Mars and Saturn are posing you a very special learning challenge: February to September 2016

Michael burnsall crop bestHow well can you recognise and handle the combined energy of malefics Mars and Saturn in your life now?

Michael Conneely asks you this so very important question.

Unusually, Mars will be in the Vedic sign of Scorpio for seven months. This is in strong contrast to the six weeks Mars usually takes to transit through a sign. And Saturn is already there in Vedic Scorpio. And their combination is dangerous and you need to understand it and manage it well, or there could be real pain and breakdown in lives. Their conjunction in the heavens is actually exact on 24th August 2016 at 15 deg Scorpio in Anuradha Lunar sign/Nakshatra.

So, what house is Vedic Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart?

What are the affairs of that house? That is the area of life is where you will need to apply this perception and apply the lessons, heal negative scripts, manage your life, transform your blocks and scripts and spiritually empower yourself.

Saturn entered Vedic Scorpio in November 2014, and he stays there until January 2017.
Mars entered Vedic Scorpio on 21st February 2016 and he stays there, until 18th September 2016.
Saturn and Mars are enemies. They are opposite and antagonistic energies. And they are both Malefics.

Mars 4Mars is the planet of Energy, action, aggression and war. He is so impatient. He is so abrasive. He is not so gentle in dealings with people, but of course we need him in an ethical way for our rightful self-assertion and defence. Working for Results.


scorpio 2Scorpio is a deep instinctive sign orientated to power issues and secrets. At his best he is about occult spiritual investigation and learning and the manifestation of past life karmas and skills. He’s highly emotional and hurt. And passionate.

Mars in Scorpio is an emotional desirous, often hurt Mars, aggressive, reckless and ruthless. But Mars is good for directed logic, planning and strategy.

Saturn is Lord of Karma. Unless we understand his spiritual message and our true life purpose fully, he can bring us hurt and bitterness, delay and suffering. He forces us to live up to our true responsibilities and duties. He forces us to be patient and diligent.


What happens when Mars and Saturn are together? By transit or in the birth chart, Mars and Saturn together mean frustrations and blocks, especially if you are a t a lower level of consciousness. You could be ruthless and implacable, irritable, angry, driving and destructive, as well as hideously blocked! You could get nowhere OR you could fight all obstacles whether reasonable or not (or both, alternately!) Mars and Saturn together mean great tension and stress. It is focussed aggression. It is uncompromising heartless pressurising. It is ruthless. It all depends how ready you are to see your repetitive Saturn-Mars scripts, and not go into the shadow of them, but contain your anger and steadily work for good ends!

Saturn’s effect on Mars and the other signs in your chart: Vedic Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so Saturn’s malefic energy will be added to Mars’ energy at this time. This means that both planets will be sending out pretty deadly energy, unless we are very careful how we deal with it. And the deadly energy will especially be felt in the signs in the Vedic chart that they cast aspects to.

Mars Aspects: Mars casts aspects to the 4th, 7th and 8th signs from the sign he occupies, so this means that with Mars in Vedic Scorpio, the Vedic signs of Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini receive the long impact of this malefic energy. You need to note which houses they are in your Vedic birth chart to assess what areas of your life will be affected.

Saturn Aspects: Saturn casts aspects to the 3rd, 7th and 10th signs from the sign he occupies, so this means that with Saturn in Vedic Scorpio, the Vedic signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Leo. Again, you need to note which houses they are in your Vedic birth chart to assess what areas of your life will be affected.

So how you should you handle this energy that is forcing itself into your life?

Well the first thing is watch what’s happening. Use this perception. Check what houses in your chart are affected. This tells you what areas in your life will be affected.

Don’t get into reactive scripts. Be kind. Treasure those you love. Balance the different areas of your life.

The next thing: define your goal. Do a quick drawing of where you want to get to: the ‘you’ that has arrived! Focus on accomplishment.

Then draw up a flexible and kind strategy, a structure for getting there.

Then check out what blocks in yourself need healing if you are to handle this malefic energy and succeed. Perseveringly and steadily and patiently and very flexibly, work towards your goal.

Commitment, effort and time are needed. Note the periods when Mars, Saturn and Mercury are retrograde:

Retrograde Mars: April 17th at 14 Scorpio to June 30th (Mars is actually back in Vedic Libra from 18th June to 12th July)

Retrograde Saturn:   March 25th at 22 Scorpio until 13th August at 15 deg Scorpio

Retrograde Mercury:  April 28th, at 29 deg Aries, until May 22nd at 20 deg Aries. And again from 30th August at 4 deg Virgo to 22nd September at 20 deg Leo.

Cut your cloth accordingly when these retrogrades are happening. See my Blogs on these Retrograde periods.

Here are some buzz words for the area of life affected by Saturn and Mars both being in Scorpio from February to September 2016.

These buzz words are for each of the different Vedic Moon Signs and Ascendants (Lagnas).

But of course, please note that these are brief and very superficial, and they ignore the houses that will be affected by the aspects they cast as described above. So, for the full and needed astrological insight, get one of my caring expert readings or enrol on one of my courses. See the details of these below.

Vedic Aries: 8th House: Death and rebirth, changes in financial relationships, big change.

Vedic Taurus: 7th House: Marriage, partnership, business relationships.

Vedic Gemini: 6th House: Difficulties, health issues, work issues, enemies.

Vedic Cancer: 5th House: Romance and or creativity. Children issues. Past life merit/karmas. Speculation/investment.

Vedic Leo: 4th House: Mother. Home. Car. Happiness. Comfort

Vedic Virgo: 3rd House: Siblings, Neighbours Everyday matters and local travel, skills and desires.

Vedic Libra: 2nd House: Income, Speaking, Food

Vedic Scorpio: 1st House: Projection of self in the world, success and physical health

Vedic Sagittarius: 12th House: Loss, Expenses, Foreign connection, intuition, spiritual path.

Vedic Capricorn: 11th House: Gains, friends and groups, hopes and wishes.

Vedic Aquarius: 10th House: Career, Reputation

Vedic Pisces Rising: 9th House: Higher Learning, Father, Guru, Spiritual path, Long Distance Travel

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