Lunar Eclipse on the day of the Winter Solstice: 21st December 2010. Difficult energies have now been gathering

  • Lunar Eclipse on the day of the Winter Solstice: 21st December 2010. Difficult energies have now been gathering

I have at last written my Blog which I hope will be a useful spiritual offering to those who have had to deal with the growing difficult energies culminating in this Eclipse. Some signs are more challenged than others and help is around from Venus and Jupiter, but some people’s experiences will nevertheless be hard. Contact Michael for Birth Charts, Prediction, Relationship Evaluations and Understand Your Child Reports. See also Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely’s Starwheel Workshops. These include Astrology Workshops and the Life Stage Workshops. They are a unique combination of astrology-based insight and rapid depth healing techniques: See:  email:     Tel: 077-992-96821.

I have been trying to write a ‘warning’ about the very difficult energies that have been gathering in the heavens throughout this month as we head to the Eclipse of the Moon that takes place on December 21st at 08.13 hrs.

By extremely rare coincidence, this is also the day of the Winter Solstice which occurs at 23.30 hrs.

A particularly violent and heart-rending pile up of energies has been building through December.

However, not having been well and having my own slice of the challenging energies to deal with over the last few days, means that I now write on the very eve of the Eclipse.

But I still feel it is worth writing because I know a lot of people have had difficult life-changing events, and this Blog may hopefully serve to offer healing and insight, understanding and possibilities of growth.

Some signs will be affected more that others. The energies that have been building remorselessly this month are in the Vedic sign Sagittarius (they are on the Sagittarius-Capricorn boundary in western astrology).

In Vedic Sagittarius, a truly awesome and exceptional combination of raw power has been growing: Pluto, Mars and Rahu the North Node of the Moon have all been moving into conjunction.

Mercury is with them, and to make thinking and communication (and postal matters) more complicated, Mercury is Retrograde, with backward motion, most of December.

And now the Sun joins the pile-up and moves into opposition to the Moon which joins Ketu the South Node opposite the Sun in Vedic sign of Gemini. It is therefore an eclipsed Full Moon.

The Nodes of the Moon are seen as demons in ancient cultures.

They are the eclipse points: demons so powerful they can devour the Sun or the Moon at an eclipse.

Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is the demon where we will put our obsessional ambition in Vedic Astrology.




Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, is the demon who dissolves things in our live.

But because Vedic astrology is a tantric spirituality, all things are inherently connective to the divine, even very harsh energies such as can be described by Rahu and Ketu.





These energies are hugely powerful. They include a terrorist-type dimension and also social uprising like the student demonstrations and the attack on Camilla, Prince Charles’ wife.

If these sorts of energies have entered your life, they can obviously be sad, destructive or confusing, but the reason I am writing this Blog is that I what to say that, hard as it is to do it when we are suffering and upset, there is a divine message about our life to be found. This force and destruction is not there for no reason. It might mean that we have to stand up and make the confrontation that saves a marriage. It might mean that we have to accept the death of a relationship that would be bad for us to continue with in its present form. Something was wrong. It had to die. It might mean that we ran out of money: but perhaps there is an overdue need for us to sort out our finances and re-structure them! These energies are hard for humans to wield or deal with. Perhaps only Gods can master them ethically and cleanly. But sad and hard though it is, we do need to try to find the big picture and find the route to love. Spiritual potential and inner transformation are what is called for.

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Special Notes:

1. Mula Lunar Sign: The Sun and its surrounding planets centre on Mula Lunar Sign (Vedic Astrology uses 27 Lunar Signs as well as the more familiar 12 solar signs. The Lunar Signs are called Nakshatras, and they are incredibly powerful and accurate depictions of our lives). Mula Lunar Sign is fierce and confrontational. It is also the centre of the Galaxy. Mula is ruled by Nritta, the Vedic Goddess of Destruction.

2. Ardra Lunar Sign: The Moon and Ketu (the South Node) are opposite the Sun in Ardra Lunar Sign. Ardra is also fierce. It is the sign where we will weep if we allow our life to go off-course and betray our spiritual essence. Ardra is connected with deaths through disasters or wars (e.g. 9/11, the tsunami). Positively it is New Growth.

3. The Eclipse Line-up: The Sun represents the Higher Self in Vedic astrology; the Moon represents our personal reflection of that higher Self. We can look at the reflected light, but we can not look at the Sun direct. The Earth represents our body. In an Eclipse, Sun, Moon and Earth are all lined up and focussed as one.

4. The Benefics: Jupiter and Venus are strong during this difficult period. Venus calls on us to understand and purify our desires and tame our aggressions (Venus is Preceptor of Asuras or Titans). Jupiter calls us to mysticism, religion, ethics and law. They will help us understand our calamities or difficulties.

Here is some astrological information:

1. A Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon passes into the shadow of the Earth.

2. The Galactic Centre has anciently been seen as the source of life. In Vedic Astrology, it is the Vishnu navi: the navel of Vishnu who dreams universes in and out of being: emanating them and then re-absorbing them when they grow too far from the God and become more and more corrupt.

 3. The Winter Solstice is the shortest day. In ancient cultures it was seen as the birth of the Young God: born on the day the Old God dies. The new sun is the Child of Promise: The Mabon.

The Winter Solstice is the day the Sun changes direction, from getting darker to getting lighter. There have only been two Lunar Eclipses on Winter Solstice day since the birth of Christ.

4. This eclipse occurs at about the time that the Mayan calendar ends. The exact dates are a matter for conjecture, but this eclipse can be seen as the point of the Sun’s passage through the Galactic plane.