Mars Transits Aries Heal your Inner Warrior

Mars Transits Aries

Mars transits Vedic Aries all September 2020. Mars is so strong in Aries, the sign he rules along with Vedic Scorpio.
Saturn and Pluto send a terible aspect to him!
We cannot survive the bottling up of Mars-Saturn energy, nor Mars-Pluto.
If we don’t learn to spiritually manage them, Blind Resistance, illness, or conversely living your life as a robot will arise.

So, what do you now?
Riot in the streets?
Do furious posts on Face Book?
OR Heal your Inner Warrior???

How do we heal our Inner Warrior? My favourite methods are visualisation, embodiment, deity work. What are yours?

And Mars standing gets no better this year: given that the US Presidential Election is in November, I do feel that the 14th November Mars station, followed by 14th December Eclipse (in the same place and date as the second of the two 9/11 Twin Towers eclipses of 2020), will manifest as real rioting in the USA. See my Video and Blog on the effect of the 14th December Eclipse on the mental stability of Donald Trump: this eclipse is conjunct his natal Moon- Ketu.

The ‘Featured Image’ for this Blog Post is actually The war goddess of the ancient Irish: The Morrigan. I do offer a course to learn about and connect to her, and I do run one of my Sacred West of Ireland Tours to The Battlefield of Moytura and The Bed of The Couple which are near where we live, with super high rock energies, and land steeped in the presence of The Morrigan.

By the way, this video and blog on Mars in September and Healing Your Inner Warrior is actually an add-on to our upcoming Astrology and Healing Newsletter for September  2020.

And also, as a special resource, I do show the charts and ephemeris for each month in both Vedic and also western astrology on my Starwheel website. You can see the full Vedic and also Western Ephemeris of the planets’ positions, the charts of the September Full and New Moons, plus the 2020 eclipse dates and more, all on my September Astrology page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

And see the Part 2 video here.

 Mars starts September at 3 deg Vedic Aries. In fact, in terms of his present transit, Mars actually transits Aries from August 16th to October 3rd when he drops back into Pisces, but note that he returns to Aries on 24th December, not finally leaving Aries until 22nd February 2021.

Mars is square to the Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction all the month of September.

The square to Saturn and to Pluto is very close and powerful.

And note that the Mars-Saturn combination is always potential great frustration.

And note that Mars-Pluto is violent energy.

Authoritarian structured Saturn in Capricorn will try to contain Mars in Aries. This is the way the two planets treat each other. And of course, Mars will knee-jerk fight back against Saturn. This could manifest both as rioting and excessive state control at the social level, and it could manifest also as the most intense personal frustration – frustration which actually will have at its highest meaning: the call for us to alter our self-definition and our scripts.

Mars is actually conjunct Neptune in the Navamsha D9 chart, up to 19th September. What does this mean? At its worst this is inability to undertake action despite directing the will. The desire to harm others. Misuse or abuse of physical energy. Misdirected powers and capabilities. Criminality. Self-destroying forces and agents, such as narcotic drugs. Misuse of the procreative power. Moodiness. Irritability. Discontent. Feelings of inferiority, lack of energy. The state of being unsatisfied. Feeling of inferiority, activity paralyzed. susceptibility to infection and epidemic. The discharge of puss. Failure caused through absence of plans or lack of energy.
Though please note that at its best, this adds a deep theme putting our energy into intuition and vision. Inspired or visionary individuals. inspiration. Lots of plans. Help at the right time.

And after that:

Mars is then actually conjunct Ketu in the Navamsha chart. This is from September 20th until September 23rd. This is an energy of anger and violence and if handled more positively of courage, and whatever happens and who enters your life is with possible big links to your past lives.

And this potential is doubled because Mars is transiting in Ashwini Nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu.

But positively, Mars-Ketu is quick response and strong energies. An energy of breakthrough.

