Master Vedic Astrology Course

Master Vedic Astrology – A Caring Worldwide Foundation Course with Michael Conneely

sun-sukraDo you wish to Learn Vedic Astrology?

Michael’s Master Vedic Astrology Course is for you. It is a caring and thorough chance for you to learn Vedic Astrology and penetrate some of the subject’s deepest secrets. Always the teaching is linked to healing and empowerment possibilities, in this fantastic Vedic Astrology Course

And when you have completed this Foundation Vedic Astrology Course, you can progress further, because in fact, Michael Conneely offers three insightful worldwide courses into the study of Vedic Astrology.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

All Michael’s astrology courses are very caringly taught. There’s a wealth of information. All is taught in relation to your chart and Michael Conneely’s own chart data so as to keep the study clear, genuine and grounded. At every stage you can contact Michael to ensure the material is available that is right for your approach and your needs.

The study of this Vedic Astrology Foundation Course will bring you to a profound view of your own Vedic astrological chart, helping to realize your own true path and nature. This is especially important for discovering your soul’s destiny and helping you to resolve problems and issues you have in this life; be they spiritual, emotional, physical or mental.

In Michael Conneely’s Level 1 or ‘Foundation Course’ to Master Vedic Astrology, the approach is very clear: to study each of the planets one after the other, each with reference to two charts: yours and Michael’s, so as to keep the study fully authentic and grounded. In-between the planet studies, you are supported in the learning of ‘rules consolidation documents’.

You receive a very full manual of Vedic Astrology techniques plus a very full range of Vedic and Western Charts for each of us.

There’s a webinar and presentation material for each of the planets.
Always there’s commitment to healing and empowerment in respect of each insight.
In all cases we can link to art and embodiment work, healing and empowerment modalities.
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How long does the course take?
Well, that’s up to the student. Michael’s approach is totally caring and therefore the student goes into the detail for each planet module in as much or as little detail as he or she feels right. So there’s no fixed timescale.

These are lovely vibrant courses. They are always careful to be authentic and not at all legalistic or rote. It would be great for Michael to work with you.

All Vedic Astrology courses are taught worldwide through distance learning and we can keep in touch through Zoom or Skype sessions

Michael lives in Foxford in County Mayo in the beautiful West of Ireland where his partner: Healer Maggie Pashley
and we run a Healing and Retreat Centre:
with accommodation:
and Michael Conneely also offers spiritual tours of the ancient sacred sites in Western Ireland, please see:

Michael has five degrees including an MA from Oxford university and has worked in a five-year university-based social anthropological field study of spiritual pathways new to the modern West.

See also: Michael’s Level 2 Course studies each of the 27 Nakshatras (the wonderful, powerful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic astrology), again with reference to two charts. Please visit this website: http://

Level 3 Advanced Course:
Michael has grown the resources and knowledge for this Advanced Vedic Astrology Course immensely over the past 18 months, and so he is now splitting the original course into an utterly inspiring five modules. Please See the Advanced Vedic Astrology Course website: