May 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter

Greetings to you from the beautiful West of Ireland on this May Day. There’s a very special offering this month with 15 supporting posts to the main newsletter: Please see the list of wonderful blog posts and videos, c/w links, at the foot of this blog post.

This May 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter, gives you vast expert detail about the Astrology of May 2020.

And there’s also presentation of on-line Healing Modality from Maggie Pashley on on-line Soul Realignment healing. Maggy tells us why it’s the perfect time to get a Soul Realignment session. See the video.
Maggie is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, and she talks in this May Newsletter and YouTube video, about how this lockdown period is the perfect time to get a Soul Realignment session and discusses the wonderful benefits in aligning with your Soul’s energies for greater ease, success and happiness. She is currently offering a special discounted price to make this available to as many people as possible at

N.B. You can see all the western and Vedic astrology charts referred to in this newsletter for May 2020 astrology on the May 2020 Starwheel Astrology webpage, where you can also see the western and also Vedic Ephemeris for the planet positions this month.

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OK, first of all, I’d like to share news from our Lockdown, here in the beautiful West of Ireland. Well, I definitely feel I personally have benefitted from it greatly. There’s been opportunity for ‘vision quest’: for deeper understanding of my life, my life path, focus and purpose, at this time, and great opportunity for teamwork with Maggie.

We’re allowed to walk 2 km from our house. But see the featured image at the head of this blog post a photo of the utterly beautiful remote beach where no one ever comes, which is only 20 mins walk away from our house, with beautiful views of Ben Bulben, Ben Wisken, Knocknarea, all on the beautiful ancient high-energy rocks of our home County: Sligo, and across the bay you see Slieve League Mountain in Donegal.

Just in from the beach is a wonderful waterfall of the River Ballymeeny (which runs at the bottom of our land)where it  joins the Ocean. Maggie tested the energies of this hidden valley gem with the Lecher Antenna and found very high Sacred and Spiritual energies.

And at the top of the waterfall is a shrine to a 6th Century Hermit who is recorded as ‘practising austerities’ in the waterfall pool (by which we did our rituals for Spring Equinox and Beltain, as part of our on-line connection to the wonderful local NW Ireland druid group here, led by Tracey Jean Yappa, and part of OBOD).

Beltain is of course the key festival for May 1st, connecting with the rising energies of the land and the skies, the growing energies of the planets and trees, above all the celebration of fertility and the power of love, traditionally in Northern Europe the ritual mating of The God and The Goddess.

Very sadly, Maggie has been prevented by Coronavirus restrictions from doing face to face Healings, and the Healing Centre in Sligo where she works: Sligo Wellness, is shut down by the regulations for at least another 11 weeks, but Maggie continues healings worldwide on-line.

In addition to my on-line teachings and readings, I have made some good progress with building the first of our two planned AirBnB units on our land.

Working on the first of these extensions, I plastered the ceiling of the bathroom for the extension in rustic rough-look, which I love. Then Maggie painted it (I leave all the difficult work to her!).

And working outside, I have been installing Soffit where the three walls of the extension meet its sloping roof.

I want to say that this has been such a time of inspiration, especially when Mercury was transiting Vedic Pisces, and now when Mercury and Uranus are transiting in the heavens now.

I have felt such empowerment with Pluto transiting in the heavens exactly square my Sun and my Moon (they are opposite each other).

It has been such a time of artistic beauty too (Venus transiting Vedic Pisces and now Taurus) and we have loved watching the films of Director Gurinder Chadha, a Pakistani lady based in UK, especially Blinded by The Light, where a 16 yr old boy found his voice, and also her Viceroy’s House featuring the partition of India and Pakistan, also Bride and Prejudice. And the films by Baz Lurhmann especially Strictly Ballroom and the wonderful;: The Get Down and also Moulin Rouge, Australia, Romeo and Juliet. And the deeply moving film Dear Frankie.

Turning to the issue of Coronavirus, I do feel that the early-implemented and very strict Coronavirus regulations brought in, in Ireland, has led to much less illness and much fewer deaths. In Japan, I know that the regulations were brought in late and also lifted prematurely with the schools reopening, and this led to a second wave and the schools having to close again. I’m disturbed by French schools reopening on May 11th.

