Mars Rahu Danger April 2021 Astrology Pt 1

This is Part 1 of the April 2021 Starheel Astrology Newsletter

The fierce and calamitous, military, athletic and Venusian Mars in Taurus is conjunct Rahu.
This Mars Rahu conjunction was exact on 28th March. It is a violent energy, in a very destructive part of Rohini Nakshatra called Rohini Bheda.

In the ancient Vedic tradition, Rohini Bheda (19-24 Taurus/Scorpio) occurs when either Saturn or Mars pass through the triangle formed by α, ε and γ stars of the Taurus Constellation, but note that Uranus transit there produced Hiroshima atomic bomb.

We here in Ireland, had a big power outage and storm on 28th March, exact. Attacks and violence are imminent as Mars completes his transit through Taurus. For example, there has just been the gun violence in Atlanta and Boulder. 2021 will be a warlike year. Already, there’s the Icelandic Volcanic eruption and the cargo ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal on March 23.

See my Video and Blog on the Mars transit:

As I said last month, the Mars Rahu exact conjunction of March 28th is on sensitive danger areas in US President Biden’s chart, hence the power-shift starting to his deputy Kamala Harris.

But also note that the Full Moon of 27th April is right on top of Joe Biden’s natal Moon. Around 27th April a lot will happen in the relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, especially with the issue of Open Border coming to a head.

The Mars-Rahu conjunction was exact on 28th March on a sensitive dangerous part of Joe Biden’s birth chart, indicating his withdrawal and the rise of Kamala Harris, upcoming Eclipses are on Joe Biden’s Uranus/Saturn opposition – and his Ascendant/Sun/Venus natal axis – eclipses here denote very big life change. AND Ketu is going to transit over his Sun (the exact is 16.1.2022) and Sun is his life force.

But the most chilling manifestation of this energy is that Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister stated as reported by the press on 29th March that ‘the UK will focus more investment in upgrading the Trident nuclear system and other hi-tech rearmament, and that this ‘would give the military the foundation to make them “all the more useful, all the more, I’m afraid, lethal, and effective around the world’.

There’s more on this Boris Johnson warning below, but note, importantly, that like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson has Kal Sarpa Yoga too, all planets to one side of the Nodal Axis – it is a preposterous and divisive energy, though in Boris Johnson’s case, his natal Moon is to the other side of the Nodal Axis, but note that this does not help the Moon at all, because it creates an unsupported of ‘Kemadruma’ Moon, which is deleterious for mental stability.

Mars is transiting Vedic Taurus now and note that Boris Johnson has his natal Mars at 8 deg Taurus, and his natal Mercury at 25 deg Taurus.

But the Chinese President is part of this mix. Importantly, as Jupiter enters Vedic Aquarius, Jupiter trines the Sun of Xi Jinping, the President of China. This is a boost to Xi Jinping’s fortune, and most unfortunate things are already happening between Britain (and the US) and China at this time as the manifestation of the energy of the Mars-Rahu conjunction:
Chinese rulers have told foreign consulates to refuse British travel documents, in a major escalation in tensions between Beijing and the UK.
The US administration has also rejected China’s claims to the South China Sea and contested land formations such as the Spratlys and Paracel Islands.
The US has conducted “freedom of navigation” operations in the area, sometimes joined by international partners, to challenge China’s position.
This comes as China’s military launched a month-long series of exercises in the South China Sea.

The British statement regarding the planned increased number of nuclear warheads. Is that ‘we have nuclear weapons and, in a dire situation, we will use them…These things are so dangerous, so lethal, that they have kept the peace since the end of World War 2.” The South China Sea threat pushes Australia to strengthen alliances against Beijing.

Very importantly, Xi Jinping has natal Kal Sarpa Yoga too, except that his natal Saturn is outside the Kal Sarpa, so his is a modified Kal Sarpa Yoga, but no less preposterous and divisive. And like Donald Trump, Xi Jinping has Ketu conjunct Moon, which produces periodic hissy fits, storms and mental stability meltdowns.

After 28th March, Mars progressively breaks out of the Kal Sarpa Yoga, so this is a very destined time for the world, as well as experiencing the preposterous and divisive energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga, so ranting and sensationalist. Isolated Mars does NOT calm the Kal Sarpa Yoga down!

But, on an opposite note, it’s so useful to realise that Mars transiting in Taurus can also in fact also have some very useful and supportive energies for us to receive as well.

On a personal note, in our little community here as regards the manifestation of Mars transiting Taurus, we have been doing Jason Quitt’s Egyptian Postures of Power – Salute to the Sun each morning that is so wonderful for embedment, connection to the sun and the land, and so stimulating for chakra activation and vision connection as well.

We have been doing Personal Training Sessions, with a Band and also with Kettlebell and Medicine Ball – so healing and important for the body and for longevity and better life.

And also, so typical of Mars in Taurus, which is ruled by beautiful Venus: Making ceramics. A couple here is fashioning beautiful pottering and baking it in an earthen kiln on the banks of the river beneath the cliff face at the bottom of our land.

Dangerous Eclipse Activation: Very much around April 11th when Mars reaches 28 deg Taurus, Mars opposes and activates the degree of the December 14th Eclipse at 28 deg Scorpio. Explosive events of different kinds are likely. Beware people acting very reactively. Hopefully, this energy can manifest with us as positive taking of power rather than violent pointless exhibitions and destructions.

This December 14th 2020 eclipse is on Donald Trump’s Nodal Axis, and he has favouring and lucky trine influence from Jupiter at this time, with more boosting activations to come. I see his resurrection very much as part of the Pluto Return of the USA, a rise in darkness that can have the spiritual ‘gift’ of impelling many more to seek the Light at this time.

On March 29th, Donald Trump launched his new website claiming to defeat ‘the Washington Establishment’ and that he “launched the most extraordinary political movement in history dethroning political dynasties” and defeating “the Washington Establishment.” And Trump could be on the verge of a social media comeback amid reports he is in talks with app companies about creating his own platform to take on Twitter and Facebook. Senior Trump aide Jason Miller told Fox News: “I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here, with his own platform.”

Mars transits on into Gemini April 13th to June 1st. I dread to think how Mars will manifest in the area of the Media and politics communications at this time!!!
The USA has Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini!!!!
Donald Trump has natal Mercury in Gemini!!!
Kamala Harris has her Ascendant conjunct Rahu in Gemini!!!
Xi Jinping has Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus in Gemini!!!
Boris Johnson has got Sun, Rahu and Venus in Gemini! Plus Gulika!!! Plus Muntha (the one-size-fits-all special indicator of the year ahead from his last birthday).

Do you see what the upcoming Mars transit will be hitting into with these leaders? A shattering and awakening event will occur – at least in the USA, but probably wider.

A Ray of Light: However, outside the verbal political and media arena, individuals will be helped by the aspect Jupiter will be sending to Gemini. By the time Maars reaches Punarvasu Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter will be in Dhanistha Nakshatra ruled by Mars = a helpful parivartana connection that we can all look for and maximize.

And when Mercury enters Aries on 16th April, Mars in Gemini will be a very favourable parivartana there too: Mercury in Aries, Mars in Gemini.

We as individuals must watch out for and make sure we cooperate with and benefit from that. Put your plans into action in the second half of April, especially if you have Mercury–related plans.

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