Mars moves from 3 to 18 deg Vedic Aries in January 2021

Mars is now transiting through Aries, the sign he rules. And the key thing is: as he moves forward, Mars will be closing on lightning-bearer Revolutionary Uranus.

Watch out for Revolution in your use of your Mars energies. Watch out for revolution in the area of your life that is Aries in your Vedic birth chart.

This conjunction is BIG!

Mars moves from 3 to 18 deg Vedic Aries in January 2021. Mars and Uranus are exactly conjunct on 19th January 2020 at 12 deg Aries. Strong revolution energy for those with planets in Aries and Libra.

Now, when Mars transits Vedic Aries, we can experience the energy of a very strong Mars. We must of course be aware of the negative manifestations such as temper, rage and impatience. And we must embrace the divine warrior energy.

There can well be a new project that we will be driven to embrace. We should beware racing too fast at things. The first Nakshatra of Aries is Ashwini, which can be too impatient.

Understand Transiting Mars and understand your Natal Mars:

If we do feel we are getting this Mars balance of energies wrongly, then we can indeed do vision work to face, meet and embody the Divine Mars. I personally get so much out of vision work with the Gods and Goddesses of humanity as ‘Faces of the Divine’, and Vedic Astrology has a potentially supreme awareness of the Divine Nature of each of the planets. I so like David Frawley’s book: The Astrology of the Seers’, which has a brief but powerful section on each of the planets as a ‘Face of the Divine’, as a God.

So, Mars is the planet of our power, strength, courage, and aggression, our ability to project force in life. With a weak Mars we lack determination and accomplishment.

But negatively Mars is war, militarism, violence, over-assertion of our will and argument. He is indicator for our arms, muscles and strength, and for a man’s sexual strength. Mars is logical and technical and mechanical.

But the Divine nature of Mars is self-discipline, accomplishment, overcoming of challenges and ritual and occult achievements. See ….. become.

Just for your reference, I now add here that Mars was in a horrible state in December 2020, and I am stating this detail so that you can recognize this and so that now we can leave that behind.

In a long transit up to the end of December 2020, Mars went forward through Vedic Pisces (the sign where he is debilitated), forward through the Gandanta Zone into Vedic Aries, then turned retrograde at 4 deg Aries on September 9th, then retrograding back through the Gandanta Zone into Vedic Pisces again, but then turning Direct again at 21 deg Pisces on November 13th.

After that Mars moved forward through Pisces for the second time, to then cross through the Gandanta Zone for the third time, and to then transit forward into Vedic Aries on December 24th. (Mars was in the Gandanta zone from 19th to 29th December).

Mars transiting Pisces was a horrible energy for some people, particularly with a water-signs emphasis for their planets, and especially for Vedic Pisces Moon people. Mars was transiting Revati Nakshatra up to December 24th. But this Mars transit made others with a strong Mars become horribly growling all the while.
and note that while he transited Vedic Pisces, Mars was receiving a cutting powerful 5th house aspect from Ketu in Scorpio.

But now that Mars get into Vedic Aries, Mar is a totally different and divine face of power from Mars in Pisces! Mars in Aries is the Warrior.

But now, on 19th January, Mars meets Uranus the planet of Revolution.

Uranus has been Retrograding through Vedic Aries, and will come to a standstill at 12 deg Vedic Aries on 14th January 2021, and, remember, the slower any planet has in motion, the deeper and more powerfully he carves his energy.

One thing I recommend is Vision Work and Embodiment Work. I first picked up this stuff from Tibetan Buddhism during my 5-year university-based social anthropological field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west.

You might like to visualize the Divine Mars

You might like to visualize the Divine Uranus

It can help to stand embodied before these divine faces. It can help to dialogue with them. It can even help to embody them.

It is so useful now to understand your natal Mars.

It is so useful now to understand your natal Uranus.

It’s super-big at this time due to the simultaneous Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Vedic Capricorn.

It’s so fueled at this time to Neptune in Vedic Aquarius being square the Nodal axis.

Note that the last time Uranus entered Vedic Aries was when Hitler burned down the Reichstadt and started the 2nd World War. This time that Uranus entered Aries, we saw quite horrible social division in the USA.

But a big potential for positive revolution faces each of us from this meeting of Mars and Uranus in Aries now.

What Revolution are you drawn to embrace now?

Check out what House Aries is in your Vedic birth chart. This is the life area where you will be open to energetic application of needed revolution. And of course, also look at the other sign that Mars rules: Scorpio: what House in your Vedic birth chart is Scorpio?

And also look at Libra, because Mars conjunct Uranus is casting an opposition into the middle of Vedic Libra.

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