Lunar Eclipse 28th October 2023 New Pathway opens Be less Critical and more Visionary

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The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse of October 28th is an absolutely huge energy pileup, and it’s on the brink of major fated demand for change that we absolutely do need to understand, because the Nodes change sign two days later on October 30th:

Eclipse are like earthquakes.

If there’s tension and pressure I the earth’s crust, eventually everything breaks and there’s an earthquake.

Do you know what area of your life is at the breaking point of needed change?

Do you know where a new Journey MUST begin for you?

Do you know in what way must your Beliefs change now – and in the months ahead?

Bring to light hidden unconscious Denial Patterns.

Do a Journey to seek Revelations.

You can check out the life-area meaning of the Houses in your birth chart that are Aries-Libra (the Vedic sign axis of this Eclipse) by going to my Starwheel astrology More Interpretation:

And also in this Starwheel Astrology ‘More – Interpretation’ dropdown there’s interpretation pages for the Nakshatras, Signs, Retrogrades, Eclipses and planet energies.

This eclipse will be particularly huge and important for you if you have planets in your birth chart is the Libra-Aries axis, in the Virgo Pisces axis.

Aquarius-Leo and Capricorn-Cancer are also major affected.

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Before I go into the details of this Eclipse, here’s the overall summary of the six key energies demands you will be swimming in at the time of this Eclipse:

Energy Demand 1:

Ketu South Node:
Ketu moves from Libra to Virgo two days later after this Eclipse:

How have you handled Ketu South Node’s cutting demand for more spiritual understanding in the Libra theme of relationship?

It was Ketu’s transit through Libra that led me to set up our new international dating site for those on a spiritual pathway: LoveStarDating:

now we need to build on progress we made during Ketu’s transit through Libra, and ad to it the key needs of Ketu’s transit through Virgo: heling being over-critical. And also becoming more the Healer. Including: more the Intuitive Healer.

Are you ready to change and grow to fuller embrace the Healer nature of Virgo?
Are you ready to become more spiritual in the way you deal with the critical nature of Virgo which Ketu enters in two days?
The Eclipse Moon is in Ashwini Nakshatra – which is all about Healing.

You are called to be alert to what healing you need and must embark on.

This Eclipse is a combination of:
You are told to make a proper completion, Now.

You are told to map your new needed pathway forward, Now:

(especially by the transition of the Nodes of the Moon from Libra-Aries to Virgo-Pisces)

Ancestral and Past Life work may well be a key healing and empowerment issue.

You need new vision and approach.

You need new healing methods and solutions.

Let go where needed.

Don’t control.

Be open to spreading your wings!

Most importantly, Ketu is actually conjunct the wonderful star Spica in this Eclipse. Spica is the star of identifying you Talents – and then polishing them and polishing them, so that they shine more and more.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries opposition Ketu South Node with Sun, Mars and Mercury = REVOLUTION!

Cut deep.

Push blocks aside.

Make room for new things.

Ketu always produces Fears. Take action to manage or cure your fears. Chamomile calms anxiety!!! Get the real thing from your Herbalist of Health Food Shop – herbal Tea Bags are just not the real thing!

Ketu in Virgo has a Healing Focus – connect to this!

Rahu in Pisces can be intuitive and visionary – connect to this!

Energy Demand 2:

Rahu North Node:

Rahu moves from Aries to Pisces two days later after this eclipse.

How have you handled Rahu North Node’s billowing ambitions for transformation and fuller expression of your Arian warrior power in the House life area that is Aries in your Vedic chart? (e.g. if Aries is your 10th House, then Rahu’s demand is that you sort out and fuller succeed in your career).

The Sun of this Eclipse is in Swati Nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu!

Are you ready to change and grow to fuller embrace Rahu’s huge demand that you grow in the area of the intuitive and sensitive and visionary energies of the sign of Pisces which Rahu enters in two days’ time?

Are you ready to develop your sensitivity and intuition?

With Rahu in Pisces and Ketu opposite in Virgo, some will be called to some degree or other to become an INTUITIVE HEALER, or to FURTHER DEVELOP their existing intuitive healer abilities, insights and methods.

Do you really know what that VISIONARY DIMENSION means for YOU?
This eclipse calls you to find out!

Rahu is exactly conjunct asteroid Eris in this Full Moon. Rahu in Aries has been pushing us to face our fears and grow our courage. Eris conjunct Rahu in this eclipse brings needed Fighting Force!

This eclipse calls you to define and stride along your New Path and express your needed New Insights.

Ashwini is a NEW START!

Rahu brings Growth and Expansion.

Rahu, especially as it’s in the Gandanta, demands that you EXPRESS SOMETHING HIDDEN. Do you need to do that? Do you know what?

Energy Demand 3:


Saturn is stationary and super strong at 6 Aquarius. Have you tied up all the crucial loose ends in your life?

Are you finishing up the key unfinished business in your life – do you even know what that unfinished business is?

Note that Lilith is opposition Saturn in this Eclipse. Dealing with Saturn’s karmic demands, and the process of having to tie up the knots and loose ends will involve identifying and finding and expressing key material and key parts of you that were buried in your unconscious, buried in your shadow. And this must include better connection with you buried Wild Side, for that is part of Lilith, and we are none of us the fullness of who we need to be unless we meet our ‘buried wild side’ and ethically bring it into the fullness of our expression. This is always true, not just at the time of this eclipse which highlights the issue.

With Lilith opposition Saturn, a key thing to look for and to heal is where SUPPRESSION OF YOU created REPRESSION fo key parts of your personality, suppression of key talents for expressing yourself.  Get a Reading from me about this Key Point of Lilith in your chart.

Energy Demand 4:

Pluto is at 3 Aquarius square the Nodal Axis.

Have you been acknowledging the need for you to come more fully into your proper and needed power – in a spiritual and loving way?

Have you been doing the needed Journey to the Abyss to discover and bring to the light that what’s buried in your unconscious and your shadow side?

You have to do this if you are ever to become and stand in the fullness of your power and potential in this life.

This eclipse gives you intense pressure to express yourself with your proper presence.

It’s Radical.

Make sure to go for lasting Results!
Get a Reading from me about this Key Point of Pluto in your chart.

Energy Demand 5:

Huge number of aspect interconnections:
The fact that this Eclipse forces you to something important is emphasized by the huge number of aspect interconnections:

A web of aspects joining: Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn – and activating Pisces and Virgo.

So many planets: Saturn, Pluto, Gandanta Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Mercury!

Energy Demand 6:
Avoid Arguments!!!!

Mars is conjunct Mercury!!!!!

OK, so having mapped the six key energy demands that are the context for the earthquake energies of this Full Moon Eclipse. Now let’s look at the astrological detail – and its meaning. I didn’t want to overload the main presentation with dates and degrees. But these are also useful, so here they are:

The October 28th Eclipse: Further Astrological Detail and Meaning:

First of all, let me tell you that you can see the charts and ephemeris for October – both Vedic and Western astrology – including this Full Moon Eclipse, in my October monthly astrology page on my StarwheelAstrology website, under the ‘More’ dropdown:

Now, let’s go more into the detail:

Sun is at 11 Vedic Libra in Swati Nakshatra. The power animal of Swati is the Male Buffalo – an unstoppable hefty but nervy hard-working force of willpower and anger. The ruling deity of Swati is driven Rahu North Node!
Swati’s nature is to “cut loose”, sow new seeds and do anything of a progressive nature, get new tools. Things started during this time generally are suc­cessful.


Moon is at 11 Vedic Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra. Ashwini Nakshatra is essentially about Healing, and it’s also about panic forcing arising from the void, so it’s energy is quite panicked. The ruling deity of Ashwini is the cutting insubstantiality of Ketu South Node.

The power animal for Ashwini is stallions streaking across the skies of dawn.

The Deity of Ashwini is the Ashwini Kumaras – Dasra and Nasatya; the horse-headed twins, the divine physicians. Healing is the Key.

Ashwinis are Pioneer, innovator and explorer, heroic, courageous, restless, impatient, zest for life.

The Libra-Aries axis pileup is immense:


Ketu South Node            0 deg 5          Chitra Nakshatra, ruled by Mars

Sun                             11 deg             Swati Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu North Node

Mercury                      16 deg             Swati  

Mars                            16 deg             Swati


Rahu North Node          0 deg 5           Ashwini Nakshatra ruled by Ketu South Node

Moon                           11 deg             Ashwini

Jupiter                         17 deg             Bharani Nakshatra ruled by Venus

Uranus                         27 deg             Krittika Nakshatra ruled by Mars

Most importantly, Rahu in the first degree of Aries is in the Gandanta zone, so this world becomes immaterial – and likely can be affected by Rahu’s billowing driven turbulent demands.

The three Gandanta Zones are the three transition points from water sign to fire sign: Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius (up to four degrees either side, but the nearer to the zero point, the vaster the planet’s Gandanta energy is).

Are you open to the immaterial nature of worldly matters: and open to the divine dimension which the immateriality of the Gandanta zones opens us up to???

But the strongest planet in the chart of this Eclipse is Saturn in Aquarius:

Saturn makes his demands on you utterly forcefully:

Saturn is virtually stationary so super powerful, about to turn Direct on November 4th, at 6 Aquarius, one of the two signs that Saturn rules. So Saturn is in full power to demand his karmic nature be fulfilled, being Jagrat or ‘wide awake’ (the most active planet in the chart).

And Pluto in Capricorn carries a huge energy of Fated Demand for us:

This is because Pluto is square the Nodal Axis at 3 deg Capricorn.

This is square the Nodes of the Moon, Ketu and Rahu: Ketu in the first degree of Libra and Rahu in the first degree of Aries.

And very importantly, the Nodes of the Moon are about to change sign:

Rahu North Node entered Vedic Aries on 12th April 2022. But on 30th October, two days after this Eclipse, Rahu enters Pisces.

(Rahu will be transiting in Pisces until 17.5.25, when Rahu enters Aquarius).  

So this is such a big change for Rahu energy, from Fire sign Aries to Water sign Pisces.

Rahu has been demanding Aries ambition and action from us, even though often delayed whilst we sort out our perception of and do Ketu’s needed work to heal our relationship to our Past Lives and our Ancestry and raise our spiritual perceptions.

What House in your birth chart is Aries?

Note that Rahu is exactly conjunct asteroid Eris in this Full Moon.

North Node in Aries calls us to grasp the nettle, and to face our fears. Rahu’s whole transit through Aries has developed in us the courage to pioneer our needed new pathway and its needed way of doing things. Named after the Greek Goddess of Strife, Eris indicates how and where in life you express your rebellious or fighting side.
This eclipse calls you to define and stride along your New Path and express your needed New Insights.

Ketu South Node entered Vedic Libra on 12th April 2022.

But on 30th October, two days after this Eclipse: Ketu enters Pisces.

(Ketu will be transiting in Virgo until 17.5.25, when Ketu enters Leo).

So this is such a big transition for Ketu.

Ketu has been bringing his cutting energies through Libra the sign of Relationship. And their ideal is for spiritual perception raising purpose.

But from 30th October, Ketu will be bringing his spiritual scythe to the critical qualities of Virgo AND to our level of expression of the Healer nature of Virgo:

What Healing do you need???

And of course at any time, Ketu always calls us to heal our relationship to our Past Lives and our Ancestry.

What House in your birth chart is Virgo?

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