Manage changeable Mars very carefully in July.

Mars transits from 18 deg Cancer on 1st July, entering Leo on 20th July and ending July at 6 Leo.

When Mars is in Cancer he’s frustrated and confused. He’s agitated aggressive and hurt. He feels his boundaries are threatened and he will be only too ready to fight and hurt to maintain them.

When Mars is in Leo, he’s the fighter. He’s the Captain! He’s the leader.

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He’s receiving an opposition aspect from Saturn transiting in Capricorn, which creates anger, frustration and rage. You may tend to blow up and sensationalise!

Venus transits from Cancer to Leo, too in July, closely tracking Mars. All this is a difficult time for relationships.

See my July newsletter section on Venus for the love issue this creates, and how to handle them.

Note that Mars transits through the Gandanta zone from Cancer to Leo 17th to 23rd July, peaking on 20th July.

The Gandanta zone is where a Water sign dissolved into the void across from which is the first flicker of the fire sign. The Gandanta Zones are very attuned to the fact that this world is immaterial, and that the true reality lies beyond this world.

Mars starts July in Ashlesha Nakshatra, ending July in Magha Nakshatra.

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