Mercury is Retrograde from April 28th to May 22nd – just so you know!

Michael burnsall crop bestHere’s some interesting and special facts about the second Mercury Retrograde period of 2016 – with some quite extreme challenges this time being defined!

It is best to prepare for this time of Mercury Retrograde energy by making sure that all your IT communications, publishing and speech patterns and communications with others are in as good as possible a state.

If so, Mercury rewards you with improvements in your IT etc.

Mercury Retrograde periods are a bad time to start any project involving communication or IT issues.

Note that the Vedic house that is Aries (the sign where this Mercury Retrograde occurs), well, it’s that area of life indicated by the house that Aries occupies in your natal chart, that will be especially susceptible to problems.

So find out what house Aries is in your Vedic birth chart and plan for being held back in that area of life.

I’ve heard some people say that Mercury Retrograde problems are a fiction invented by some western astrologers. In my own life experience I can say that’s complete nonsense. Maybe those saying tis have Mercury in good order in their birth chart.

Mercury Retrograde period always hit me very hard always, though some times they reward me as well. This is because Mercury is actually Retrograde in my birth chart; my Moon is in a Mercury-ruled Nakshatra (Lunar sign) (Revati), and Mercury in my birth chart is very challenged for me to get its energy right: My Mercury is conjunct Ketu (South node of the moon) and it’s lord of the 12th house of Loss, and it receives and aspect from Saturn, and it’s conjunct a most deeply fallen Sun:

Mercury Retro times usually have extreme issue for me, though facing these and getting help from others can sort them out and introduce needed corrections and innovations.

Part of the problem is that my Jupiter is very powerful, so I can expand and expand, and then Mercury calls me to task and shouts; hey: what about the infrastructure? What about all the details???

So prepare now for when Mercury begins his second retrograde period of 2016 on April 28th.

He will be at 29 deg Vedic Aries when he turns retrograde on April 28th and he will stay retrograde until May 22nd at 20 deg Vedic Aries. In fact the Mercury Retrograde effects do NOT end until Mercury regains his pre-retrogradation position!!!

Here is the chart for Mercury turning Retrograde on April 28th

Mercury Retrograde 28.4.16







Mercury Retrograde 28.4.16 western


Here is the chart for Mercury turning Direct on May 22nd:

Mercury Direct 22.5.16 15.00 hrs






Mercury Direct 22.5.16 western chart

And here is the chart for Mercury attaining his pre-retrogradation position on: 7th June 2016:

Mercury Regains preretro 7.6.16 15.00 hrs






Mercury Regains preretro western ch 7.6.16

Also it’s truly vitally important to note that Mars and Saturn are also retrograde at this time: Mars from April 17th to June 03th and Saturn from March 25th to 13th August. See my separate Blogs for what this means and how to deal with it.

And this time Mercury matters will suffer more than usual because Mercury is retrograde in Vedic Aries which is ruled by Mars, AND Mars himself is in a retrograde too! And Mars is conjunct Saturn as well, which will create real tension, mess pressure and heartache for some! These planets being retrograde will create an energy of real mess. The two of them aren’t naturally friendly, anyway. Go for careful consolidation at this time. You have been warned!!!

And, just so you don’t relax too much, I can tell you there’s a third Mercury Retrograde period this year from 30th August at 4 deg Virgo, to 22nd September at 20 deg Vedic Leo. ‘Just sayin!’ As they say in Ireland.

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