Mars and Rahu In Gemini: Astrology and Healing Newsletter June 2019 Pt. 4

In Part 1 of this newsletter, I gave some useful advice about how to handle some very difficutl energies that are coming our way in June 2019. In Part 2, we looked at the Saturn Ketu Pluto conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius. But the Great Conjunction of Saturn-Ketu-Pluto is Vedic Sagittarius is now just one end of the extreme energy polarity. The Mars Rahu conjunction has now formed opposite, in Vedic Gemini. The two are opposing each other.

The Mars Rahu conjunction is aggressive, impatient, driven and volatile. Don’t be drawn in! Mars will feel very driven and temper-prone with Rahu; and the opposition of Saturn to this will make frustration boil over!!!

Here’s the Pt 4 video, then read on for all the details below:

Rahu is driven and ambitious and super-desirous, and can be dark. Mars is action-man. The opposition of Saturn blocks these two with its prison walls and imposed limitations (as well as its valid demands for patience, diligence, duty and thoroughness). Mars and Rahu boil over and snarl with impatience and greed for vastness, obliteration over all – and dominance. Accidents and recklessness. Accept no boundaries! Fight and overcome all in your way! Ardra’s deity is Rudra, the Storm God. An Ardra person has to purify in order to embody the divine dimension of that energy. All the Nakshatras are very ‘warts and all’ personality types – and that is the great strength of Nakshatras analysis. They depict our route to purification!

It was because of this that I set a keynote at the start of this newsletter: stressing the importance of defining our strategies, sticking to them, yet also doing this with awareness as to how awful the energies are, being prepared to change course if you need to, and making sure to also cultivate enjoyment, pleasure, comfort and kindness and honour the Taurean things.

And Mars is in Ardra Nakshatra: the often very, very sharp, super-destructive and tunnel-visioned Nakshatra of Ardra. Ardra is ruled by Rahu. Mars in Gemini can be very talkative, and Mars in Ardra can be very over the top, driven into actions and speech or letters that may take us away from enlightened connection into driven, darker ways of thinking, communicating or acting – and can be so cruel.

Mars does leave Vedic Gemini on June 22nd. on this day,     Mars enters Vedic Cancer, but of course, Mars is Debilitated in Vedic Cancer. His efforts to assert get steamy and violent and even counter-productive.

Mars transits Vedic Cancer to August 8th. And Mars and Mercury are essentially together in Vedic Cancer from 22nd June to 8th August (except for the brief time Mercury drops back into Vedic Gemini from 30th July to 2nd August). Mars and Mercury are a difficult combination for communication and the mind.

Mars indeed also enters the Cancer/Leo Gandanta at the beginning of August: from 2nd to 15th August. The Gandanta effect is the strongest on August 6th to 11th.

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