My own take is that the energy that brought in Coronavirus is the transit of Rahu (North Node) through Ardra Nakshatra (in Vedic sign of Gemini, where Ardra is ruled by Rahu).

But Rahu actually leaves Ardra and transits into the next Nakshatra, Mrigashira, on May 20th, thereafter the virus will slowly dissipate, but of course the residue of the infection will continue into 2021, and I do think that an unwise and premature rush into normality will bring a second wave peaking around end of September 2020. And the economic consequences will inevitavly be extremely sad, with many businesses that have been closed during the lockdown going bankrupt, and a huge impact of state finances. It will feel like a depression has hit. It will feel like the effects of war.

But actually, I do not think that the Coronavirus lockdown is a bad thing for humanity, when seen from one possible point of view. It gives us each an opportunity to get on course. So, I think the social impact of coronavirus, is that it produced for many an opportunity to experience containment, home focus, quieter time leading to better openness to inspiration, and thus the virus has led to a raising of consciousness, it’s being a social reset, for very many people.

The key imperative when restrictions are relaxed, is to maintaining and protect the key focus and strategy that is right for your life progress at this stage.

This is the highest meaning of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction that I have spelled out for many months now – the analogy that we are the Grail Knight carrying each our Holy Grail forward, where the Cup is the contained for our strategy forward, and what it contains is Pluto: transformation and contact with our highest connection to the Divine: Pluto a Kether the Crown Chakra.

Because it’s Pluto that’s involved, this will often involve a death and rebirth journey into the underworld, and you can buy this as a totally individual and personal astrology guided vision journey detailed on this web page.

This is especially relevant now that Pluto is turning Retrograde.

Listen to your inner guides – do not rush round the moment coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Read this powerful and lovely poem that Lia Cruse wrote on Pluto Retrograde. Lia is a poet and artist who teaches Runes and Ogham alphabets and vision work with Norse and Irish Gods.

I do actually think that this will not be the last pandemic that we experience. My reaction to this is to protect and cherish home base better, to modify our piece of land (that was a little farm up to the end of the 1990s), so that there’s possibility for sustainable food growing, and growing herbs: we are already harvesting herbal teas, and I am feeling so very good from the tea I have started harvesting and drinking.

I do feel special things will happen on our piece of land. I am so connecting with the energies and spirits of our piece of land and adjacent fields, but am also so aware of the dark spirt that looms and lives a bit further away which has very poor land for agriculture and some ruined abandoned hoses. Was TB there? Famine? Emigration? Poverty, ignorance. Depression and defeat?

Our house and our five neighbours are pretty well at the edge of the good lands. The bad lands start a hundred yards up the little lane, the Boreen. Going down the lane the other way is the lane that leads to the vast remote empty beauty of Ocean, and the beach that’s the photo at the head of this post.

It’s an ancient land, here, with resonance of cruelty from Norman Conquest times, and from the cruelty and oppression of the English land lords, but here, far older than that, there are many close-by ruins too: ruins of the Neolithic culture, the stone age farmers, and the rock energies and sciences of their tombs and their megaliths.

So, now I turn to my presentation for the detail of the astrology of May 2020 that occupies the rest of this blog post:

And as I said above, refer to the May ephemeris and charts on our May 2020 Starwheel Astrology webpage.

The Astrology of May 2020

Pluto turns Retrograde from 26th April 2020:
Pluto is Retrograde from 26th April to 4th October. See my point made immediately above about a Pluto transit often entailing a death and rebirth experience.

Contact me for a Reading if this applies to you.
Do take our on-line Journey to the Abyss.

Pluto is a very slow meaning planet, so this means we will all of us have to experience several retrograde Pluto transits with the huge impact that each of these has in our lives.
To show you what this means, please see on the May 2020 chart page of my Starwheel Astrology website, the graph of my present Pluto transit where Pluto is transiting square my Moon and my Sun for a long time. I was born on Full Moon so this means that my Sun and Moon are opposite each other, and Pluto is now transiting square both of them – over three years.

Pluto Retrograde periods can be like death and rebirth journeys, a period of exorcism, a time of truth where one must not be dishonest, passion, unmet desire, thwarted ambition. Essentially, they are all about you coming into your own power.

