March New Moon A Clash between Duty and Creative expression

In this video I make a very needed and worthwhile review of the key energies of this March New Moon.

I did a vision journey, myself, this morning as to how I can best understand and manage the energies of this New Moon and the upcoming Lunation – and I’d certainly suggest you do the same for your life now.

Part 1 Video:

Part 2 Video:

Based on my own Journey, you might like to consider including the following factors in your vision Journey or focusing session:

Do a vision journey now to identify your needed path forward now.

Identify what factors you need to balance as you go forward in this lunation.

Identify and develop deep understanding of whether there’s a clash between any of the factors. Clashes within your self. How must you handle that?

Identify what creative expression of yourself you want to sustain and nurture amid the clash.

Identify what special qualities you might need to make your journey through this lunation and beyond, like for example: Do you need to maintain sensible and solid boundaries?

Identify what blocks or hazards in you that you might need to deal with like, for example: any paranoid mind-patterns? any weaknesses?

What Intentions do you need to make and note down?

Connect to the courageous you.

Connect to the strong you.

Spring Equinox is coming on March 21st. Make this a Journey towards Harvest in your life. It will take time and diligence: weeding, sowing, growing and reaping. Help a Needed Harvest in your life happen!

Help it happen with duty and work, with courage and mind-management, with intuitive and journeying work – and expressing your creativity.

This New Moon is 10th March here in Ireland.

Sun and Moon are at 26 Vedic Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

This is New Moon at 20 Pisces using the Western Tropical Zodiac.  

See the March monthly charts page beneath the ‘More’ drop-down in my Starwheel Astrology website:

In this post I review the following six very useful-to-know March New Moon energies:

Moon and Sun in Aquarius and PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.


Asteroid Pallas square this New Moon.


Mars and Saturn super-strong.


New Moon is trine Jupiter conjunct Uranus.


Lilith opposition Saturn.


Rahu North Node conjunct Chiron with Neptune in Pisces.

Moon and Sun in Aquarius and PurvaBhadra Nakshatra:

The energy of Aquarius is innovative and humanitarian.

What House in your own birth chart is Aquarius?

See my Starwheel Astrology page in the life area meanings of each of the house to find what life area of yours will especially be affected:

Moon and Sun in in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

The power animal of PurvaBhadra is the Lion. Feel the force of that!

The Devata of PurvaBhadra is expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth. He is sometimes: Aja Ekapada, a form of Rhudra, God of Storms, the Thunder God, and therefore a form of Shiva. Cleansing Fire. But associated with him are the Fire Dragon and the Water Dragon – the Serpent Path to transcendence: Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) – and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya. So, the Serpent Path to transcendence!


Asteroid Pallas square this New Moon:

With this New Moon being in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn also in his own sign and very strong, we will feel Saturn’s demand for Duty, and for the tying up of any unfinished business, and to be methodical, and to be Responsible and in line with the karmas we came in with in this life.

But it must be noted that with Asteroid Pallas square this New Moon, we will feel a clash here with our need for creative expression versus the call for Hard Work Duties.

We will feel the need to express ourself against pressures from our culture, from the bureaucrats that rule our lives, from the situations we or others have landed us with, etc.

Pallas Athena is War Goddess energy.

The Greek stories of her show her being born in full armor, with Medusa’s head surrounded with writhing snakes on her breastplate – and they also show her distributing regenerative medicine to Healers – war.

So Pallas energy which opposes Saturn energy, is: Skill. Creative intelligence. Healing. Spiritual Warrior Energy.


Mars and Saturn super-strong:

In this New Moon there are only two wide-awake and strong planets. These are Mars and Saturn!

This is according to Vedic Astrologies very valuable Jagradaadi Avasthas analysis. Mars in Capricorn has the highest dignity, Saturn in Aquarius next.

So, we need to honour and express the strong Mars energy that surrounds us, and be hard-working and expressive and get things done and stand up for ourselves.

Yet, additionally, we need to balance this with being diligent and dutiful in order to earn Saturn’s divine reward of: Golden Reaping.


New Moon is trine Jupiter conjunct Uranus:

And, yes, there’s luck and success around. This New Moon is trine Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.

This is a wonderful cheering boost to be aware of.

What House/life area is Aries in your Vedic birth chart?


Lilith opposition Saturn:

This is a very important energy to be aware of.

Lilith is the material that got stuffed down into our Unconscious, into our shadow side.

This can be ‘bad’ things about us that we could not face nor work out how to deal with, and it can additionally be wonderful things about us – things that were not allowed by our parents, our priests or teachers, or this society or whatever.

We each of us need to bring this material up to the light in order to be able to heal what needs healing and come into the fullness of our buried potential.

With The opposition to Saturn, Lilith energies will now batter Saturn energies to liberate us now, to free us now, to allow our fuller expression now, if we know that’s in the air and cooperate with it.


Rahu North Node conjunct Chiron with Neptune in Pisces:

It’s really important to be aware that Pisces is infused with power and intuitive development possibilities and healing possibilities.

This is because Rahu’s driven ambitious energies are fueling our Chiron wounded healer energies.

And this process is very intuitive because it is in Pisces.

And, supremely importantly, it’s part of the Nodal Axis, where Ketu South Node (always opposition Rahu) is activating Virgo now bringing lots of awareness for health and healing improvements, diet and good nutrition.

Plus of course, Ketu is also bringing the especial components that Ketu carries:

We come into this life where Ketu is in our birth chart, with Ketu carrying the karmas good and bad we built up in our Past Lives, our Past Life Issues, our Ancestral Issues.

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So I hope this video and its blog post can be really useful to you, both as a statement of the planet energies of the New Moon and its ensuing Lunation period – and as a suggestion to you to do vision work and make intentions as the Lunation starts, and as it unfolds.

Identify the weaknesses you need to be aware of and work with. Identify mind-blocks and fears etc. Make your Intentions. Connect to the courageous you. Connect to the Creative You!

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