Mars Divine Nature Connect through Vision Work and Embodiment:

We are each here to learn to connect with the Divine Nature of each of the planets, which are in fact Faces of the ultimate Divine. Learning this is part of the destiny and the incarnational life purpose of each of us. It is in the nature of being human.

In this blog post, I am just focusing on Mars: If we can succeed in identifying the proper nature of Mars. Our ambition is to succeed in achieving the higher Mars warrior expression.

So, monitor the way your Mars project is going day by day.

Take stock of how you are experiencing and expressing Mars as the weeks and months progresses.

Aim to be rightfully proud of yourself as you progress in this project.

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To achieve our connection to the true spiritual nature of Mars, it can be helpful to do vision work to envision the Divine nature of Mars, to envision the Divine and truly spiritual warrior, and indeed to do an exercise to seek to embody the true Mars.

From 1998, I did a university-based five year field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West encompassing Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community. Tibetan Buddhism in particular had such wonderful ways of visualizing Gods and Goddesses (each in his or her pure land).

And following on from that, Tibetan Buddhism also offers Deity Assumption: this is not just envisioning a God or Goddess, but actually ‘arising’ as that God or Goddess and going out into the streets, as that God or Goddess, and viewing the streets as Avalokiteshvara or as Vajra Yogini might view them: and relating to other people with the vastness of wisdom and love that a God or Goddess embodies and brings.

So, in this case, you might find it helpful to take steps to envision the Divine Mars, and then ‘arise’ as the Divine Mars.

This doesn’t have to be within the frame of Tibetan Buddhism, we can achieve it through a whole range of visualizing and embodiment techniques.

So, what is the higher nature of Mars? What is the Mars nature that is more the Divine Mars, more closely a ‘Face of the Ultimate Divine?’

On a higher level, Mars directs us to the yogas of knowledge and energy, and gives us self-discipline.

A strong and spiritual Mars is good for the practice of occult and spiritual rituals. Mars is the secret flame within in matter Mars is the planet of goal-oriented action. The positive side of Mars brings us the capacity to make great achievements in life, in harmony with law and truth.

Envision the earth and fire spiritual warrior.

Become the spiritual warrior.

Achieve what you rightly need to achieve now.

This post was written and filmed for November 2021, when the energy of Mars was utterly fraught due to aspectations from Pluto and Uranus and combusting Mercury, and also transiting through Libra the sign of Mars’ weakness – but the insights and methods are of course valid for all time – and necessary for each of us.

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