Lunar Eclipse Super Moon and Blood Moon 21.1.19

There is a Lunar Eclipse on 21st January 2019.

Because of its closeness to the Earth and its resultant brightness, it is a ‘Supermoon’.
And because of the way it will look in the heavens it will be called a red ‘Blood Moon’. And because of its power I have chosen an image of Euripides’ fateful priestess, Medea, as this Blogs ‘featured image’.

This Eclipse is early in the morning at 05.16 hrs here in the West of Ireland, and it’s actually on Jan 20th in some parts of USA.

To find out its date in time in your location, see:

Read on below for an extensive analysis of what this Lunar Eclipse means for you.
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What is a Lunar Eclipse?
A Lunar Eclipse is where the Earth travels between the Sun and the Moon, and cuts off the Suns light to the Moon, putting the face of the Moon into darkness:


What is an Eclipse?
The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points of the paths of the Sun and Moon around the Earth, as seen from Earth. Rahu is the North Node, the Ascending Node; Ketu is the South Node, the Descending Node.
When the Sun and the Moon arrive at these intersection points at the time of a New Moon or Full Moon, there is an Eclipse.

This Lunar Eclipse Details: 21.1.19:
Vedic Astrology:
In Vedic astrology, using the sidereal zodiac: The Moon of this eclipse is at 6 deg Vedic Cancer; the Sun is at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn.
Vedic Astrology also has a most wonderful system of 27 Lunar Signs called the Nakshatras, as well as its 12 Solar Signs, and in terms of the Nakshatras:
The Eclipse Moon is in Pushyami Nakshatra; The Eclipse Sun is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.
Western Astrology:
In western astrology, tropical Zodiac:
The Moon is at 1 deg Leo, and the Sun is at 1 deg Aquarius.
This is the final eclipse of the western tropical zodiac Leo/Aquarius axis, occurring in the first degree of Leo. It’s a super-moon: closer to Earth and so brighter, and it’s a Blood Moon.

And note that other planets are active to join the energy of this Eclipse, see below:

Uranus: Note that Uranus is T-square this eclipse axis in the heavens (see chart below)

Jupiter and Neptune: And note that there is a Jupiter square Neptune aspect at the same time.

Mercury too is caught up in this eclipse, he is conjunct Ketu the South Node, and the Sun.

Neptune is sextile Saturn. See below

ASTROLOGY READINGS: If you find that this Eclipse is conjuncting one of your personal planets in your birth chart, then it is a very good idea for you to get in touch with me for a Reading.

Here is the Vedic chart for this Eclipse:





And here is the western chart for this eclipse:


N.B. And here is the Eclipse Visibility Map:

What is the Nature of an Eclipse?

Basically, Eclipses achieve the undamming of dammed up energy. They are intense turning points: personal and collective. They are like an earthquake which releases tension that have built up in the Earth’s crust. And, of course, if that earthquake happens under the sea, there’s a tidal wave. In fact, earthquakes and tsunamis often occur at Eclipse time. So eclipses can mean ‘learning through turmoil or shock’. Dramas and crises.

Eclipse Aspecting natal plants: So, to understand how an eclipse will affect you, well there will be an earthquake or a tidal wave for you and your life, if the Eclipse falls on one of the planets in your birth chart. Or opposite one of your natal planets.

Eclipse in the Houses of your birth chart: And your life will also be affected, though in a less extreme way, in the ‘life area’ covered by the House in your birth chart that the Eclipse falls in.
N.B. I will be publishing guides to how to assess the meaning of Eclipses and also transits in your birth chart in the coming week or two on this Blog, so look out for these

Timing of Eclipse effects: Note that Lunar Eclipses have a big immediate effect if they activate your birth chart in this way. Solar eclipses have less personal (more geopolitical) effects. And note also that Eclipses leave areas of stagnant energy in the heavens in the area where they occur. And these patches of stagnant energy will be activated if a planet transits over it in the couple of years following the Eclipse.

Eclipse effects: Eclipses can leave us in temporary blindness and can create instability fo our mind. We need to watch this. We need to manage this. But in the positive side, eclipse can really bring out the positive divine nature of any planet in our birth char that they conjunct. Eclipses offer us get out of jail free cards, they offer us illuminations and expansions, even though they may feel painful at the time (because of our blocks and limitations). And there is the dimension that they link us to the unfoldment in the collective consciousness as well.

