Mars-Rahu great violence in March 2021 Biden at risk

The aggressive Mars-Rahu (North Node) conjunction is transiting in the heavens now, through the Vedic sign of Taurus, in Rohini Nakshatra.

Mars transits from 4 to 21 deg Taurus in March. It will become exact on 28th March 2021, and Biden has his natal Uranus, Saturn and Muntha in Taurus! This is a very dangerous conjunction. See my separate blog post and video about the position of Joe Biden.

Given the way in which this transiting Mars-Rahu conjunction relates to Joe Biden’s birth chart, this prevailing energy of violence will force Joe Biden to adopt a place of healing and recuperation, whether or not that’s fully apparent.
He will have to sit back from fore-front, in handling of the duties of President.

But there’s also the call for each of us to properly handle this Mars Rahu transit in Vedic Taurus.

Mars in Taurus is the Earth Warrior. Can be the charming warrior who is a risk in relationships.

But with Mars conjunct Rahu: Mars’ energy is coloured, even warped by his growing conjunction to Rahu, which occurs exact on 28th March at 20 deg Taurus.
Mars is in Krittika Nakshatra, ruled by Sun, until he enters Rohini ruled by Moon on 11th March, remaining in Rohini until the end of the month.

We do have to distinguish between the way a planet’s energy is being experienced by each of us, and by us humans collectively, as compared to the Divine Nature of each planet.

Mars is the planet of power, strength, courage, and aggression, which measures our ability to project force in life. A strong Mars provides us the energy, independence, will and self-confidence to carry out our endeavors, qualities it shares with the Sun. Without it we have no real interests, passions, motivations, or determination, no ability to carry anything out to its full accomplishment.

Mars indicates arms and muscles and gives physical prowess. A good Mars is necessary for physical strength and athletic performance. It gives sexual vitality to the male. A weak Mars can cause impotence or lack of manly charac­teristics and make any accomplishment difficult.

On a higher level, Mars directs us to the yogas of knowledge and energy, and gives self-discipline and asceticism. A strong and spiritual Mars is good for the practice of rituals and yogic techniques, methods of directing occult and spiritual energies. Mars types like a more dramatic, challenging and daring path in all fields of life.

Mars is the son of the Earth in Hindu mythology. He is called Kuja, “the one born from the Earth.” He is the secret flame hidden in matter. His energy demands manifestation in material form. But he can also bring out the negative or dark sides of the Earth energy, the titanic primordial powers, the asuras or demons of the abyss who wish to destroy the creation and bring things back to the state of raw chaos.

Mars is the planet of goal-oriented action. As is one’s ultimate goal and highest value in life, so is one’s action.

Rahu expands, but with a force that is mostly negative, so Rahu always has to be purified. Rahu represents illusion, hallucination, trance, psychosis, paranoia and other such negative mental states. The Nodes are essentially karmic, and so when a planet conjoins the nodal axis, Karmic events and changes happen.

I want to end this post by telling you about a completely unexpected event. A member of our small community here suggested out of the blue that we do Jason Quitt’s Egyptian Postures of Power every morning, on the land beneath the rising sun and wit the sound of the river and the sight of the trees.

These exercises turned out to be so good for embodiment. But they also have visionary and energies-dimensions. They are so calming and strengthening and connective at this time of difficult energies.

And I want to tell you that this young man suggested doing the exercises just after Mars entered Vedic Taurus – how attuned is that!

And he is quite a writer, as well as a kick-boxing teacher, so he prefaces each of the exercises with a description of the exercise and also its visionary dimension and it energetic and consciousness dimension, and all is embodied!

How wonderful to have this at these difficult times.

So, wishing you success and happiness through this difficult upcoming period, and especially that you find and embody the spiritual light that is right for you.

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