Love Astrology: Courses, Readings and Healing

Love astrology can offer us a great deal of perception.

Then there’s the astrology of your relationship.

And then there’s the individual astrology of each person in the relationship: what will those scripts mean for love???

As with much of my astrology, I combine both Western Astrology of Love and Vedic Astrology of Love. You actually do need both to make the fullest declaration.

AND, AND, AND: the important thing is that I also point to ways of Healing that can be added to the supreme and valuable perception. We all need to be Healed of our blocks, barriers and hurt.

Have a look at these two videos:

First there’s me talking about Love Astrology. Then there’s my partner Maggie Pashley who does worldwide healings, and she’s taking about removing our Heart Walls! (as just but one of many healing modalities available. See her website:

Love Astrology:

Heart Wall Removal:

But, remember, perception on its own is necessary and crucial, but it hardly cures and empowers.

Perception on its own need is so valuable but it need not move us forward. We have to be ready to burn the past, the heal and transform, and to share new-found answers to love problems and bring in the highest potential gifts of our relationship.

Remember, some spiritual approaches can actually harm your love potential. For just one example, mantra is a wonderful gift to stabilize the mind and create continuity, but as will all spiritual receptions from all the cultures of the world, you need to be aware of potential side-effects and downfalls. I have known some mantra devotees just use their practice as part of the great Western project of Self, where you constitute a (false) sense of Self by consuming things (e.g. mala beads or sari). But for a second example, there’s the terrible danger of inauthentically giving yourself over to a guru and his or her guru package. Thirdly, there’s group dynamics, how Teachers can become ‘Power Stealers’ and you are just left disempowered and following the groupies, and wondering why your aren’t you and you can’t love! Remember, some mantra practice can create Control Regime and freeze out the beauty and the pain and the growth of actually Living.

So have a look at my Astrology Readings website and choose a Reading: there are three lengths of reading to choose from. I am very caring and thorough.

Or, enrol on one of my Foundation astrology courses and make wonderfully life-changing steps in learning how to understand your Self, your life, your Love issues for yourself.

There’s my Vedic Astrology Foundation Course: and there’s my Western Astrology Foundation Course:

I teach wonderful Psychodynamic Astrology and Evolutionary Western Astrology, as well, of course, as the mainstream of the best expert Western Astrology.

And if you know something of Astrology Techniques already, there’s my wonderful dedicated more advanced Astrology of Love Course: This is the powerful and sure Vedic Astrology of love, with as much Western Astrology brought in as you wish for!

I look forward to hearing from you,