Lunar Eclipse of 27 July 2018

Lunar Eclipse of 27 July 2018 – The longest Eclipse of the 21st Century

There’s a Lunar Eclipse of 27th July 2018, and this Eclipse is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100). It’s a Big One. Huge. Some UK newspapers have reported an ‘end of time’ nature for this Moon. It won’t be that, but its effect in our lives, politics and the earth will be great and long-lasting. It’s the longest eclipse for a hundred years, lasting for 1 hour and 43 minutes, and this means its effects will be felt for a long time to come. It will be visible across much of Europe and Asia, and in Australia, southern parts of North America, and South America.In UK/Ireland and elsewhere, this Moon will be a ‘blood moon’ where the moon has a red tinge.

Eclipses are ‘wild cards’. Eclipses send a glaring ray of truth onto an area of your life. With Eclipses, something ends and something new begins. But normally speaking, don’t take big hasty decisions immediately in the depth of eclipse time, wait for calmer more mature times before confirming your eclipse decisions or insights. A big eclipse like this 27th July Lunar Eclipse has an earthquake effect. If it interacts strongly with our birth chart, we will experience the eclipse strongly. The effects will be very long-lasting. There will be positive results if we are on course for our true life path. Or, the eclipse consequences will be negative if our life is off-course for its spiritual meaning.

Eclipses deeply polarize and internalise our life issues, and we must face our personal and collective shadows around these issues. If you cling to your false securities and stuck patterns, or resist the call of your evolution now, then these eclipses will leave you at best a robot pursuing a mechanical rump of a non-real life, or your life circumstances will quite possibly disintegrate because you are not living in accord with your truth.

So, July 2018 is a month to stand firm in the midst of what might feel like quite a storm, not give way to fear, not go limp, but be truly open to change. Cope with self-doubt and with felt loss of direction. Please see my separate Blog and Video of my Astrology and Healing Magazine for July 2018, and the separate Blogs and videos for the two other Eclipses of this present eclipse cycle: The Solar Eclipse of July 13th and the Solar Eclipse of August 11th.

An Eclipse may propel you to a needed new direction. But in this eclipse cycle there are three: The effect of the three July /August 2018 eclipses will be huge.

But I actually also feel, that July and the present phase should be dedicated to Uranus the Enlightener. This is because in fact, Uranus is caught up with the Eclipses, and with the Mars-Ketu Conjunction, which is another very big feature of energy overload July, and Uranus has only fairly recently entered Vedic Aries – a huge new energy not seen since the run-up to the Second World War. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit, remember. So, I feel I have much to thank for Uranus’ waves of energy of Inspiration and Revolution, now. There is magic and Healing to be found for humanity now – If each of us humans can now learn how to grasp hold of the magic.

And please do remember, that Astrology is here to give us good quality perception of the energies and possibilities coming our way. It must never be formula or slack ‘impulse of the moment’ channelling. For our own good, our guiding astrological declaration needs to be intelligent, inspired and developmental. We are not here to experience these powerful July 2018 astrology energies passively or fatedly. Guided by good astrological declaration, we are here to ask these sort of questions:

  • How can I heal?
  • How can I empower myself?
  • How can I use these events to burn negative karmas?
  • How can I use these energies, including the terrible ones, to powerfully and beautifully manifest that very special spark of incarnational destiny that drove my soul to incarnate to achieve here in this particular lifetime?
  • Note that this report, like all my astrology readings and courses, combines on the one hand psychodynamic Western astrology (using the Tropical Zodiac) with Vedic astrology on the other hand: the Incarnational Life Purpose focussed Vedic Astrology (that will only give accurate results if you use the Sidereal Zodiac with Lahiri Ayanamsha, or the degrees of difference from western Tropical zodiac).

I combine the nine planets of ancient Vedic Astrology with the newer discoveries whose energies have entered western consciousness over the last two and a half centuries: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus, most necessarily: the Wounded Healer: Chiron.

So, what is the difference between a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse?
Note that a Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth. So, in a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is cutting off the light of the Sun. The Moon is covering the Sun.

Solar Eclipse



But a Lunar Eclipse like this one on July 27th, occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun. so with a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. So, this means that we see the dark disk of the shadow of the Earth crossing the surface of the Moon, and, indeed, that shadow can black out the Moon totally.
Lunar Eclipse



Note that Solar Eclipses tend to be more ‘factual’ and bring bright new beginnings, whereas Lunar Eclipses tend to be more emotional and bring about the death of something with the possibility for rebirth.

N.B. You really do need to check how the chart for this eclipse interacts with your natal chart. This way, you can understand and prepare for these Eclipse energies that will be entering your consciousness and entering your life. We have to try to deal with Eclipses negative consciousness and life effects, and we have to work out their positive divine meaning and embrace that. And please note that the Dates and Times for this report are set to Ireland. Check with  for your local variations.
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Eclipses undam dammed up energy. They are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis. They can bring this sort of energy to the area of life covered by the house(s) they fall in, in your birth chart. And note that it’s even stronger in your mind and your consciousness and the areas of your life if a planet in your birth chart is directly affected by an eclipse, especially a conjunction, opposition or square aspect.  This is why it is very important to check out beforehand where any eclipse falls in relation to your own birth chart.