Don’t forget, there’s also the Gandanta learning at the times that Mars transits between 28 Pisces and 2 Aries, and the closer to the zero point, the stronger the Gandanta connection that Mars will have. The transition point between water sign and fire sign is an immaterial energy of great important. You have to use the sidereal zodiac with Lahiri Ayanamsha to get the proper and correct definitions of these Gandanta transition points. The deeper into the Gandanta you have a planet, the more difficult the lesson of that planet may be to learn, and you will need to understand and accept that that planet’s consciousness in your self will realise the illusion of the material world – that the material world is Maha Maya – super important though Maha Maya is because of the lessons we have to learn here for this lifetime, and also when you have a Gandanta planet, the more open you will be inspiration and contact with the God Realm that underlies this material realm. This fact underlies the natures of Lord Shiva Nataraja, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and the reality of the endless creation fo the universe from the mating of Shiva and Shakti.

So, the three Gandanta points are the transitions from Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius. (say up to two degrees either side of the transition point, maybe even three. But the closer a planet is to the zero point the vaster the Gandanta effect will be).

In terms of the Nakshatras, that’s the transitions from Revati to Ashwini, Ashlesha to Magha, Jyestha to Mula.

Note that Mars turns Retrograde at 3 deg Aries on 10th September, retrograding through the Gandanta zone (for the second time) towards Vedic Pisces, but note that Mars actually ends September just short of Pisces, at 1 deg Vedic Aries (yes- in the Gandanta).

So, all of September, Mars is in Ashwini Nakshatra.

In fact, Mars actually ends his Retrograde period at 21 deg Pisces on 14th November.

I mention this because, importantly, this is square the Sun in the USA chart), with Mars turning Direct on that date, where he will be super-strong because of his low velocity, and so socially this could mean riot or war.

And given that the US Presidential Election is in November, I do feel that the 14th November Mars station, followed by 14th December Eclipse (in the same place and date as the second of the two 9/11 Twin Towers eclipses of 2020), will manifest as real rioting in the USA. See my Video and Blog on the effect of the 14th December Eclipse on the mental stability of Donald Trump: this eclipse is conjunct his natal Moon- Ketu.

And, unfortunately, all the time that Mars is transiting Pisces, this will mean fighting in the homeland of the USA, and this is because Pisces is the 4th House of the US Chart.

It is important to note that while Mars transits Aries, he is in his own sign, and so he is very strong as a result.

And his strength can either be positive or negative, depending on our consciousness.


Very interestingly, and so important for what events will transpire at the individual level and also at the social level:

September 2020 actually has a record number of five planets strong in their own sign:





and Moon (when in Cancer)

– Super – Powerful times!

So, the actual dates of this remarkable and effectively unique phenomenon are as follows:
Mars is in Aries all September.
Mercury transits Virgo from September 2nd to September 21st.
Jupiter transits the sign he rules, Sagittarius, all month.
Saturn transits the sign he rules, Capricorn, all month
Moon is in in Cancer Sept. 13-15th.

So to be in their own signs, this means that Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will all be extra powerful in the area of life that is the House in your Vedic birth chart for the sign where these transits occur. This is totally exceptional. Unique! I hope these energies will be handled well. They haven’t been in the heavens for thousands of years. They won’t be in the heavens again for centuries.

So, just to make that important point clearer: Mars will be transiting his own sign Aries. In my Vedic birth chart, Aries is my 10th House of Career. So the energy of Mars will particularly flow into my career issues at this time.

In Western tropical zodiac, by the way, Mars September 2020 transit is from 27 to 25 deg western Aries.

So, the big question is this:

How can I improve my understanding of my personal Mars. How can I improve my reaction to negative Mars in other people and in society? Above all: How can I embody the positive Mars?

Well, methods I use include vision work and embodiment – and deity work.

And so it will be very helpful to do vision work with your own Mars warrior, to align to the most spiritual nature of the Warrior at this time. Develop clear appearance of your own personal Mars warrior. He/she might even be a wounded warrior who needs healing (e.g. Mars conjunct Chiron natally), or a very negative warrior who needs to be brought to the light.
We have to develop a perception of our self and our scripts that is as closely aligned to the Divine as we can manage.

This way we can recognise our negative scripts and seek to avoid them, and this way we can recognise the special talents we incarnate to achieve this time and seek to support and maximise these.

This way, we can seek to achieve alignment with our soul nature. My wife actually does do a wonderful Soul Realignment healing.

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