Mapping your unique Shamanic Healer Pathway

Map your own unique Shamanic Healer pathway to create the perfect course for you.

Enrol on my Shamanic Healer Course:

The four modules of my Level 1 Shamanic Healer Course are:

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval (Inner child work and Family Constellation work can be included here if appropriate)
  • Spiritual Intrusions Healing.

The modules of my Level 2 Shamanic Healer Course are:

  • Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked.
  • Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

However, this video invites you to map your own shamanic Healer learning pathway on my course as well. I want the course to include what is exactly right and needed for you.

Ask yourself: What is the essence of your Shamanic Healer path?

Vision: A shamanic Healer course should activate your own vision, it should kick-start your intuitive powers. It should give you the foundation to access the Otherworlds and the transpersonal realms.

Shamanic Journey: Obviously, first of all, you should learn to do Shamanic Journey.

Intuitive Connection: This will enable you to go beyond your everyday mind into intuitive connection with the Web of All: unify your body and mind awareness, open your intuitive eyes to your past (karmic and inheritance) and make accessible the awareness of the future we have in that all things and all times are actually connected in the Web. Astrology, too, is a key to creating awareness of the future, as well as stating our destiny patterns and psychological self, and I bring into the course awareness from your western and Vedic Astrology.

Nature: Nature is a gateway to the Otherworlds and to the greater awareness. Every place has its energy, its spirit of place, the energies that have been planted there whether by Gods, Spirits, Humans or animals. For the ancient Irish and first nation peoples, every thing that is, has a soul. Our body and mind is connected with the energies of earth, sea and land. Some rocks, especially crystalline metamorphic rocks and limestone are especially good at holding implanted energies. We can learn how to sense and read earth energies and see and connect with spirits of place.

Ceremony and Ritual: Shamanism is imbued with ritual. You can learn to do your own healing and empowering ritual, and share your development in this in discussion with me.

Dreams: you may feel drawn to keep a diary of year dreams and embark on a journey of dream interpretation and I would be glad to share and support in this.

Art: Art and shamanism have been hand in hand in human history since the dawn of our race. It is so beneficial to use simple sketch art. For example, you can sketch yourself expressing an energy or issue, before and after a healing exercise or shamanic journey or ritual, and those two journeys in themselves can be a powerful and memorable continuing support to your shamanic empowerment. You can sketch the spirit you see. You can sketch the memorable theme of your vision or dream.

Death: we more and more can see life as a preparation for our death. Psychopomp Work can be necessary and you may wish to share on this.

Our Children: We all start out as parents with the highest ideals, but often such are the antecedent difficulties in our own live and so difficult can be the karmic scripts that our parenting can go so sadly awry. Men’s’ Work, Women’s’ Work, Boys to Men work and Girls to Women work is a core and backbone of first nations peoples. It was central to the path of the Celtic Irish warrior, but it has lost its essential place.

Community is an unavoidable issue. Community is fraught with negative group dynamics, power stealing and definition of ideal self in terms of spiritually-correct slogans, but can we find support of community in our Shamanic path?

So, at the outset of your shamanic course, and at all points of your shamanic course, I invite you to refer to this wide agenda of the Shamanic Healer pathway and map your own special path that is right for you and the can be added to the main course outline.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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