Magick Works by Lia Cruse

Here is a special thought from Lia Cruse, written at this difficult time when so much is falling apart. Living magically is an imperative at a time like this. So, here is:

The Real Deal with Magick

Magick, works. Period. It always works.

Butttttt….Magick works based on what we believe at the time we do it.
So, if what we believe is true for ourselves at the time we do it, is wrong for us, e.g. due to childhood issues or cultural conditioning, it will still work – But:

But, after sometime we find that not only is doing Magick for this time consuming (because like any untruth we must work to maintain it), but it is completely unfulfilling to us.

Any Magick, should always be done with what is true for us as, with our individual soul purpose in mind.

If we don’t know what that is before hand, doing Magick this way can be totally traumatic because we were not prepared to watch and experience the false fall away from us.

This can be very painful. I have done it.

There is healing, truth and many other things that we should undertake prior to Magick.

This lessens trauma caused by watching our life change around us. And it prevents us from getting stuck in the cycle of slapping magical bandaids on ourselves and our life, trying to hold together what isn’t really meant for us.

Magick needs prior preparation and healing.

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