Mars closes on Ketu South Node of the Moon September 2018

The Ketu-Mars Conjunction: September starts with Mars at 4 degrees Vedic Capricorn and Ketu/South Node at 9 degrees Vedic Capricorn.

Mars turned Direct on 28th August and so he is moving forward towards Ketu/South Node again.

This means that the two will be in exact conjunction for the third and last time in the present transit, at 8 degrees Capricorn on September 22.

The Mars Ketu conjunction lasts from May 2nd, 2018 to November 5th, with the three exact peaks being June 3, July 18, and September 22.

So, what energy does this conjunction bring? As I mentioned in earlier newsletters, it’s at root an energy of violence, but it’s also very inspirational, and can be past-life related.

And note that the sign of Capricorn is all about technical skill. Mars is exalted here bringing courage and assertion.

Note importantly one special feature is that the three recent eclipses will get reactivated: On September 25-26th, Mars will conjunct 10 deg Capricorn which is the degree of the September 27th Lunar Eclipse, then Mars will move on a degree to the degree of the South Node Ketu for the 11th August solar eclipse, then move on another degree to the same area for the 13th July solar eclipse. This will activate the stagnant volatile eclipse energies that have been left in the heavens there. So the effect will be several days of eclipse like energies. Note these dates!

Now, it has to be said that all astrological energies can manifest at all levels of our body and consciousness.

So just to give two examples of the very different ways in which the Mars Ketu conjunction can manifest:

Maggie started reading Akashic Records on 23rd July when her Ascendant of that moment was exactly conjunct the Ketu-Mars conjunction: a combination of inspiration, skill and technical methods.

And for myself: well, all the time the Mars Ketu conjunction has been running, I have been busy building the walls of an extension to our AirBnB and am now just ready to put the roof on: skill, hard work and building = Mars and Ketu in Vedic Capricorn.

But boat building is another form of technical construction at this time. Interestingly, at this time, I went to an event for Irish Heritage Week building a boat prehistoric-style. The event was at the Tombs of Carrowmore near here in County Sligo in the West of Ireland, and it showed how the first Neolithic Farmers built their boats to arrive in Ireland 5,400 years ago.

They built them from a Wicker framework covered in cow hides.

And they brought their animals and grains with them (animals in the boat!!!).

And DNA tests and grain analysis reveal that they came from the Eastern Mediterranean, from Turkey near Catul Hyuk area, just across from Cyprus.

And fascinatingly my DNA (and the DNA of the Irish archaeologist) has 15% of this Turkey/Balkans DNA.

And then I remembered that as a little boy of about nine, unusually for that age, I built a boat and I sailed it on the river Aire in Yorkshire. Atavistic? Past Life? Some of my friends survived the voyage, by the way!

Importantly, one of the reasons that made the Neolithic farmers choose where to settle, and have their tombs, was quartz producing earth energies in the rocks that they found special, inspirational and healing and appropriate burial places for their beloved dead. And that’s why they chose to settle around here in the West of Ireland.

Here is how they started to build the frame of the boat: The Carrowmoor tombs and the Get Grounded Coffee Cart
Building a Neolithc Boat like the one that brought the settlers from Turkey to West of Ireland 5,500 years ago with their cattle and grains:






Special Appreciation to Claidhbh O Gibne. His book is ‘The Boyne Currach’.



So, these few personal notes reveal how we all resonate in such different ways with prevailing astrological energies which are sent us to develop our life lessons and life goals for this incarnation: lessons for us to work with; special skills for us to manifest this time. What our soul chose for this lifetime.

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