Lunar Eclipse Astrology Rune Reading 5th May 2023

Here Lia Cruse from Florida who works on LoveStarDating the new worldwide Dating Site for those on a Spiritual Pathway, and also teaches courses on the Runes and the Ogham and the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse, studies the Astrology of the Full Moon Eclipse of 5th May 2023.

Lia draws her Runes offering you a Rune reading that may help you understand and embrace the real meaning of the energy of this formidable eclipse more fully and more deeply.

This is indeed a Reading of the Collective Energies of this Full Moon Eclipse.

The Readings and Courses Lia offers are detailed below.

Happy Bealtaine!


Hagalaz + “Surrender”

Collectively we are feeling a deep internal chaos surrounding recently letting something in our lives go permanently and trying to learn to manage the emotions associated.

Embracing a new beginning that may not bring much joy, or may have made us face sadness and imbalances.


Pertho + Othala Merkstave + Kennaz

Making fated choices to release something of family, homelands, governments, inheritance and structures that blocked our creativity and inner fire.

This may have just damped our spirit to the point of not being able to create for ourselves or maybe it consumed our creative nature with frustration, leaving us feeling angry, anxious or frozen in place. 


Fehu Merkstave + Laguz Merkstave + Sowillo

This feels very career related to me with Sowillo. Feeling intuitively blocked from moving forward in career while navigating a financial burdens, lack of funds or simply feeling a lack or worth within ourselves.

This would also be in direct relationship to our internal state that have come about as a result of our block to creativity mentioned in the prior position. 


Gebo + Ansuz

Expect a communication that is a divine gift.

This may not feel like a big thing at the time, because while gebo is about gifts, blessings and partnerships it is also about the divine unification of two things and this when done purely is often not a sudden thing because it is consciously done.

Uniting something, anything, in a pure way is not about immediate gratification and takes time to build, so this may seem small at the time, but the information received will yield well in the future.

Be mindful of the communications you receive in the coming lunar period.

This is so that you can receive the guidance you need to bring you out on course in spite of the surrounding situations. 

The Outcome:

Introspection + Set Intentions + Ehwaz Merkstave + Thurisaz Merkstave + Algiz 

We are going to be more focused internally for a while.

That’s ok. We are trying to see how our plans and actions, thoughts and feelings relate to what we are hoping to bring into the world.

There feels like a back and forth, indecision connecting back to the “Passing” position of this reading. Feeling pressured or forced to choose and not sure if we are making the right choices, feeling weakened within ourselves or not confident and protected. You may even feel forced into isolation by outside sources or be having transportation and communication difficulties.

Give yourself some credit. Ok?

This is life has been ridiculously hard for everyone alive, and somehow you’re still here reading this. Don’t press too hard on yourself and recognize that this lack you feel isn’t even about you.

It’s something or things that happened to you and by going internally, honoring those parts of you, you have the ability to release yourself from this. This is all a process and you’re doing great. 

Additional Runes:

Isa + Raidho

Mediation, introspection, brings the forward movement and self leadership you hope for.

You’re allowed to captain your own ship and you are capable of doing so.

Raidho teaches conscious leadership, being present and relating to how we lead ourselves and others and how we reach our destination by remaining in the moment. Anyone can do this.

Raidho relates Astrologically to Jupiter and Mercury…A nod to the aforementioned “gift of divine communication” with Gebo and Ansuz. 

element is Air

tree relative is Oak

Plant Relative is Mugwort

The absolute easiest way for anyone to connect with Raidho, or any rune is to meditate with it as suggested by the runes themselves above.

I do this by drawing the rune I want on paper, and putting it between my palms and just feeling into my body until it is fully relaxed and then just asking the rune kindly to teach me what I need to know for that time.

It’s simple, safe and easy enough, but the result in evolution of perception can be quite stunning. You can never do this too much with any rune, they will always teach you something new about the topics they hold wisdom on. 

I hope this helps.

Take care.

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