March 2022

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March Astrology Newsletter from Michael Conneely
Understand the Five exceptional pressure generators now. Heed the Call of your Soul. Find your Hero self. 
This is the time to stop avoiding the call of your soul. 
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Tense but Illuminating Healing and Centering Full Moon March 2022
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And see Janell Rebshaw on this Full Moon:

New Moon on 2nd March. It’s at 17.35 hrs here in Ireland. That’s 12.34 in New York and 09.34 in California.
There are fraught energies to be aware of all around it, but we need to work to contact its essence, which is to create a visionary and healing protective presence in our awareness that can grow and develop through the time of this Lunation:
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3/02/2022 Full Moon in Shatabhishak/Aquarius “War & Peace” by Janell Renshaw:

Learn to use a Pendulum to Dowse for your Past Lives by Ann Gildart:

Here are the charts for the New and Full Moons this month in Vedic and Western Astrology:

Here is the Ephemeris of planet positions this month in Vedic Astrology:

And here is the Ephemeris of planet positions this month in Western Astrology:
(Vedic Astrology used the Sidereal Zodiac, Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac)