Massive and Rare Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction in February 2021

The Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction, all in one sign, in the Vedic sign of Capricorn, is massive and rare.

The different natures and agendas of these three planets pit themselves against each other, and unless we can understand them and get them to work together in our lives, we’ll be overwhelmed or confused.

Positively, this huge energy is death and rebirth empowerment in the area of our life that is the House in our Vedic birth chart that is the sign of Capricorn. For the definition of the life area of each House in our birth chart, see my ‘How to interpret the life area of each House in your Vedic birth chart’ web page.

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Positively, Pluto can take us into our darkness to heal it and then to arise more powerful. The world must face its dark side now. The world must struggle against a repressive Old Order. A new evolutionary cycle is being called to come into being, driven by rising darkness.

Positively, Pluto impels us into our needed and proper power, psychological transformation.

Positively Saturn is Consolidation, authority and control – and he can provide needed structure and strategy in our lives.

Positively, Jupiter can give us blessing and sense of purpose.

We must each embrace the sacred duties of parents and citizens, spiritual human beings and custodians of a new age that could potentially dawn now.

But as always, there’s negative potential in these energies, as well as positive:

Negatively, Pluto revels in darkness and pits himself against Saturn who manifests as negative barriers, prison walls and repressive hypocritical authority.

Negatively, Saturn Authoritarianism tightens his authoritarian bureaucratic grip, preserving wealth and status.

Negative Saturn enforces borders – but Pluto explodes them.

Cancer, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius Rising/Moon signs should be very careful for the next two years as Saturn is transiting their 7th, 8th, 6th, and 12th houses, respectively.

With Saturn transiting in Capricorn, we must realixe that Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius Moons are in Sade Sate.
As a preparation, they should ideally save up some money before their Sade Sate starts.
Above all they should be aware of the Nakshatras sequence for their Sade Sate Period.
Even more important, they should especially be prepared to shed what must die now on all levels, and they must be prepared to embrace the proper strategy forward for their lives now.
It is so helpful to hear how strongly or weakly you are protected as a person, as a life, when Saturn transits through the sign before your Moon, the sign occupied by your Moon and the sign after your Moon.
Get a Reading from me about your Sade Sate.

Negatively, the weakness of Jupiter in dignity in Vedic Capricorn at this time means we will need to make very special effort to keep in contact with Jupiter’s oh so needed features of blessing and sense of purpose.

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. This Conjunction is Life changing! These three giants were last together in the same sign in 1145. In that year, the Pope launched the Second Crusade against the Muslims. Note the similar theme/energy to some of what’s been going on this time!

It absolutely has to be noted that this is the time of the Pluto Return for the USA, where Pluto in the Heavens is closing on the position Pluto occupied on Independence Day, and as the Pluto Return intensified, the USA will have to see and deal with the darkness in its national character. All countries face these sorts of crossroads times. The dark has been rising at this time due to this Pluto Return, but the rise of the Dark does have the effect that it pushes many to embrace the Light, at this time.

The Divine possibility of this great conjunction and of the Pluto Return is that genuine positive shifts of awareness should occur in our consciousness and in our lives.
to see the detail of this Pluto Return, where Pluto in the Heavens is closing on Pluto in the birth chart of the USA and will make its first exact hit in March 2023, see my web page: See the chart for the USA on my Starwheel astrology December 2020 webpage.

Basically, the USA will have to face its darkness. I have seen national pride slogansing about how this Pluto Return will proceed with George Washington’s spirit of freedom. But, this sort of time that comes to all countries, the USA will have to face its darkness and heal it now: historically and current darkness. And as the darkness has been rising, so many are impelled to seek to embrace the light.

Listening: A special twist to the Capricorn tale is that actually that Jupiter, Saturn and Sun start the month in Sravana Nakshatra. Moon and Venus are in Sravana Nakshatra too on February 10th. Sravana Nakshatra does embody an energy of listening. And that is what we all must embrace. Sravana is ruled by the Moon, its symbol is the ear. Its Deity is Lord Vishnu – The Preserver of the Universe. Saravana’s nature is to be fierce and severe in a balanced way. The spiritual path of Shravana is the way of listening and the gaining of knowledge, and this knowledge should lead to meditation. As Sravana is ruled by the Moon, and because Sravana lies wholly within Vedic Capricorn, and as Saturn’s presence at this time will be rather chilling and restrictive.

Recession: Jupiter is in very low dignity in Vedic Capricorn. Look at the planet dignity graphs I have put on the 2021 February Starwheel website page.

Indeed, Jupiter boosts Saturn, but Saturn just drains Jupiter in return. This will lead to Recession from the start of 2021.
Although note that the stock market will be artificially buoyed until September 14th.

The reason for this is that Jupiter enters Aquarius on 6th April 2021, but turns retrograde on 20th June at 8 deg Aquarius and Retrogrades back into Vedic Capricorn on 14th September, and the Recession will deepen from this date.

The last time that Jupiter was in Vedic Capricorn was in 2008. And that was the time when the Celtic Tiger Bubble burst, and there was world recession. Jupiter cannot do well in Capricorn. And one of the areas of Jupiter’s beneficence is economic expansion.

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