March Full Moon Eclipse Hidden Gems Plant New Seeds

This is a Lunar Eclipse coming up on March 25th here in Ireland, March 24th in parts of America.

This Eclipse Full Moon has Moon at 10 Vedic Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.
The Sun at 10 Vedic Pisces in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

(That’s Moon at 5 Libra and Sun at 5 Aries in the Western Tropical Zodiac).

Let’s use this time to:

Do vision work/meditation.

Welcome the new strength of the Sun energy into our life.

Focus and strengthen our work for our better Healing.

Align better to our Life Purpose.

Sort out our Fears and Worries.

Past Life and Ancestral Issues will arise.

See the Pt. 1 video:

See the Pt. 2 video:

We need to consciously use this eclipse to prepare for the huge and fraught eclipse including Saturn conjunct Mars of April 8th.

And we also need to consciously use this Eclipse to prepare for the major upcoming Eclipse also of 2nd October which is also in the Virgo-Pisces axis like this one.

It’s a penumbral Eclipse as the Moon moves only into the edge of the Earth’s shadow. But the Earth’s shadow will dim the Moon.

But DON’T ignore its power or its importance –  or its opportunity for you.

Read the full detail below. This is not a minor Eclipse. It has some special features. Read on below.

And if you have natal planets in the Vedic Virgo-Pisces axis the effects of this eclipse will be extra important and big.

The Spring Equinox Effect:

But before we go into the detail of the Eclipse there’s a really important point about its pervading background energy that affects everyone:

This Eclipse comes just after the Spring Equinox. So this means that it is infused by the new energy of the Sun.

Spring Equinox is the day that daylight AT LAST rises to equal the night time. From Spring Equinox onward, the day gets longer than the night. The Sun grows ever more powerful (this is in the Northern hemisphere).

And so and we all can feel NEW VIGOUR from the SUN!

I felt it earlier this week when I was walking the dog by the Ocean! Wonderful after the Winter dark and cold.

We are now called to move from a time that was essentially resting or hibernating and maybe not so well.

We all now need to cultivate new Vitality.

Connect with the Sun. find new life meaning. Unfold your Light.

And most importantly, especially with some of the special gifts of the March Full Moon Eclipse following the Equinox: This is the time to PLANT NEW SEEDS.

What do you want to grow now?

What do you NEED to grow now?

Do a Vision Journey/Meditation:

Include the fact of Spring Equinox in the Journey or Meditation you need to do about this Eclipse. Include in that Journey/Meditation the NEW STRENGTH OF THE SUN.

Let your journey/meditation create:
Reflection and clarity.

Healing, strength, growth, new perspectives.

AND bear in mind that the Eclipse Moon is actually in Vedic Virgo: The Healer’s Sign!

So, let’s go into the details:

This Eclipse Full Moon has Moon at 10 Vedic Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.
The Sun at 10 Vedic Pisces in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

(That’s Moon at 5 Libra and Sun at 5 Aries in the Western Tropical Zodiac).

See the charts for this eclipse in my Starwheel Astrology website, in the Monthly Astrology Charts, under the MORE dropdown:

Virgo is about your healing. Pisces is about intuition. Cultivate both of these. Combine both of these.

AND the Nodal axis is in your Virgo-Pisces Axis:

Ketu South Node (carrier of our past lives, our past karmas, our ancestry) is at 22 Virgo – The Moon hits Ketu exactly next day!!!!!

Rahu North Node (the direction of your incarnational life purpose in this life) is at 22 Pisces.

Vedic Astrology, using the Sidereal Zodiac, is most centrally based on our karmas and fate and destiny and life-purpose.

Western Astrology is more a description of our egoic personality, our psychological self.

We do need to incorporate BOTH Vedic and Western Astrology in every chart Reading. Fro example Vedic Astrology need to be modified by the outer planets AND the Asteroids.
This is what I specialize in: The Union of Both.

So let’s now list the 7 main features of this Full Moon. They are as follows:


The Moon moves on the conjunct Ketu South Node of the Moon next day!

This will lead to feelings of immateriality and unsupportedness around the time of this Full Moon. Ketu is the carrier of the energies and karmas of our Past Lives and Ancestry issues.

Get a Past Life reading now.

My wife Maggie Pashley has been offering these for years:

What are you carrying from your Past Lives and your Ancestry that you now need to bring to awareness, need to bring to the light, need to heal?

This eclipse with Ketu and Moon will offer you emotional releases. It will offer you a purifying energy.

It actually is an opportunity to work successfully on your deep-seated issues, fears, worries.

It actually is an opportunity to work successfully on your past life and ancestral issues.


