Meet the Dagda : Visionary druid course

Enrol on my Druid Forest School worldwide Course and Meet The Dagda – the Good God of the Tuatha de Danaan and the ancient Irish

The Dagda (also called The Dagdha) is such a source of power, love and beauty to have in your consciousness, in your life. He is the supreme Good God of the ancient Irish.

His energy is so generous; he has a cauldron of plenty. Can you approach this great being and tell him you deserve plenty? But he is also a warrior and he has a great club: one end of which give life, the other end gives death. And he is a being of great harmony: the playing of his harp controls the unfoldment of the seasons all in correct time and date.

The Dagda is one of the great gods of the ancient Irish, the Sidhe. You can study the epics and hear how these great beings incarnated. They are Gods who formed the world: they formed it with a mission to pursue.  They are Gods who imbued certain exalted spiritual healing places with their especial sacredness so as to evolve the world to higher consciousness and special skill and beauty.

And in their human form, as the epics record, they were Gods of special skill and beauty, the Gods of the Tuatha de Danaan. So, when the Milesians invaded Ireland, the manuscripts tell how the Tuatha retreated to the mounds and barrows, refusing to sully themselves any longer where they could not be appreciated. And now they wait until the time is right for their return. the human world did not appreciate their great energy nor their special skills.

But at the time of the Celtic revival a hundred years ago, their divine beauty and qualities were seen once again, and now is the time to bring these great beings more fully into human appreciation.

Learn the true greatness of The Dagda. Learn the true meaning, also, of his relationship with the great Goddess of the ancient Irish: The Morrigan, their ethical War Goddess, the Defender of your Sovereignty. Learn also the deep magic and power: What is the meaning of the yearly mating of The Dagda and The Morrigan that the epics record occurs every Samhain astride the River Unshin whose mouth adjoins the Samhain aligned site of Carrowkeel in the far west of Ireland?

You can follow this wonderful course worldwide on line, or you can come to our Healing Centre and its airbnb  as well, as part of your study.

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The course is extensive. The spiritual practices are clear but powerful. The tutor support is always totally caring. Enroll on my worldwide distance learning course. Meet The Dagda. Imagine what power, healing and beauty it will bring to you to stand before the Dagda, to meet him, to receive his energy and gift!

When enrolling, please email me your email address for correspondence, as well as your astrological natal data: date, time and place of birth – as a very special bonus I include commentary from your western and your Vedic astrology.

I look forward to working with you