Mad Dog Full Moon on October 8th – opportunity for enlightenment!

aquarius 3October 2014 Starwheel Newsletter and Vedic and Western Astrology Forecast

Mad Dog Full Moon on October 8th – opportunity for enlightenment!

Mercury Retrograde: get organised and on-path and ethical in you communications!


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This Forecast presents the month’s Vedic predictive astrology first, below that the month’s western predictive astrology, and thirdly some notes about my present work: Helen Hamilton’s Self realisation Course, my new Vedic astrology course website, my revised Runes course, the Druid Forest School, etc.


Mad Dog Full Moon:

There is a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Pisces on October 8th  in Revati Lunar Sign (Vedic Astrology has a wonderful system of 27 Lunar Signs, called Nakshatras, as well as its 12 solar signs) Revati is the 17th Lunar sign.

The main energy of Revati is about nourishment, often learning about nourishment through lack of it, and Revati is the shepherd who leads Souls to God when at its highest level of consciousness insight and understanding.

So the energy will potentially be very spiritual, religious, metaphysical and transcendent.

BUT it will not be easy, because this Full Moon is conjunct Ketu (South Node) and Uranus = shocks, suddenness, anger, destruction, madness at the worst manifestation of this energy, but also breakthrough into New Life and forefront awareness at its best.

This is a Full Moon of Revolution.

It is similar to the awful energy of the recent Full Moon of September 9th, with its awful build-up.

Note the horrible build-up of energies around the Moon: Ketu and Uranus! This calls for real enlightened awareness and violent people could well be very angry or even rampage. It all depends on how the chart of the Full Moon interacts with the birth chart of each individual, and on their level of awareness in handling the energies.

Because the lunar eclipse joins Ketu, the South Node, it is very helpful to realise that past life wounds and past life scripts will become forefront, showing a need to let go of emotional wounds and connect to divine energies of connection and enlightenment. Only meditation and Shaktipat/kundalini connection is maybe appropriate for holding the Mind secure and centred in the midst of the potential tornado of the energies of this eclipse. Obviously it all depends where the planet are in your birth chart of course, on how much you personally we feel this eclipse’s energies.

Here is the Vedic chart for the Eclipse and Full Moon of 8th October:

Now let’s look at the unfoldment of the month as a whole:

Here is the Vedic Astrology chart for today, October 1st:

And here is the chart for the end of the month: October 31st:

THE MOON: So, basically the Moon starts of the month in Vedic Sagittarius and the Moon goes right round the chart ending the month in Vedic Capricorn, so we can feel hope and expansiveness now. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is exalted in Cancer this year.

Check if any of the planets in your birth chart are conjuncted or opposed by the transiting Moon this month and this will be a real guide to the ups and downs of your emotions and your mind.

The effects of the transiting Moon are far greater than western astrology realises, and Vedic Astrology has a way of assessing the impact of the phase of the Moon called Tithi, which is outstandingly powerful.

Note that the Moon was Gandanta, at the end of a water sign (Scorpio) this morning, which is a very difficult position for mundane matters through the life for any baby born at that time, but can be utilised for great spiritual awareness eventually.

The aim is that such sure declaration can all the easier lead to enlightened perception of what is happening with our mind and emotions.

The Moon in Sagittarius is receiving an aspect from Saturn so we should be diligent about that which is our inspiration and spiritual path, and if so Saturn will reward us, if not, we will experience some sort of downfall or unhappiness or unwellness: these are the guiding symptoms of being off the path of one’s dharma.

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Mercury turns retrograde on October 4 at about 17.41 hrs BST, at 8 Vedic Libra, so we will need to be careful about communications, posts, organisation and our speech and areas of our life where we need to make improvements will be shown up. If we are attentive to the energy, this is a good time for writing and for having spiritually correct speech and dialogue with others. You may need to clean up your communication and admin messes big time if you have let problems arise in these areas,

Mercury goes stationary on 25th October at 22 Virgo

But the Mercury Retrograde divine learning effect is not actually over until 10th November when Mercury arrives back at its pre-retrogradation position at 8 Libra.

MARS: Mars is very powerful in Vedic Scorpio from 5th September to 18th October, so if you have your natal Mars or Sun there be very careful about anger, temper and irritableness, especially October 5th to 8th when transiting Mars receives an aspect from Jupiter in Cancer to amplify it. But at its highest, Mars in Scorpio could be penetrating investigation and insight and receiving powerful teaching. Mars is very strong indeed because it is in its own sign in Scorpio. This can be good for courage. It can be disastrous for anger and assaults. Beware if there are any violent people circling your life with Sun or Mars in Vedic Scorpio.


