May 2024 Pt 2  Pluto Energy Stand up in your Power now

My first video and blog post on May 2024 Astrology is one the need for revolutionary work with any wounds we have in the area of planet Venus in our life, or work with the sign of Taurus and that House/Life Area in our life. This is because of the huge planetary activation of the Vedic sign of Taurus in may 2024 and also the revolutionary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and Eclipse preceding it.

In this second May 2024 video and blog I focus on our opportunity for healing and empowering work in May 2024. This is because PLUTO is stationary.

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PLUTO STATIONS at 7 deg 54 Vedic Capricorn before turning Retrograde on May 3rd.

So through all of May 24, Pluto will only move 10 mins of one degree – and the point is: the slower a planet’s velocity is the deeper it carves its effect into our life!

Pluto is all about our Power, including absolutely: our Buried Power.

Pluto stationing, or moving super-slow, carves the power issue deeply in our consciousness and in our awareness (even if we are blocked to becoming properly aware of it).

And it is so needed and so good if we can rise to the occasion and use it to discover the actual nature of our Power Issues and also: do needed work to heal them.

It’s all about standing in your proper power.

We need to live our life standing in our proper power.

We need to Resist being Controlled.

We need to Oppose being Bullied.

We need to actually do the needed work to come into our Proper Power.

We need to actually do the work to bring our buried power issues to the light – and heal them.

We need to assert ourself clearly and properly.

We need to eliminate harmful influences – whether these are embedded in us from our past lives, or from our earlier experiences in this life.

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One healing approach I offer is for you to do a Journey to the Abyss (included within the Reading):

In Greek spirituality, this is the Journey of Persephone into the Abyss where Persephone, from having the energy of an innocent maiden, became Queen of the Underworld alongside Hades, as well as working with her Mother, Goddess Demeter, Goddess of the Earth.

In Mesopotamian Spirituality, this is the Journey of Ishtar (The Earth Goddess, also called Innana). Ishtar journeyed to the Abyss to retrieve her beloved husband after he died. But instead she encountered her sister, Ereshkigal, who ruled the Underworld  who hung Ishtar naked and bereft on a meat hook. But the humans on the Earth started starving without their Earth Goddess, and so they sent a little creature to creep past the Gate Guards and retrieve her. And when Ishtar was returned to Earth, it was found that the terrible experience of the Abyss had made her not only Goddess of the Earth but Goddess of Love as well.

So check within yourself: Are you standing without your proper power in your life? Do you need to contact and retrieve your proper power?

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if it is this Journey to the Abyss is what you opt for, your vision journey starts with you standing on the surface of the Earth, fully embodied, then descending into the Abyss to meet Pluto as the Keeper of the Abyss, then seeking to hand into his keeping all the wounds, darknesses, guilts and secrets that are weighing you down and obstructing your full connection to Pluto as Kether, the Crown Chakra wherein can pour the Divine Light.

After your meeting with Pluto as Keeper of the Abyss, the journey then takes you up to the earth’s surface again, there to experience the cleaner opening of your crown chakra to the Divine Light.

You get a Recording, and you are advised to repeat the journey on your own using this at least three times following your on-line Journey with me.

Pluto energy is experienced as Dark or as Light.

We cannot avoid meeting the dark face of Pluto: his is the energy of our wounds and hurts, our buried realizations, our secrets and guilts. We do need to face these otherwise we will never arise to our Light. 

A Pluto Transit, a Pluto Station, or an 8th House Transit are examples of the times when this material arises: it confronts us. It demands that we face it, rather than stuff it down inside us and lead half a life. 

We need to face our Shadow, because otherwise we cannot meet Pluto as our Power. We won’t be able to stand in our Power. 

But once we have made our terms with our personal Pluto Dark Material, we can then arise, lightened.

We can arise out of the depths, freed up and lightened to now meet Pluto as Kether: our Crown Chakra – our Direct Connection to the Divine Light – and the power we receive from that. 

And a most important point is that we may have to face Fear at this Pluto-time.  

There’s the need for each of us now, to go through the zero point and face the shadow, and then emerge healed.

This is the call to leave our 3D responses and patterns behind, and embrace a more enlightened consciousness. 

This is especially relevant now as the USA goes through it Pluto Return, with the effect of that on its citizens and the world.

We need to face the Fear.

We need to see the self that Fear creates, as our shadow self.

We then need to become strong in the face of it, because that is what it offers: a chance for healing and growth.
We then need to walk through the shadow, passing the zero point to fully embodied strong consciousness.

If a childhood-related trauma surfaces, one method of healing this can be: Hypnotic Healing of Childhood Trauma. My wife Maggie Pashley offers these:

So, enroll now to make with me to do your own Healing Journey to go down into the abyss, face Pluto as Lord of the Abyss, and then rise, lightened to meet Pluto as your Crown Chakra, Kether – freed now to connect to your own Divine Light.

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