pitting themselves against Saturn = societal structures.

As we deal with strong Mars issues, we need to note where fear is setting and agenda. And we need to avoid the harm that Mars can do if we handle it in an unaware way.

This is in fact the Hero’s Journey. I feel that embodiment work (including vision work, posture, affirmation) is very beneficial for correcting the issues caused by a weak Mars, and also for seeing the harm issues of a strong Mars used wrongly.
Here are some very useful dates.

Obviously note that the effects will be strong either side of the exact dates:
Mars enters the shadow:   July 25th
Mars 1st square Jupiter:  August 14th
Mars 1st square Pluto: August 12th
Mars 1st square Saturn: August 24th
Mars goes retrograde: September 9th
Mars 2nd square Saturn: September 29th
Mars 2nd square Pluto: October 9th
Mars 2nd square Jupiter: October 19th
Mars goes direct: November 13th
Mars 3rd square Pluto: December 23rd
Mars leaves shadow: January 2nd, 2021

Goodness: just think of the implications of these Mars combination with Saturn and Pluto!

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