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More Detail on the Planets active in this Eclipse:
So, let’s look in a bit more detail about the energy of this 21st January 2019 Lunar Eclipse. Well, Sun, Ketu (South node) and Mercury are ALL in Vedic Capricorn, and they fall in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra:

Ketu in Capricorn:
Ketu is at the very end of its 18-month transit retrograde through Vedic Capricorn. There was a very full-on time in 2018 when transiting Mars was conjunct Ketu in Vedic Capricorn, and I found this to be a totally driven energy, expressing itself in technical matters like building work, but also in inspirational energy matters.
My wife Maggie Pashley developed a lot of energy healing methods such as Future Life Progression, Past Life work and Soul Realignment healing.
And in addition to the building work, I found loads of inspiration coming through about the nature of magic (I developed a Magical Will course) and about the ever-powerful role of the Mythic, which, of course, consumer modernity banns from our world and our consciousness, and relevant to that I have had such wonderful endless waves of inspiration for my novel about the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish.
Relevant to Ketu in Capricorn, our earth energy work has also developed. I have felt the powerful energies in the quartz-rich rocks round here in the megaliths of the Neolithic people who came to Ireland, and Maggie has worked with a Lecher Antenna, which measures energies in  the human body, but also measures earth energies, and the machine reveals that such are the energies in the rocks of the Court Tombs and megaliths round here, that the energy lines running across the land are diverted by the high quartz-rich rock circles, and these rock monuments create energy-rich circles of great power of their own, especially if they are not near roads, or human occupation or the excavation and ‘reconstruction’ work of archaeologists. So, in summary the energy of Ketu in Capricorn for us has been technical, inspiration in a lightning-burst way. And I believe that this energy will be enhanced by this Eclipse which had Ketu at 2 deg Vedic Capricorn.

Ketu enters Vedic Sagittarius in March and the Great Conjunction forms:

Pluto, Saturn and Ketu form a great conjunction. Atomic Pluto blows open your prison walls as Ketu cuts them down to open the door to inspiration. Note that Ketu is about to cross retrograde into the next sign, Vedic Sagittarius, on March 6th. And note very especially that when Ketu does move into Vedic Sagittarius, the great conjunction is formed: the biggest event of 2019, in Vedic Sagittarius, with Saturn and Ketu in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, and with Pluto, Ketu, Saturn all conjunct, and the world has not seen that energy here since 1517AD. And what happened then was that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the Cathedral door in Guttenberg. The Catholic Church was destroyed in Northern Europe. The Reformation was proclaimed.
So, what will this great conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius mean in your life????
It was started by the Solar Eclipse of 5th January 2019. And this Lunar eclipse of 21st January is the second part of the great conjunction’s energy-build-up.
ASTROLOGY READING: As I said, quite frankly, if you do have natal planets in Vedic Capricorn or Sagittarius, or especially in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, then you will find it real insight support and help to get in touch with me for an Astrology Reading.

Eclipse Moon in Vedic Cancer:

Cancer is of course ruled by the Moon, and this Eclipse has Moon and Rahu (North node) in Cancer. Moon is at 6 deg, Rahu is at 2 deg. So, this means the Eclipse is very powerful. We will need to watch the stability of our minds, and take it easy in the days around the Eclipse, especially if we have a natal planet in Vedic Cancer.
For example, if we have Mars in Vedic Cancer we could go quite ballistic at the time this eclipse!!!
And if our natal Moon is in a Mars-ruled sign or Nakshatra, for example, if we have Moon in Mrigashira Nakshatra ruled by Mars, our family members might do well to retreat to the bunker!
And note that if you have Moon conjunct Ketu in your Vedic birth chart, you will be very prone to hissy fits or even downright explosions.
ASTROLOGY READING: Quite frankly, if you do have natal planets in Vedic Cancer, you will find it real insight support and help to get in touch with me for an Astrology Reading.

Huge Energy about to form in Vedic Gemini:

This is big. Of course, just as Ketu is leaving Capricorn to enter Vedic Sagittarius, so too Rahu is actually leaving Vedic Cancer to enter Vedic Gemini. And note that this builds the way to a sort of Armageddon effect.

This is because Mars too is heading towards Vedic Gemini. So this means there will be a Mars-Rahu conjunction in Vedic Gemini from May to July 2019, and note that this, of course, is in opposition the Great Conjunction of Pluto-Ketu-Saturn which is in Vedic Sagittarius, pretty well all of 2019, in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

If you have planets on this axis, you really do need to develop perception of the energies involved.
And you do need to develop perception of your own personal energies and characteristics that will be affected. I say this because one of the facets of PurvaAshadha can be very ‘noblesse oblige’ and with a sense of superiority, and one of the characteristics of Ardra, opposite, can be a very tunnel-visioned me first energy. But of course, see my Nakshatra videos and blogs on the internet for a fuller more balanced depiction than these, and do follow my wonderful Vedic Astrology Nakshatras course.
ASTROLOGY READING: Quite frankly, if you do have natal planets in Vedic Gemini, you will find it a real insight, support and help to get in touch with me for an Astrology Reading.

