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A key transit has affected everyone in the world to understand their relationship much deeper: Ketu the South Node of the Moon transiting Cedic sign of Libra, the Sign of Relationship from 12th April 2022 to 30th October 2023.

During this key period, I’ve embarked on a wonderful series of Astrology blogs and videos on how my unique combination of Vedic astrology and Western astrology so exceptionally accurately reveals and states our Love Issues, the nature of our strengths and challenges in this area and brings us great clarity and understanding. I will be sharing these on YouTube, on my Blog and in my MailChimp Newsletters from now on.

They will be such a help for those who genuinely want to be honest and healing in their love issues.

And also during this period I have created LoveStarDating, the international Dating Site for those seeking Love who are also on a Spiritual Journey:

There are wonderful Healers on the LoveStarDating site for those who want to avail themselves of their Services:

My page showing what I offer online worldwide is:

There’s my wife, Maggie Pashley, who offers online worldwide Heart Wall Clearing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression )and future Life regression:

There’s Janell Renshaw who offers wonderful online worldwide Astrology Readings including readings for Gay Women:

There’s Lia Cruse who also offers wonderful insightful online worldwide Astrology Reading including Readings for Gay Men:

Claire Louise Knifton offers wonderful and needed online worldwide Ancestor Healing work:

Let Ann Gildart share her really very special skill of online worldwide dowsing the answers to your key questions:

Kat Redwolf offers a truly healing and empowering wonderful range of Shamanic Healings online worldwide:

Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks offers you must-not-miss Psychic Readings and Healings online worldwide:

Jonathan Finn is a Certified Hypnotist and Energy Healer also offering online worldwide 13th Octave LaHoChi  and Past Life Regression:

Anastasia Melidou offers online worldwide offer Astrology Readings and Healings in both English and Greek language also Angelic Healing Energies, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, Ancestral and Art Healing:

And lastly, but not at all leastly: If you are seeking love and on a spiritual pathway, do join our LoveStarDating website:
It’s free to join, and may you find love.

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