Here is the western chart for October 1st:

And here is the western chart for the Eclipse of October 8th:

Note the horrible build-up of energies around the Moon: Ketu and Uranus! This calls for real enlightened awareness and violent people could well be very angry or even rampage.

Note how Pluto T-squares the Full Moon/Nodal axis: there will be even deeper and more hurt feelings, but at its highest: deep almost tectonic knowing.

Note how Mars and the Moon are conjunct on 1st November and then Mars actually conjoins Pluto on 10th November: the Mars Pluto energy is the greatest expression of raw force in the cosmos.

And here is the chart October 31st:

  1. How has my own work been going?

Self Realisation Course: Well, I feel I have been blessed with enormous possibility for enlightened awareness from Helen Hamilton’s Self Realisation Course, and Maggie and I start her graduate course in this on October 13th. See  Helen’s mediations are based on Kundalini raising/focus to the third eye and the transmission/reception of Shaktipat energy so as to achieve fuller connection to True Self and Source and thus move towards enlightened awareness. There is a valuable cross-over link to the calibration method of David Hawkins described in his invaluable book transcending the Levels of Consciousness.

Maggie and I are also following Steven Sadleir’s similar meditations. Both are distance and worldwide. Steven’s details can be seen at so this means that we are meditating an hour each day – but the results are so worth it!

Vedic Astrology and Enlightenment: Having completed advanced courses in western astrology and also the three levels of the Dirah Course in Vedic Astrology, I am now pursuing the five year Vedic Astrology Course of Sanjay Rath, and this has been a real eye-opener for advanced techniques of chart and predictive astrology, but has also writ large the need for the astrologer to have enlightened perception in regard to the truths vedic Astrology so surely and uniquely declares. And because it is so sure and accurate, its declaration can be a gateway to enlightened awareness of the phenomena that it describes present and times. But of course Vedic astrology can also be used in a low consciousness way or a way that is unduly circumscribed by Indian Culture (just as Western Astrology is so often uncritically linked to the ‘modern western project of self’: cherish yourself, develop yourself, etcetera.

I was partially interested to examine the Vedic Astrology concept of time cycles underlying each human birth. We are in face the expression of time cycle. For example there’s the Samvatsara Year Cycle based on the relative positions of Saturn and Jupiter, and this will very much be a valid backdrop for our incarnation, even though of course the positions of the planets in our birth charts may make that lesson harder or more in the background. Be careful, by the way, there is at least one definition of Samvatsara Year on the Web that is wrong and based in the omission of one of the calculation steps in the Samvatsara formula. Tithi, or Moon Phase at birth is far more important than Western Astrology realises, and your Moon Phase at the moment of birth can decisively affect your birth chart for good or ill.

The joint studies of Helen Hamilton and Sanjay Rath have prompted me to transform my own Vedic Astrology course to put it in the context of enlightened awareness. Please have a sneak look at my website in building:  and I am really pleased at the face Book group for those studying Vedic Astrology alongside the Self Realisation Course.

I am also re-recording my Runes Course. See:  I am fascinated how the energies of the Runes can be located in growing enlightened awareness. The text books all describe them in a low consciousness way, the dreadful Freya Ashwini even advocates cursing and attack using the Runes. But the fact is that the Runes are actually organised in three levels of consciousness: three Aetts: three groups of eight Runes.

The first Aett, Freya’s Aett is all about what it is to be a successful human being in human community; the second Aett of Heimdall the Guardian of Bifrost the rainbow Bridge from this realm Middle Earth to Asgard the God Realm is all about seeing circumstances rightly, especially adverse circumstance, so as to begin to share dine awareness. And the third Aett, the Aett of Tir the War God is all about what it is to be the Divine Warrior and see the things of the world with Divine Consciousness.

I am very happy with the Druid Forest School Festivals course: . We are preparing to celebrate the start of the Celtic Year at Samhain around November 1st: the time when the veils between the worlds are thin, the time of the Morrigan and the time of the ancestors, and Maggie and I will be celebrating this in Grass Wood near Grassington, in the ruins of a Brigantes fort that the Brigantes tribe built around AD 70 in their hopeless resistance to the Roman invasion, but the views along the valley from the promontory are far and exalted, and there is such an energy of ‘protection’ in the land it is as if the Brigantes’ Druid put it there. There’s also a lovely shared book reading and review program within the group.

And of course I am continuing with my western and Vedic birth astrology and prediction readings worldwide and the tantalisingly beautiful Ogham Course.