Eclipse Moon in Pushyami Nakshatra:

Pushyami is the 8th Nakshatra and it is ruled by Saturn. With Ketu in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, I feel that Pushyamis will feel this energy greatly, but as I said above, at its best this Eclipse will bring out an inspirational technical energy in Pushyamis. Pushyamis are very nurturing (their power animal is the lead ram), so this eclipse will hit them big time on issues around the nature and spiritual dimension and realities of nurturing others.
Pushyami is ruled by Brihaspati, and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer where Pushyami lies. Watch out therefore for this eclipse shattering blocks to your spiritual expansiveness and inspiration. Cooperate with this. Ditch the old if necessary. Cooperate with the new spiritual insights and awareness coming in following this Eclipse.

Eclipse Sun in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra:

From personal clients around the world, I have found that this is a huge time for people with planets in Uttarashadha Nakshatra, which spans from the end of Vedic Sagittarius inot the start of Vedic Capricorn. There have been such spiritual openings. If you have Sun Moon or a planet in UttarAshadha Nakshatra, the effects of this eclipse on you and your life will be huge. ASTROLOGY READING: if you do have natal planets in UttaraAshadha, then you will find it a real insight, support and help to get in touch with me for an Astrology Reading. And let’s hope it will involve positive undamming of your inspirational and spiritual potential with which you will cooperate. Of course, remember that an Eclipse on the natal Moon can have effects and implications for your mother, as well. Ketu traversing your natal Moon often signifies a tough time for your mother, and can indicate the coming death of your mother.

Mercury is involved in Eclipses this Year:

Note that Mercury of this Eclipse, is at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn, conjunct Ketu at 2 deg Capricorn and conjunct Eclipse Sun at 6 deg Capricorn. Note that Mercury is also caught in the Eclipse of 15th June in Vedic Gemini, which is opposition the Great Saturn-Ketu-Pluto conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius. Personally, I expect to experience that this involvement of Mercury might skew Mercury’s normal communication and IT dreadful issues, but will aside from that, prove to bring in inspirational thoughts and inspirations. Here is the ShriJyotiStar bar graph presentation of Mercury’s Retrogradations (and also other retrogrades) this year:


Uranus is T-Square the Eclipse:

Uranus is at 4 deg Vedic Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra, he is moving forward after a series of retrogrades (he went direct on January 6th), and for people with planets in early Vedic Aries and early Vedic Libra, this Uranus transit has offered such wonderful revolution in all circumstance of life, and such inspiration.

But the fact that Uranus is T-square this eclipse axis, and of course T-square the Nodal axis too, means that Uranus is offering collective shock and revolution too.

The last time Uranus entered Vedic Aries and Ashwini saw the burning fo the Reichstag and Adolph Hitler’s rise to power. We hope the world consciousness will avoid such a horrific manifestation fo the Uranus in Aries energy, this time!

This time so far, it has seen the rise of Donald Trump to presidential power.

Jupiter is square Neptune at the time of this Eclipse:

Personally, I’m lovin it (though the ‘generosity overdone’ chilled me a bit. But here’s what Reinhold Ebertin has to say about this
PRINCIPLE:              compassion, mysticism, artisticness, speculation, deception.
PSYCHOLOGICAL:  +          abundance of feeling or emotional expression. Active and intense imagination. Idealism. The enjoyment of moulding things, art, music. Interest in the metaphysical and religious. Great love of humanity. The ability to give love to those who need it. Stability in material things. Generosity overdone.
–          impressionability. Seducability. Dreaminess. A conflict between vision and ‘reality’. The inclination to revel or idealize. Constantly misunderstood. The inclination to speculate. Wastefulness.
C:         Love of humanity. Idealism. Mysticism. An interest in art.
BIOLOGICAL:             General lack of tone in the organs of the body. Atrophy. The excessive increase of water in the blood (Haemolysis). The wrong diagnosis.
SOCIOLOGICAL:         visionaries. Dreamers. Mystics. Hypocrites. speculators.
                the pursuit of idealistic inclinations. A merciful and compassionate nature. The tendency to speculate. Gain without effort.
–                  a poor speculation. Seduction. One’s instability causes a scandal. Losses. Political conflicts.

Neptune is sextile Saturn:

Neptune offers guiding vision when we experience him positively, and shows us the stripping out and death of illusion. Saturn insists that we have structure and hard work. The sextile energy that is in the heavens at the time of this eclipse is good for bringing structure to your intuitions and inspirations. Saturn will support Neptune now. Neptune will transform Saturn now. Create a craft to take you to some needed new life area now.

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