Pluto although retrograde, is in the 1st degree of Vedic Capricorn all month.

Claim your power

Transform your life

Face your fears

Grow spiritually.

If you want others to see you, you must see yourself, you must speak with your true voice.

On June 29th Pluto retrogrades back into Sagittarius.

Pluto will stay in Sagittarius until 31st December then returns to Vedic Capricorn transiting there many years.

You cannot defeat your demons if you are still enjoying their company


Saturn turns Retrograde from 11th May

But Saturn is at 7 deg Vedic Capricorn all this month (don’t try to rush him!)

This is a massive implacable inescapable call for consolidation of matters in your life.

Saturn demands discipline and patience, endurance and thoroughness, correct life-focus, death of wrong strategies or incorrect focus.

News of a death, mind-focus on our mortality.

For some people, he will be experienced in his occult dimension.

Check what House in your Vedic Chart Capricorn is for statement of the key area of your life that will be affected, and what House is Aquarius, the other sign that Saturn rules. And check any planet that transiting Saturn aspects in your birth chart.

If your Ascendant is in a Saturn-ruled Nakshatra, or if any of your planets are in a Saturn-ruled Nakshatra, then this retrograde will also strongly affect you: Pushyami, Anuradha and UttaraBhadra.

If we obey his demands, he rewards us with Golden Reaping of our projects.

Saturn periods always bring at least burst of fear and depression

During this retrograde period, the fear and depression will become greater.

With Venus retrograding, too, economic downturn will be felt, though the end of the year should see some recovery, although many business are going bankrupt now.

Do note though, that the fear element of Saturn Retrograde can prompt us to take new initiatives, which may even have risk dimensions, BECAUSE the fear fo Saturn Retrograde will highlight problem issues that must be sorted in our lives!!!

Saturn turns Direct at 1 deg Capricorn on 29th September 2020.


Jupiter turns Retrograde from May 15th

Jupiter’s velocity is slow too. In May, he transits from 3 to 2 degrees Vedic Capricorn.

And note that because Capricorn is Jupiter’s debilitation sign, Jupiter’s strength across the Vargas is abysmal: Shadvargas 2.45 strength points.

This means we each have to boost our connectedness with Jupiter to receive blessing, enlargement, sense of purpose, divine guru energy, optimism.

On 30th June Jupiter retrograde back into Vedic Sagittarius, the sign he rules, and his dignity and power are boosted immediately.

Jupiter turns direct at 23 Sagittarius on 13th September, re-entering Vedic Capricorn on 20th November.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto:

Note that Jupiter is close to Pluto much of this time and Jupiter is exactly conjunct Pluto on April 5th and June 30th.

This is a huge and powerful conjunction.


Venus turns Retrograde on 15th May

Venus retrogrades from 27 to 22 Taurus.

This retrograde is fortunate though, because it vastly extends Venus’ time in Taurus, the sign it rules, which mean that we all enjoy strong Venus qualities at a time when other energies are so very dire! Venus leaves Taurus on 1st August 2020.

Do make the special effort to keep Venus beauties, art and loving energies still alive in our lives through this Venus Retrograde period when Venus won’t be so obviously active in his effect.

Venus is square Neptune on May 4th.

The perfect side of the Venus Neptune energy is ideal love and beauty: spiritual and artistic.

Negatively, of course, it’s confusion and unreality I love.

It’s a great time for art and writing, potentially.


Sun Transits Taurus May 14 – June 14

Be alive to the qualities of Sun in Taurus

Venus will be transiting in Taurus at this time

Mercury will be transiting Vedic Taurus part of this time.


Mars enters Vedic Aquarius

Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on May 5th.

Of course, both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn.

Nut Capricorn was Mars’ sign of Exaltation, and we will be losing this. I think Mars in Capricorn is very good for building and technical things going well.
From May 14 to June 4, Mars will be transiting in the Shatabhishak nakshatra Note that Shatabishak Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu. Note also that at this time Rahu is transiting Mrigashira Nakshatra (see below) which Mars. So, note that at this time there will be an exchange between Mars and Rahu. This will create a violent undertow to the energies and to people’s minds and behaviours. Also, Shatabishak, called the Healers’ Nakshatra does have nasty diseases as part of its energy.

