March Astrology Newsletter Five exceptional pressure generators now Heed the Call of your Soul

Understand the Five exceptional pressure generators now. Heed the Call of your Soul. Find your Hero self.

This is the time to stop avoiding the call of your soul.

Five exceptional ‘pressure generators’ are at work now on each of us, now.

So, this is the time to identify and embrace your life purpose at this time.

March astrology is a real pressure on each of us to do this!

How exceptional is it that March starts with all nine planets in two signs: Vedic Capricorn and Aquarius!

Saturn Rules!!!

Only Uranus and the Nodes are not in the two signs controlled by Saturn!

How rare!

Do you now feed your fear and your blindfolding or your imprisonment, now – or do you feed your Love and Power and Soul Expression, now?

It’s so useful to understand what the five pressure generators are now – and to see and grab and embody the light that is also offered, now.

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OK, so what are the 5 Pressure Generators at work now?


  1. Saturn rules all planets except for Uranus and Nodes:


Saturn is super strong at this time and getting stronger. Saturn is in an utterly rare situation where all planets except for Uranus and the Nodes soon join in the two Saturn ruled signs of Vedic Capricorn and Aquarius.

Just look at the chart for 27th February when all this starts: six planets in Capricorn, three in Aquarius.

This Saturn energy affects all of us because it affects the planets that rule all twelve signs, but especially it affects Vedic Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo.
(Though Saturn is good for Libra and Taurus as it is their Yogakaraka planet. And Mars is exalted in Capricorn which is so good for Cancer and Leo).

So this Capricorn dominance can bring some success for some as well as all the other stuff.

The Saturn tension can create FEAR in us.

And fear can make us try but fail to understand the upcoming energies and our possible choices as to where to live or how to be, all in the wrong scripted way.

So, what is the call of Saturn now in your life?

Is it to stick to your conditioned scripts and habitual prison walls, your worm-out restrictive patterns?

Or is it to use Saturn energy, instead, as a path forward and chosen strategy to the new free Hero you???

Yapping on social media may not sort us out!!

So often we were brought up to be slaves to someone else’s system and rules.

And there’s Uranus too affecting this:

Remember: Uranus transiting at 16 Aries is square Saturn and Capricorn, and inciting us to embrace our needed revolution and find our free hero expression by storming our Bastille. The Uranus – Saturn square has been causing such tension – and its divine purpose is to make us start seeing the TRUTH of our right path forward, now.

Remember, also, Rahu North Node:

Remember that Rahu is transiting his final degrees of Taurus, and at this time is sending his 5th house aspect to the planets in Capricorn, exacerbating Saturn and darkly amplifying Pluto


  1. The Nodes of the Moon change Signs


First of all, note that the Nodes are still giving us the preposterous and divisive Kal Sarpa Yoga (all planets to one side of the nodal axis) which lasts until 25th April when Mercury enters Taurus).

But be aware also, now, at this time, the Nodes are about to change sign from the Taurus-Scorpio axis to Aries-Libra axis.

We feel the demand of the build-up of the change of sign of the Nodes now, especially if we have planets in signs occupied or aspected by the Nodes.
The Nodes of the Moon are our destiny path in this lifetime: the journey of your life this time  from Ketu South Node where we come in at, across our chart to Rahu North Node – and the key is managing that driven energy of Ketu-Rahu with growing spiritual awareness.

Just look at the chart for 12th April, the day it happens: The Nodes change sign.

(There are slightly different ways of calculating the position of the Nodes of the Moon by the way which will give slightly different sign-change date).

So what is the call of the Nodes now?

It is to embrace properly the hero self-assertion of Rahu in Aries, yet also embrace the hero Lover in Libra?



  1. Mars and Venus War

There is exceptional and rare prolonged war between Mars and Venus.

This started in Vedic Sagittarius on 12th February, at 19 deg Vedic Sagittarius, but it goes on as the two planets fight it out in their passage through Capricorn and Aquarius.

Both planets carry their war into Capricorn on February 27th (when they both become conjunct Pluto).
Mars is exalted in Capricorn, but he’s now exhausted and irate at what Saturn does to him there (exact on 5th April.

Mars joins Venus in Aquarius on 7th April.