We actually have to take into account that there’s not just two eclipses right now, but this  July 2018 eclipse season is actually a three-eclipse season running on into August 11th. So, it’s a longer window of eclipse energy than usual that our monds and lives have to respond to!

To analyse an Eclipse’s effect on you and your life, first check out your feeling about it, what are your intuitions? Then build on that. Note especially where the Moon of the eclipse falls in your birth chart. After that, note also the Nodal Axis of the eclipse chart, the eclipse Ascendant, and then key planets of the eclipse, and you can get an astrology reading from me if you want very dedicated and caring expert definition and advice:

We feel eclipse energies as they are building. We feel them at the time of the Eclipse. And they last for longer. The effects of lunar eclipse are pretty immediate. The effects of solar eclipse take longer. And note, importantly, that eclipse’s effects are even stronger when another planet later on transits across the degree area of the earlier eclipse. Eclipses can leave a patch of stagnant energy in the heavens. This will be triggered if another planet subsequently transits through this patch.

Maybe the Eclipse will smash structures in your life that have outlived their usefulness for your destiny. Or maybe the Eclipse will smash situations that are wrong for you true life path – painful though this may be both to experience and to understand. And note that maybe these eclipses will offer you opportunities for shared purpose with your loved ones to find their higher spiritual purpose.

Now, let’s look in more detail at Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 27.7.18 at 20.21 pm:

As I said, this Eclipse Full Moon of 27th July 2018 is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, and this means its effects will be big and will be felt for a long time to come.
Eclipse Sun is 10 Vedic Cancer (Pushyami Nakshatra) – Eclipse Moon 10 Vedic Capricorn (Sravana Nakshatra).
using the western Tropical zodiac Eclipse Moon and Sun are at 4 deg Aquarius – 4 deg Leo, .

Here are the charts for this Eclipse:






Vedic Chart for Eclipse July 2018

It’s really important to note that the Moon of this eclipse is conjunct the powerful and angry Ketu-Mars conjunction (see below). And Eclipse Sun is conjunct Rahu the North Node. So, this huge and long-running eclipse will generate pressures, anger, anxiety and frustration. Please see the need to keep calm in the face of this energy.

Importantly: As this eclipse is in Sravana Nakshatra, check out whether you are ‘failing to listen’ to the real and deep message of what transpires.

And it is so very important and relevant to note that this Eclipse is actually also T-square to Uranus it is T-square to the revolutionary irritable supreme planet of change in your life and consciousness: Uranus.

Here is the map of this Eclipse’s visibility:

So, how does the chart of this eclipse interact with your birth chart??? And when you have considered that, note that this is the most telling of the three eclipses of July/August 2018, and note also that it will be aggressive and even violent energy due to the conjunction of this eclipse Moon with Mars. And note also that the Mars of this Eclipse is exalted in Vedic Capricorn, and its made more irritable and frustrated because it is retrograde at the time of this eclipse.

We have talked about the effect of this eclipse on us human beings, but note that out in the world, with this eclipse being conjunct the Mars-Ketu conjunction (see below for more on that), this eclipse will manifest in violence, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, aggression.

However, astrology is not about scaremongering or sensationalism. We need to note its divine meaning in our life. I can share that Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my nodal axis and I feel a destined revolution and inspiration running in my work and life and in some ways redirecting it. The astrology readings and courses feel very inspired, since Uranus entered Vedic Aries, and since the Mars Ketu conjunction started – both of which energies are significantly interlocked into the energy of this huge and heavyweight eclipse of July 27th.

To assess the effects of an eclipse in your life, you need to study which House in your Vedic birth chart the eclipse occurs in. Houses in our birth chart each represent an area of our life. Note that the biggest issue when assessing the effect of any Eclipse in your life and chart is to look: where is the eclipsed Moon in relation to your birth chart? But you’d also always look when analysing an eclipse where eclipse Nodal axis and Ascendant are, and you also need to check out significant planets in the eclipse chart in relation to your own birth chart: so, in the case of this Eclipse, you’d also look at where eclipse Uranus is (this is because Uranus is T-square the Eclipse axis).

So you do need to check out which House(s) of your birth chart the Eclipse affects. You can calculate the ‘House number’ from your Ascendant (Lagna) or from Moon (Janma) in your Vedic birth chart. Note that calculation from Ascendant tends to give the stronger prediction meaning. So, here are some very brief one size fits all ‘standard meanings’:

Remember, eclipses undam dammed up energies, so whether an eclipse’s effects on you are positive or negative will depend on how well you are on course for your meant destiny in life. It is essential to realize that if you are off-course, and eclipse will bring downfall, but of course here we hit the issue of phenomenology, because if your life is off-course, then you need collapse of that life-style to have any hope of getting your life on-course again.