And transiting Mars creates a square aspect to Sun, Venus, and Mercury.
Also note that Neptune is in Aquarius (although in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra – see below) the tension energy will have intuitive, visionary dimensions as its higher potential.
Mars actually conjucnts Neptune exact on June 12th


Mercury starts off May 2020 conjunct Uranus

13deg Vedic Aries

I do like this (brief) energy

Very breakthrough.

Mercury transits Taurus from May 8th to 24th, then he enters his own sign of Gemini.

Mercury Transits Gemini May 24th  – August 1st.

Mercury and Rahu become conjunct at 6 Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra on May 29th.
Mercury turns retrograde from June 18th  – July 12th, and leaves Gemini on August 2nd.


Nodes change Nakshatra May 20th:

As analysed above, Rahu actually leaves Ardra and transits into the next Nakshatra, Mrigashira, on May 20th

If you have natal planets in Mrigashira, do get a reading from me about this.

A key strength and beauty of the Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology, is that each Nakshatra has four padas (or quarters) each with a different sign emphasis and different ruling planet therefore, each with quite a different energy.

The fourth Pada of Mrigashira Nakshatra which Rahu enters on May 20th is Scorpio pada, which of course has a very Scorpio energy, and couple that to the fact that the ruler of Mrigashira is Mars.

Very important to note that Rahu changes sign from Gemini to Taurus on 23rd September (mean nodes), but is still transiting within Mrigashira Nakshatra at this time.

And when the Nodes change Sign, this means they also change House in your Vedic birth chart, a whole new area of your life is activated.

Ketu has been transiting Mula Nakshatra since 15th January.
Ketu leaves Mula and enters Jyestha Nakshatra on 23rd September, at the same time leaving Sagittarius and entering Vedic sign of Scorpio.

Ketu is a sublime and a supreme force of destruction. We have to find the spiritual message in the situations and mindsets he deals to us.

Mula is ruled by Ketu, so it’s double whammy until 23rd September, especially at the end of that period one Ketu enters the Gandanta Zone which spans from the last two degrees of Jyestha/Scorpio to the first two degrees of Mula/Sagittarius

Kal Sarpa Yoga
And note of course that we are still in the situation of Kal Sarpa Yoga in May 2020 with, its divisive energies and preposterous confrontationalism, with all the planets to one side of the Nodal Axis. And whenever the Moon transits to the other side of the Nodal Axis from the resto fo the planets which occurs half of every month, then note that the divisiveness increase because of the effect on our minds of unsupported Kemadruma Moon.



Full Moon 7th May, 11.45 am, Sligo Ireland
Note that this is a very isolated Moon. Full Kal Sarpa Yoga and Kemadruma Moon effect.
Saturn has a 10th house aspect to this Full Moon
Rahu has a 5th House aspect to this Full Moon.
This Full Moon is in Vishakha, ruled by Jupiter which is in very low dignity at this time.

New Moon 22nd May

Sun and Moon are in Krittika Nakshatra at 8 deg Vedic Taurus.
New Moon is a time for being sensitive, quieter and watchful. It’s a time for identifying what life strategies would be good and right in the coming 14 days up to the next Full Moon on 5th June: which is an ECLIPSE.


Neptune remains powerful at 26 Vedic Aquarius all month, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter.

PurvaBhadra’s power animal is the male lion.

Its qualities are Fierce and Male.

Its Guna Triplicity is: Sattva, Sattva and Rajas.

The Devata of PurvaBhadra is expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth.

PurvaBhadra is associated with the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya – and these two dragons are the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. They are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through destructive storm.



Uranus transits from 12 to 14 deg Vedic Aries, that’s 6 to 8 deg Western Taurus. Uranus brings such vastness of revolution opportunities if you have planets there (Ashwini Nakshatra) or opposite in Vedic Libra (Swati Nakshatra). I have my Rahu in Ashwini in my 10th House, the feeling of revolution is wonderful and breathtaking (the trick is to survive that!)


Chiron 13 to 15 Vedic Pisces, that’s 7 to 9 degrees Aries Western Tropical Zodiac.

Se my earlier newsletters about the huge effects this Chiron transit has on natal planet that it conjucnts or opposes. Do check out if this applies to you: Healing opportunity of your Existential Wound in this life.

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