Lunar Eclipse 26th May Understand its Big Effect in Your Life

It’s really important to understand the effect of the Full Moon eclipse on May 26th, 2021. It’s powerful because it is in Vedic Scorpio, which is all about old situations coming to a head and dying for rebirth. It’s a death and rebirth energy. This eclipse has powerful potential inspirational and psychic potentials, but is also very fraught energy for the mind to manage. It will be super-powerful in your life if you have planets in Vedic Scorpio (or Taurus) and your Mars will be strongly affected. Manage this eclipse so that you reap the harvest of the intuitive openings offered, and so that you minimise the impact of the fraught and hostile dimensions of this eclipse into your consciousness, into your life.

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Eclipses are powerful anyway because they bring about needed change and inevitable results. They are often associated with Earthquakes (and Tsunamis). This is because an eclipse releases dammed up tension: dammed up tension in the earth’s crust = earthquake; dammed up tension in our consciousness and our life as well, of course. Lunar eclipse effects happen very quickly. An eclipse leaves a patch of stagnant energy in the heavens which malefic planet transits I the coming two and a half years or so will undam.

Using the Vedic Sidereal zodiac, this eclipse has Moon at 11 Vedic Scorpio, conjunct Ketu South Node of the Moon. Moon is Anuradha Nakshatra. Ketu is in Jyestha Nakshatra.

Sun is opposite at 11 deg Vedic Taurus conjunct Rahu North Node.
Sun is in Rohini Nakshatra; Rahu is in Rohini Nakshatra.
Using the Western Tropical Zodiac, this is Moon at 5 Sagittarius, Sun at 5 Gemini.

See the western and Vedic charts for this Full Moon Eclipse which are on my 2021 May Starwheel Astrology website page at:

How will this eclipse affect you? For information on life-area affected according to the House that is Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart, see my House Interpretation webpage: //

You need to assess this eclipse in terms of the House it is in in your Vedic birth chart counted from your natal Ascendant AND counted from your natal Moon.

This Eclipse will have an especially big effect on you if you have a natal planet in Vedic Scorpio or Taurus. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars in your Vedic birth chart will be big-time activated.

Let’s look at the features of this eclipse:

It has Mars opposition Pluto in the chart, so violent.
Mars rules Scorpio where this eclipsed Moon occurs. So, check out which Houses in your Vedic birth chart are ruled by Mars.

Mercury-Neptune and Psychism:
It has a ‘psychic eye’ chart aspect shape, so very inspirational. And Mercury is square Neptune, so visionary if not confused!

Anuradha Nakshatra:
It’s in Anuradha Nakshatra which is all about meditative awareness, mysticism, occult awareness, astrology and divine friendship.
Be prepared to go inward at this time. Focus on healing or vision work or meditation and cultivate and support your friends.
Anuradha energy includes reversals and obstacles, but does promise ultimate success.

Ketu South Node:
Ketu is super-strong in Vedic Scorpio, so be prepared to make space to listen to your intuition and your Inner Voice. This ties in with the psychic eye in the western chart. And indeed, the psychic Eye chart aspect shape in part of a Megaphone, so for some this Eclipse will be good energy for psychic utterance. By ‘coincidence’ I am attending a Norse spirituality ‘Seithr’ at this time: recreation of the old Norse practice of the Seeress ascending the High Seat and giving inspired answers to questions asked.
Watch out for opportunities for insight-breakthrough and brainstorming.

Jupiter is transiting square the Nodal Axis so fated or karmic inspiration, blessing or enlargement could enter your life. but Jupiter is not in strong dignity, so it would be good time to boost your connection with Jupiter and take steps to boost his presence in your life.

But Saturn is Retrograde, so be aware of the heavy inexorable demand for consolidation and the possible need to step back. Be prepared to be forced to revisit former situations.
And with Mercury Retrograde, too, by the time of the June 10th Eclipse, be very aware that you may have to re-jig your plans. Be prepared to re-hash and re-define. Be prepared to deal with a very over-stressed prevailing energy.
Saturn in Capricorn is aspecting  Cancer, so people with a Cancer emphasis in the birth chart will have a demanding time now, and into the few months ahead when Mars, Mercury, and Venus transit through Cancer.

Uranus is square Saturn, so Revolution is smashing at structures in your life and in your society. Remember, the last time Uranus was transiting Vedic Aries, this brought in Adolph Hitler’s rise to power and his bringing in of World War 2. There are a lot of potential war hot spots, now.
With Ketu and Uranus energies, be prepared and open to major strands in your former way of life becoming smashed, and be open to your new pathway forward.

Rahu North Node:
Rahu is aspecting Saturn, so great tension will be felt, with Rahu amplifying and exaggerating everything. Stressed and ambitious. Me-first. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to have to accept change.

Venus is in a special situation in May 2021. Venus has been transiting Vedic Taurus, the sign he rules, and indeed was exactly conjunct Rahu North Node at 17 deg Taurus on 18th May. This could have brought out very strong manifestations of Venus energy in many people. Big Venus experiences. Including our Shadow.

Because Venus is in Taurus and is caught up with the Sun and Rahu of this Eclipse, some of us will be continuing to get insights as to our Venus-nature. These may need to be managed, worked with or shared.

And because Venus has moved into Mrigashira Nakshatra by the time of this eclipse, and because Mrigashira is ruled by Mars, watch out for relationship changes, relationship dramas, beware impulsive actions, bring divine awareness to hostility situations.
Mrigashira’s ruler, Mars, is now transiting Vedic Gemini. Very verbal. Possibility of altercations. Mars is now in Punarvasu: possibly for too many questions. But easier than when Mars was transiting my way or the highway Ardra Nakshatra earlier!!!!!
Venus is also about money of course. So, you may encounter difficult sudden money situations or financial stress at this time.

We do need to approach this Eclipse with awareness. This is because this Eclipsed Full Moon is in Scorpio, where the Moon is debilitated, and where the sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and where Ketu is cutting and super-powerful.

So, we need to expect the challenge of a mind made very restless, and this will continue certainly until the Full Moon eclipse of June 10th June.

This time will be emotionally-challenging.

So, take preventative steps to avoid Full Moon Eclipse crisis. Get enough sleep. Avoid contentious people or situations. Connect with Nature. Drink water. Avoid mind-disturbing conversations or social media.

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