Mars is in a horrible state December 2020 Astrology

Mars is in a horrible state in December 2020, in a long transit where he went forward through Vedic Pisces (the sign where he is debilitated), forward through the Gandanta Zone into Vedic Aries, then turned retrograde at 4 deg Aries on September 9th, then retrograding back through the Gandanta Zone into Vedic Pisces again, but then turning Direct again at 21 deg Pisces on November 13th.

After that Mars moved forward through Pisces for the second time (that’s  the phase where we are now), to then cross through the Gandanta Zone for the third time, and to then transit forward into Vedic Aries on December 24th.

(Mars is in the Gandanta zone from 19th to 29th December).

Mars transiting Pisces is a horrible energy for some people, particularly with a water-signs emphasis for their planets, and especially for Vedic Pisces Moon people.

Note that Mars is transiting Revati Nakshatra up to December 24th.

And it can make others with a strong Mars become horribly growling all the while.
while he transits Pisces, with Mars is receiving a 5th house aspect from Ketu in Scorpio.

When Mars get into Vedic Aries is a totally different kettle of fish from Mars in Pisces! Mars in Aries. The Warrior.

And once Mars is transiting through Aries, he will then move to meet up with lightning-bearer Revolutionary Uranus. They are exactly conjunct on 20th January 2020 at 12 deg Aries. Strong revolution energy for those with planets in Aries and Libra.

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