May 2024 Pt 1 Your Taurus and Venus Energy Do Revolutionary Work Now

May 2024 gives you an inescapable call to sort out any problems you have in this life with the energies of Venus, and also with the sign Taurus.

This is because there is an inescapable huge activation of Taurus coming in May – and for Venus the planet that rules Taurus.

Watch the video:

May 2024 starts with the following planets in signs:

Jupiter in Vedic Taurus

Venus, Sun and Uranus in Vedic Aries

Neptune, Mars, Rahu, Mercury and Chiron in Vedic Pisces

Saturn in Vedic Aquarius

And Pluto stationing in Vedic Capricorn.

But one after the other, Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Uranus leave Aries and enter the Vedic sign of Taurus, creating a huge activation of Taurus energies in your life and also a huge activation of the House or Life Area which is Taurus in your Vedic chart plus a huge activation of your Venus as the Ruler of Taurus:

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 1st

Sun enters Taurus on May 14th

Venus enters Taurus on May 19th – this is Venus entering Taurus the sign Venus rules

Uranus enters Taurus on 1st June.

Go to my StarwheelAstrology website to see the Vedic and Western charts and Ephemeris on the May monthly page under the ‘more’ drop-down:

-and absolutely do remember that there’s a fraught background energy to this.

Firstly, in the Full Moon of April 24th, there was a Revolutionary Jupiter–Uranus conjunction in Aries.

Have you identified:
What life areas you need to bring Jupiter/Uranus revolution to?

Which one is top priority?

And how you are going to achieve that Revolution?

Secondly, remember that on April 8th there was a huge Eclipse with Sun and Moon at 25 Vedic Pisces, vastly aggravated by the Saturn-Mars conjunction around 20 Aquarius. That eclipse created tumultuous tense energies generally, but have you identified:
Whether that Eclipse especially affect you?

What effect is it having?

How are you working with the issue?

In this video and accompanying blog, we look at the first May 2024 issue:

It is the huge one of your Venus, love and wealth – and your destinies in that life area.

And also how the Taurus activation affects you personally and how that can be worked with by YOU:

So from the April 2024 energies of utter revolution and angry Eclipse and planetary energies in quite a complex mess, we now have the Vedic sign of Taurus in vast power activation occupied by Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Sun!!!!

What House/Life-Area in your Vedic birth chart is Taurus?????

The energies of that House/life area, of Taurus and of your Venus issues in your chart, in your destiny unfoldment are now going to be MASSIVELY activated.

If Venus’ standing in your life is good, this multiple Taurus transit will be so good for income, wealth, art, beauty and love.

You need a careful interpretation of Venus in your chart.

But if Venus is in karmic disadvantaged standing in your life, then please do realize that: THIS IS THE IDEAL TIME TO WORK TO HEAL YOUR VENUS.

Get a Reading from me about your birth chart and your year ahead with particular emphasis on your personal VENUS DESTINY and your personal Taurus Issues.

If your Venus is troubled, you can hear my advice on how to work to HEAL YOUR VENUS.

The Vedic Divisional Charts give a supremely helpful advice as to how your planets stand for this incarnation.

The Shashtiamsha , your D60 chart provides an essential to know statement of the karmas you had run up – good and bad – by the time of your death at the end of your last life. And the condition of each of the planets is perceived by the Face of the Divine (the God) representing the energies of that planet in the D60.

What is Venus’ standing in your D60?

What is the Face of the Divine associated with your Venus?

The Navamsha, your D9 Chart provides a wonderful absolutely need-to-know statement of your Past Life and your Ancestral Issues, your Relationship Issues in this Life, plus, thirdly, your Ideal Ashram (Ideal way of Life) in this life.

Your D2 Hora chart provides you with so needed to know statement of your Ancestral Issues and your Gender issues, plus your wealth and value and energy-flow issues.

And your Vedic birth chart provides a supreme statement of the standing of each of your planets in this life, plus also ‘How your Planets Treat Each Other’ (Rashi Avasthas),and so very, very much more.

But of course you absolutely also need to ALSO hear the Western and Psychodynamic Astrology of your life.

Just for one example from your absolutely MUST KNOW Western Astrology: Vedic Astrology does not know of Chiron, and you absolutely need to know how your Chiron treats the sign and house it occupies, and the planets Chiron aspects.