The Moon is in Virgo which is the sign of Healing. Use this time to focus on your needed Healing. What needs Healing. What method is best to heal now?


Sun is in Pisces which brings intuitive openings and is very  good for vision work. Do some vision work now about what the Equinox – plus this Full Moon – means for you in terms of:
Opportunities you want in the summer ahead, in your life ahead

How you are going to manifest needed new strength

How you are going to alter your life path.


There’s another Eclipse in the Virgo-Pisces axis, in Hasta Nakshatra, this October.

It’s a Solar Eclipse: 2.10.24.

Like this March Eclipse, this Eclipse, too, is in Hasta Nakshatra.

See the chart for this Eclipse in my Starwheel Astrology website, in the Monthly Astrology Charts, under the MORE dropdown:

Moon and Sun are at 15 Virgo, conjunct Ketu at 15 Virgo conjunct Ketu at 12 Virgo.

So we must use this Eclipse as a step towards the October Eclipse.

Make a note of what your issues are now, of what work you did now – and bring these back to mind as you prepare to work with the October Eclipse.

Hasta Nakshatra ‘s energy includes skill and dexterity.

They can become successful.

It’s about inspiration and manifestation.

It’s orientated to creation.


Mercury, the Ruler of Virgo is DEEP in the Pisces Aries-Gandanta.

Mercury is at 29 deg 27 Pisces and so in the Pisces-Aries Gandanta Zone.

The three Gandanta zones are where Water sign transitions into Fire sign.

Gandanta zones reveal the immateriality of this world, but hence they are such opportunities to go beyond it and contact the Divine and to discover the Divine Meaning of where we are and what we are going through.

With Mercury in Pisces and in the Gandanta: Conceptual thought might be a bit hazy. Communications might be weird.

Computer work and IT might be a mess.

But vision openings are there for you at the time of this Full Moon.


Pluto has a special role for you in this Eclipse: Your Power.

This is because Pluto is the apex of an Ambivalence triangle chart aspect shape:
Sun is opposition the Moon (as this is a Full Moon Eclipse).

Pluto is sextile Sun.

Pluto is trine Moon.

So this means that we need to be open to Pluto = Power. Look for your power at the time of this Eclipse.

Looking for our Power can include delving into our unconscious and our shadow sides and bringing these to the light so that they are no longer holding us back from our power.


Mars will inject intensity around the lessons we need to learn:

Mars at 7 Aquarius is casting an 8th House aspect on Moon and Ketu in Virgo at the time of this eclipse.

So Mars can impel us to make a more sudden growth, to embrace lessons in finding the right path.

Death of the needed old issues.  

Act Fast.

Add to this that the Moon moves on to conjunct Ketu next day!!!

Add to this that the energy of Hasta Nakshatra where this Eclipse falls is nervous and hasty like the Buffalow its power animal.

Make sure your decisions and courses of action are focused on health, strength, purification, sorting out past life and ancestral issues where needed, coming more into your power including by working with your shadow issues.


Saturn is super-strong in Aquarius the sign he rules.

He’s the strongest planet by far in this Eclipse.

He’s the only planet that is Jagrat = wide-awake in this Eclipse.

But be aware that Mars and Saturn are fighting each other. This fraught energy is growing to it wide manifestation in the Eclipse of April 8th.

Be aware that Asteroid Sedna is square Mars which heightens the prevailing energy of fraughtness and fear and terrible events. The lesson of Sedna is for each of us to contact our divine nature despite and because of dreadful treatment, energies and events. In the Tropical Western Zodiac, Sedna is at 29 Taurus, Mars is at Sedna is at 1 Pisces.

Don’t be beaten down or confused by the TENSION.

Instead make a special effort to honour Saturn’s nature. He is Lord of Karma. He demands that we fulfill the karmas we came into to solve in this life.

The D60 (divisional or ‘varga’ chart) Shashtiamsha chart defines the karmas we had run up: good and bad, by the time we died at the end of our last life.

Our Rashi birth chart defines the selection our Higher Self chose from that karmic totality for us to work on in this life.

Let’s make sure we respect Saturn’s demands now. The more we fail to meet Saturn’s demands, the more miserable and fearful we get.

Get a reading from me about this:

Don’t be pulled off track by the terrible confusions and tensions of this time, nor by sensationalism, nor by escaping into ‘national’ or ‘global’ use of astrology. Focus importantly on the truths of your own life now.

Be mindful of Saturn’s demands. When we are thus mindful, it is Golden Reaping that Saturn rewards us with.

And with Saturn strong like this, we are also especially called to tie up unfinished business and loose ends from the past now.

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