Western Astrology can wrongly depict the Venus-Mars combination as sexual attraction. In fact, it’s irritation and arguing, heat conflict and aggression and frustration. Beware that in your relationship. Work together to manage the fighting energy!

In fact, Venus is flanked by Saturn and Mars, and this is an adverse energy to be aware of for matters of love and relationship, and there’s need to counteract it.

Venus is exactly conjunct Saturn at 27 Capricorn on 28th March, and this is an adverse energy for the showing of love.



  1. Mercury runs a gauntlet


Mercury runs the gauntlet of Pluto (exact on 11th February) and Mercury runs the gauntlet of Saturn (exact on 2nd March).

Mercury then enters Pisces on 24th March, where Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s Debilitation – leaving Pisces by way of the Pisces-Aries Gandanta on 8th April.

I have had so many Mercury issues recently because of the state of Mercury: they’re similar to Mercury Retrograde. But I’ve also been blessed to have several Mercury type breakthroughs of cognition and understanding: wonderful infeasible events and synchronicities.


  1. Pluto


And remember, with so many Planets and Houses being affected by Pluto, because so many planets are in Capricorn together with Pluto, now, you may be needfully compelled to go into your darkness now, to do your Journey to the Abyss now, to contact your buried hurts and secrets and wounds, to contact your buried power now.

And as I said before: Rahu at the end of his transit through Taurus is sending a close 5th House aspect to Pluto at this time. impulsion to neededly explore our darkness and unconscious buried material, chance to recover our buried power.

I do offer online Journey to the Abyss’ coupled with reading your Pluto astrology. See: //

Don’t hide from walking in your true power!

And remember of course that Pluto has a special significance for the USA because Pluto Return, which is still building to its first exact peak (date varies a bit according to which chart your use for the birth of USA), and will reveal so much, and call for so much Healing to be done – if the consciousness of the country can embrace that.




So, these five energies combined means that the pressure is being notched up around us.

The call now is to embrace your proper life path for your soul now in this incarnation. Can you see what it is?

Can you see who is the ‘you’ that you most ideally should be to do this walk forward now?

What exactly is the hero nature you incarnated to grow into this time?

The myths of the ancient civilizations show us there are very different sorts of hero archetypes. Which one is yours?

In your Vedic chart, which planet is your Atmakaraka, your ‘soul indicator’? whet is the position and message of the Nodes of the Moon by House, sign and aspect: get a reading from me.

How should you become more open to other life-choices, now?

How should you stand and walk forward now at this time?

What sort of balance do you need to bring into your life at this time?

We each need to be open to receive our Grail – to cite the Arthurian tradition of England.

The Holy Grail is always offered to us – but we can live in a prison or wasteland as per King Arthur and his Knights at times, and so we just can’t grasp it.

You see, there are also special glimmerings and special intuitive/inspirational openings around us, as well as the pressure, at this time:

Jupiter combines with Neptune exact at 29 deg Aquarius on 9th April.

Jupiter is debilitated by its association with Saturn energy while Jupiter transits Aquarius, but Jupiter enters Pisces on 13th April. And Neptune joins Jupiter in Pisces on 18th April. The doors of our potential vision open. Jupiter strongly radiates his guru and enlargement energy at last – in Pisces, one of the two signs he rules.

Jupiter stays in Pisces until 22nd April 2023 – the sign he rules, with Neptune there too – so very good for vision work to help us and to heal us.

And there are special individual shafts of illumination to look for:

For example, Pluto is square the early degrees of Vedic Libra, so this means that if you have your Sun in the early degrees of Libra, it receives a square aspect from Pluto.

Remember that this is in Chitra Nakshatra, and Chitras are born to find their special talent and identity and shine, but they do have to go through darknesses and difficulties to keep polishing and shining up the pearl (the symbol of Chitra)

– it is so important to hear about and understand the miracle illuminations given by the Nakshatras that your planets fall in.

And Pluto is also of course square the early degrees of Vedic Aries too: do you have planets in Ashwini Nakshatra???

So, there is a lot of pressure and fear around to be felt, but also there’s the call for revolution and possibilities for insights and openings.

Now is the time to envision exactly what sort of Hero is you.

Now is the time to alter the way you walk, and the way you structure your life.

Now is the time to strengthen your relationship.

That is the divine purpose to be found in these energies of this time.

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