March 2024 Planetary Tumult Continues so Reveal your True Essence with Discipline and Effort Now

The main task in March 2024 is to successfully deal with messy planet energies that have been plaguing our minds and emotions since the end of January.

Centrally the difficult issues stem from the transits of the inner planets over first Pluto and then Saturn.

This tumult continues until at least mid-March. And there are big difficult events running into April.

But do note that Mars transiting in Capricorn until 16th March is Superman/Superwoman energy, and properly handled we can achieve much.

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Be aware that the ability to decide your focus amid the messy energies of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars shifting one after the other from Capricorn (occupied by Pluto) to Aquarius (occupied by Saturn) from mid-February to 16th March is crucial.


It actually offers us new energies in a back-handed sort of way.

These new energies crucially mean that you can:

Progressively better decide your focus

Make ongoing effort and stand strong

Achieve success

Shed what does not belong to you now

Identify, open to and reveal your True Essence.

To cope with the planetary tensions, we’ll need to slow down and focus.

Do not give in to the scatter.

Be aware there’s potential for anger, depression and chaos.

Develop better spiritual perception and commitment.

This way we will make the effort to stand strong, to become more aware of our life karmas in this life, and of our life-purpose now and in this incarnation.

To achieve these very worthwhile goals, we crucially need to be aware of the natures of Pluto and Saturn.

What are your Pluto issues?

What are your Saturn issues?


Are you properly within your own power and properly expressing yourself in your rightful power?

Or are you disempowered???

It is crucial to look within and look back at this recent time and identify, take stock and learn from and grow in relation to:

What are the issues with you and Pluto?

What are the issues in your consciousness and behaviour of this union of Pluto with Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus.

– Issues including:

Your lack of your Power.

Your misuse of your Power.

The way some other people are using their power in relation to you.


Are you beaten down and depressed (at least a bit)?

Planets in Aquarius can be unhappy or defeated.

Or are you correctly perceiving your Saturn karmas in this life and being disciplined and focus and working in the way that will give you mundane and also spiritual Golden reaping which is the gift of Saturn to those who understand and obey his nature and imperatives?

It is crucial to look within and look back at this recent and upcoming time and identify, take stock and learn from and grow in relation to:

Your need for Focus and Structure.

Your need to release yourself from Saturn inhibitions in your life.

Crucial Advice:

Shed what does not belong to you now.

Open to and reveal your True Essence.

The reason I stress the importance of your connection to your Pluto and your Saturn is this:

From the end of January to 17th February, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus have been transiting across Pluto at 6 Vedic Capricorn.

But from mid February, Sun , Mercury, Venus and Mars are going to be transiting across Saturn at 15 Aquarius.

So the key challenge – to you and to me, is:

Delve deep into your awareness of the nature of, and your handling of, Pluto and Saturn – and try to get it better now!

And before I set out the time table for this Pluto to Saturn transits energy shift, let me remind you of SIX crucial to understand background factors:


The New Moon of February 9th was square Uranus – You WERE called to bring in some sort of revolution in your sense of your Self and your life path.


The Full Moon of February 24th was conjunct Saturn – You WERE called to consolidate, work hard, sort yourself and your life path out – and include that needed streak of your revolution!!!


The upcoming Lunar Eclipse of 25th March – Be Aware of Your Nodal Axis – Embrace Intuitive Healing Now:

This has:

Sun conjunct Rahu in Pisces

Moon conjunct Ketu in Virgo

This is the Nodal Axis.

Ketu transits Virgo from 30.10.23 to 17.2.25

Rahu transits Pisces from 30.10.23 to 17.2.25

If you are having your Nodal Return now, or if the Nodes of the Moon are transiting across your Ascendant or natal planets in Virgo or Pisces in their 18-month transit through those signs, do get in touch with me for a reading, a reading as to your fate and destiny and life purpose, a Reading as to the crucial-to-know ways to handle Nodal transits and Nodal returns.

These include also Past Life and Ancestral Issues.

The wonderful Divisional Charts Vedic astrology, especially the D60 Shashtiamsha are so key to examine – but not only the D60!

Most importantly: Virgo at its highest is about Health, Healing and Right-Living

Pisces at its highest is about Intuition.

Embrace Intuitive Healing NOW!

This Lunar Eclipse is in Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta Nakshatra’s symbol is the hand. It is about skill. Use your skill for success now.

Watch out for my Video and Blog Post all about this Eclipse which I will publish nearer the time.


The Upcoming Mars conjunct Saturn Conjunction of 9th April:

This energy could bring dangerous mass events at world level.

And it is at its exact at the time of a Solar Eclipse at 25 Pisces on the Nodal axis on 8th April.

This is a dangerous energy for Anger.

And it is a dangerous energy for countries whose charts coincide and can bring war and economic crash and explosive events.


Eclipse 8.4.2024:
Solar Eclipse at 25 Pisces on the Nodal axis on 8th April.

Watch out for my Video and Blog Post all about this New Moon which I will publish nearer the time.


Sade Sate:
Sade Sate is the seven-and-a-half year period where Saturn transits through the sign before your natal Moon, the sign of your natal Moon and the sign after your natal Moon.

This means that. With Saturn in Vedic Aquarius, if you have your natal Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, you are in Sade Sate

And people with their Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra at the start of Aries start their Sade Sate on 6th April 2024.

Sade Sate period like?

Sade Sate is like going down into a pit, cut off from God’s grace so that we can see and learn the limitations of our own unaided personality and incarnation.

The turning point when Saturn ceases to go down into the pit and starts to rise up out of it is when Saturn actually transits across the Moon in your birth chart.