And just another example: You absolutely also need to know about your Black Moon Lilith: what is stuffed down into your unconscious and your Shadow Side, and is actually driving your life and actions and preferences, but we are ignorant of what’s in our Shadow until we do the work.

I am going through this detail, because if you need to heal your Venus, and your Taurus issues, Venus and Taurus are greatly activated this month. This is a detail you absolutely need to know about.

And having encompassed the deep detail and truth that my combination of Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology can offer, my essential point is that we then need to do Healing Work. That is why we are here.

We need to do Healing Work, whether the modality of the work is:
Past Life work

Ancestral Work

Shamanic Healing

Energy work

Vision work,




Get a Reading from me that will encompass amongst all the other details: the crucial question of what Healing must I/can I do now for my Venus, and the expression of my Venus, and my Taurus issues.

Alternatively, you are so welcome to book a Relationship Astrology Reading from me that will encompass BOTH Vedic Relationship Astrology with Western Relationship Astrology –  and you will get magnificent background reports and charts.

How might we be ‘set up to fail’ with our Venus issues in this life? In other words how can we identify the karmic challenge our soul may have chosen for us to work on – and succeed with – in this life, with our Venus issues?

Well, just one example of how we might be set up NOT to succeed with the ongoing Taurus activation, is if our Venus is harmed in our birth chart which is the statement of our karmas and destiny and life-purpose direction in this life.

Let’s look at a few of the possibilities for difficult blocks:

Venus conjunct Saturn is an obvious example. Let’s look a little at this big issue. Saturn with Venus puts a cold hand on your love and money issues. Saturn harms your ability to relate socially because you feel of low value. Saturn harms your ability to relate well socially.

Saturn in the 2nd House of value issues is another obvious example.

If you have these sorts of challenges, Venus’ standing becomes so important for you to know about and heal now.

I say now. This is because, of course, of the great Taurus activation is happening. And how we handle it now will affect us for years ahead.

And I say this also because we are still also working with the Jupiter-Uranus revolutionary conjunction energies that started with the exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on 18th April with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 27 deg Vedic Aries (and caught up in the April Eclipse energies).

Examples of two other serious challenges that I would suggest you contact me for a Reading are


If Saturn is now transiting your 8th House (Ashtama Shani) you need to know about it and you so need to know how to handle it.


If you are in Sade Sate now – the seven and a half year period where Saturn transits through the sign before your natal Moon, the sign of your natal Moon and then the sign after your natal Moon, do get a reading from me.

I want to share another super-important examples of things to know about and to bring healing to now to do with Taurus and Taurus ruling planet Venus, is if Taurus is your Bhadaka House in your Vedic birth chart.

Bhadaka – What does this mean?

The sign of Taurus will be very badly affected if it has Bhadaka status.

So will Venus, the ruler of Taurus, also therefore be very badly affected.

This will bring obstacles to finding and expressing love, obstacles to social life, lack of income/wealth, emotional turmoil, digestive issues. It can amount to a curse, a block, an obstruction and to Blind Spots. It can harass and torment you throughout your life. All this can be sorted NOW if you know how, and if you try.

And if your Venus is in trouble as per your natal birth chart, remember of course Venus is the ruler of Libra, so that sign in your life will be badly affected if your Venus destiny is challenging/troubled.

And if your Venus is placed in the sign of Virgo in your birth chart or D9 Navamsha chart, you also need to learn about it and do healing.

So you see, possibility for help is now at hand with Jupiter-Uranus transiting Taurus. That’s why it is so important to know that Jupiter-Uranus transiting Taurus can bring you needed Revolution and healing work for difficulties and problem karmas NOW.

It’s so important to know that when Jupiter transits Taurus it can bring as its ideal: Optimism, new ideas to manage your finances, ability to overcome challenges, enthusiasm for love and relationship. It can increase the range of happy things in your relationship. It can help you to self-discovery, empowerment, clarity about your wealth issues. This is the Ideal Time! It is so important that we know this – and then do the needed work to capitalize on the wonderful opportunity now being offered to us.

Please hear also that the May 2024 Lunations can help us with our Taurus and Venus issues:

The New Moon of 8th May is – yes, in Taurus. It’s in Bharani Nakshatra which is ruled by: Yes! Venus!

The Full Moon of 23rd May has – yes – Sun in Taurus!

Let your ambition flower to grow your wealth and status.

Heal your Venus if it is that case that your fates shown by your astrology say that Healing is Needed.

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