Mass baby grave in Tuam, Galway

Tuam Mass GraveMass grave of 796 babies found in septic tank at Catholic orphanage in Tuam, Galway.

Read my novel ‘Druid’ by Michael Conneely, for more about the horror of the Catholic Church’s treatment of orphans and their mothers.
I myself was placed in a Bons Seccours Convent Orphanage at Sheringham in Norfolk, in England where my mother had left her family of 14 children to work on a farm.

The Reverend Mother then blackmailed my mother to agree to place me for adoption.

When she then asked to change her mind, a further Blackmail was made on her by the Parish Priest of The Church of Christ the King, at Tully Cross, Co Galway,

Tully Cross is in the Arch Diocese of Tuam, it’s very close to where the sad bodies of the 796 orphans have now been discovered.

The Parish Priest told my mother that if she made any attempt to return to England to keep me, he would be ‘reluctantly compelled to inform her mother of her lapse from Virtue’.

I have the copies of all the blackmail documents.

As a penance he then made her climb the near-by Croagh Patrick Mountain, barefoot.

In my novel, I look at the terrible consequences of Saint Patrick’s conversion of Ireland after his forty days’ fast on near-by Croagh Patrick: Ireland’s Holy Mountain.  After Saint Patrick converted Ireland, the Irish then lost their language, their forests and their sovereignty.

The consequences for the mothers and the children of the Catholic Church’s treatment are huge: and they last for generations.

I also record my own and my mother’s story in the novel.

I now ask for Croagh Patrick Mountain to be renamed – and actions taken to undo the damage Saint Patrick did to the Irish People.

If you would like to read it, my novel, Druid, by Michael Conneely, is available on Amazon as paperback or kindle.

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