Here is the Sade Sate time-scale:

1. Saturn transits the sign before your Moon for two and a half years.

2. Saturn transits the sign occupied by your Moon for two and a half years.

3. Saturn transits the sign after your natal Moon for two and a half years.

You will be needing to let certain things die now in your life in order to re-organize your psyche, your beliefs and your associations and lifestyle, in order to be more immediately connected to the divine.

The more pride and fixity or illusion about themselves a person has during Sade Sate, the more they suffer. You will need to deal with turbulence or depression of the mind, for example thorough mantra and healing modalities. Before the exact transit, there will be risk of false complacency.

Sade Sate is always typically a period of such things as ill-health separations, confusion, blocks and problems, separations and deaths.

Basically Sade Sate is a period the first half of which is like going down into a pit. As we go down, we feel we are cut off from God’s grace, with the divine purpose that we have to stand in the light of our own merits and develop more enlightened consciousness through spiritual practice especially meditation.
The Divine intention of this is so that we can see how inadequate our own merits are, how much we need the divine in our lives. The ideal response is to shed parts of our egoic sense of self and our life circumstance that separate us from God.

The Divine purpose is to get you to develop more enlightened consciousness, also patience, fortitude, diligence, ethics, etc. the aim is to motivate us to connect to God and your True Self and your true purpose, to develop inner calm, content, self-control, circumspection, sense of duty, to overcome what at the egoic level are the delusions of inhibitions, fluctuating moods, inferiority complex, melancholy, obstinacy, unstableness of character, illness (due to mental suffering), lack of self-confidence and fear of exposure.

The period of Sade Sate, more especially the first half, is often accompanied by some sort of big separation or a death in the circle, a move of house, a vale of tears, a period of restriction and lack of confidence, feeling a failure or lack of success. There will be unanticipated problems, maybe loss of position, maybe heavy loses, sickness, etc. The second half is more like the ‘hard road up’: the hard road up to better spirituality and success.

If you are in Sade Sate now, do book a Reading from me which will give you wonderful analysis and advice, and I will identify many methods whereby you can work more successfully with your Sade Sate.

So, having defined the nature of the Pluto and Saturn energies, and having outlined six major key factors that are in the background, factors that we definitely need to know about, let’s now review the time table of these major key February, March and April transits:

The Pluto – Saturn Transits Time Table:

OK, let’s look at the Time Table of your Pluto to Saturn Giant Step. We are using the Vedic Sidereal zodiac:

20th Jan                Sun conjunct Pluto at 5 Capricorn.

27th Jan                Mercury conjunct Mars at 22 Sagittarius.

1st Feb                  Mercury enters Capricorn.

5th Feb                  Mercury conjunct Pluto at 6 Capricorn.

6th Feb                  Mars enters Capricorn until 16th March. Become Superman/Superwoman.

8th Feb                  Moon transits across Pluto at 6 Capricorn.

9th Feb                  New Moon at 26 Capricorn SQUARE URANUS.

12th Feb               Venus enters Capricorn to join Mars, Pluto, Mercury and Sun.

13th Feb               Sun enters Aquarius.

14th Feb               Mars conjunct Pluto at 6 Capricorn.

17th Feb               Venus conjunct Pluto at 6 Capricorn.

18th Feb to 27th Feb: Venus transits through Capricorn in very close conjunction with Mars:

                                6 to 19 deg Capricorn.

20th Feb               Mercury enters Aquarius joining Sun and Saturn!

28th Feb               Sun, Saturn and Mercury at 15 Aquarius!

Yes, Sun conjunct Saturn!





                                Hard work.

6th March            Mercury enters Pisces, joining Neptune at 2 Pisces! Mercury in Pisces to 25th March.
                                Mercury is in debility in Pisces. Indecisiveness. Muddle.

                                And with Rahu and Chiron conjunct at 23 Pisces.

                                And with Lilith opposition Sun at this time!

7th March            Mercury conjunct Neptune is visionary and creative around this time.

8th March            Venus enters Aquarius to join Sun and Saturn!

9th March            Mars square Uranus.

10th March          New Moon with Sun and Moon at 26 Aquarius

                                Watch out for my video and blog about this that I will publish shortly before the

10th March          Moon joins Neptune and Mercury in Pisces!

15th March          Sun enters Pisces to join Neptune, Mercury, Chiron and Rahu.

                                Sun in Pisces is sensitive, spiritual and compassionate,

though negatively with risk of falsity, dishonesty, weak boundaries, drink, drugs and

16th March          Mars enters Aquarius to join Saturn and Venus!

                                Mars loses strength and dignity when he leaves Capricorn.

17th March          Sun conjunct Neptune.

19th March to April 1st: Mercury in pre-Retrograde shadow phase relating to the actual Mercury
                                Retrograde: April 1st to 25th.

21st March          Venus conjunct Saturn.  Restriction in love and value (or commitment)

                                Venus and Saturn in planetary war.

21st March          Spring Equinox. The Time of Balance.

25th March          Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Moon at 10 Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra. Sun at 10 Pisces in
                                UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

                                Mercury deep in the Pisces Gandanta.

                                Eclipse conjunct Saturn in USA chart.

                                Note that total solar eclipse is on April 8th and the period between Eclipses is very
                                sensitive, as are the two weeks before each of the Eclipses, as is the 6-month period

25th March          Mercury enters Aries to join Jupiter and Uranus there.

1st April                Venus enters Pisces, its sign of higher dignity, to be with Neptune, Sun, Chiron and
                                Rahu there.

8th April                Solar Eclipse at 25 Pisces on the Nodal axis on 8th April.

9th April                Mars conjunct Saturn Conjunction of 9th April: dangerous energy for Anger, war
                                economic crash and explosive events.

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