Eclipse effect on the Houses of your Vedic birth chart
(It is the sidereal zodiac Vedic birth chart that gives the surest result):

Aries: This eclipse is in your 10th House: Major shakeup in career pending.
Taurus: eclipse in 9th house: shakeup in area of beliefs, guru/teacher, higher learning.
Gemini: eclipse in 8th house: Changes in shared Financial Arrangements, Inheritance, Physical or emotional Vitality, or Metaphysical Studies.
Cancer: eclipse in 7th House: changes in the balance between yourself and spouse.
Leo: eclipse in 6th House: shakeup in areas such as legal issues, handling of enemies, personal health and immunity.
Virgo: eclipse in 5th House: earthquake in relationship with children, or in matters of creativity, or in romance, or in spiritual matters and past life merit.
Libra: Eclipse in 4th House: major change in issues to do with mother or home, domestic patterns, activities and happiness. Some change to do with car.
Scorpio: Eclipse in 3rd House: big change is issues of skills, talents, initiative, writing/communication, siblings.
Sagittarius: 2nd House: big change in income, issues to do with mouth and teeth, your voice, value issues.
Capricorn: 1st House: big shock or empowerment to issues of personal health and presence in the world, personal health, your appearance. Positive transformation of position in the world or Downfall.
Aquarius: 12th House: huge effect on issues of loss, institution issues/connections, residence abroad.
Pisces: eclipse in 11th House: major change/shake-up in issues of gains, profits, goals, ambitions, associates.

Then you need to study Eclipse effects on your natal planets:

You need to take into special note is the Eclipse falls on one of your natal planets (conjunct is very important, as is opposition. Essentially, we are talking about the Eclipse Moon falling on one of your natal planets, but, as I said above, we also need to consider other key planets from the eclipse chart and its Nodal axis or Ascendant falling on one of your natal planets.

So, here is a simple ‘one size fits all’ meaning for Eclipse impact on one of your natal planets:

Eclipse impact on:

Your Sun brings out your expression of self and decisiveness. It creates a crisis or a leap forwards. It is time to shine, but you may need to let go of your old life in order to be able to do that. Take action. Do Vision Work and Magical Will work.

Your Moon brings hurt emotional events leading to crisis and vulnerability. Can be rooted in mother or the past. Might involve a move of house or job, of major re-creation of your life to make it reflect your spiritual truth and true self. Life will not be the same again. Your mother could be strongly affected.

Your Mercury can lead to a mental crisis or important rational insights. There could be a trickster energy. There will be a lot of sorting out of your thinking. This could affect friendships and trade issues.

Your Venus creates major crisis or breakthrough in love. Your wife could be strongly affected if you are a man. Alternatively issues of your finances, inspiration in art, and indeed motor cars can be affected. There could be a fated new love relationship. There could be strong sexual urges. Clear any blocks to love or ‘heart walls’.

Your Mars creates outbursts and arguments. These can be constructive or destructive. Or there could be a surge of physical vitality. Your siblings or son could be affected.

Your Jupiter could bring expansiveness and sense fo purpose, inspiration and ideals. You need to take care to keep this sort of expansion properly grounded and supported. Your husband could be strongly affected if you are a woman.

Your Saturn means either golden reaping because you are on course for your true life purpose, or it means professional downfall. This will be a he milestone and turning point in your life. You will be forced to acknowledge that you must ‘get out of your prison’, or that you must be more realistic and dot the I’s and cross the t’s in your life and get things more grounded. Ideally this is the opening to take a seasoned step up. You will be tested around your use of responsibility. Suffering will become a huge and important issue for you to handle correctly. You may receive burdens

Your Uranus means the Struck Tower card in the Tarot. inspiration, more expansive life or consciousness, revolution. Apparent eccentricity. Beware being heartless. Become the wild child, the free spirit, or the original genius. Ride out the creative wave that has picked you up.

Your Neptune means that you could realize that you are enmeshed in delusion or denial. You could find yourself in a fog. But this eclipse calls you to strip out the delusion.

Your Pluto ideally means empowerment. Face your shadow. Confront your inner demons. gain the strength to face your shadow. It could mean trauma, and the need not to be crippled by fear and your energy could become compulsive, driven or obsessive. You will need to develop ways to confront and understand and heal yourself. You face a personal challenge.

Your Chiron: you need to find healing modalities that will assist you to heal the existential wound indicated by your astrology birth chart. In this process you could become the healer of others.

Your natal North Node/Rahu: you will become driven to manifest your incarnational life purpose, but you will need to purify this energy if you are to arrive at the destination it points to.

Your natal South Node/Ketu: chasms will open under your life, but with divine purpose to transform or end that life so that you are put in touch with spiritual meaning.

Your Ascendant (Lagna): Very important: Collapse in your health and the way you project yourself into the world OR huge positive boost to your health and the way you project into the world. It all depends on whether you are on-course for your life purpose at thetimee of the eclipse or not.

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