Make a Bind Rune

Bind Runes are when we combine runes to send out a charge of energy to bring new things in to our future or achieve some special purpose such as to bring about our defence, for example.
Michael Conneely, author of the novel Rune Magic available on Amazon, shows how to create a bind rune to protect the home, as part of his worldwide Runes Course.
Michael discusses some of the issues in creating bind runes:

The Bind Rune Video is one of the Most Popular on Michael Conneely’s YouTube Channel

and for good reason, as all Michael’s videos are enriched with free and exclusive content. Michael has created a wonderful Runes Course in which you can learn the Magic of The Runes and use this ancient divination practice for yourself. Become enlightened and liberated through your use and understanding of the Runes.

The Runes are powerful Gateways to new ways of being, ways of bringing in needed change.
Do you need change in your life? Do you need a way to bring in the change? Do you want to learn the keys to change?

Michael’s course includes drawing on insight from your western and Vedic Astrology. Michael also teaches Druid and Ogham course in the Druid Forest School.