Lords of karma : Uranus – Pt. 1 Myth and Energy

Are you really ready and equipped to meet the Uranus energy that will smash you blocks and bring revolution and inspirational opening into your life?

This Lords of Karma Series is offered by Michael Conneely, International Astrologer, Shamanic Healer and Author, who works with Healer Maggie Pashley, at their Healing Centre in the West of Ireland – and Worldwide.

The series has 13 Videos and Blogs presenting the way in which each of the planets of Western and Vedic Astrology acts as a Lord of Karma.

In addition, there are supporting videos, such as this Introduction Video, and also videos dealing with astrological techniques and Healing methods.

As background to the series, please see my Video/Blog: Lords of Karma 1: Introduction.
This video and blog tells you all about the series and introduces how to understand how each of the thirteen planets in your birth chart as a Lord of Karma.

1A. Uranus – Myth:

Are you really and truly ready and equipped to meet the Uranus energy that will smash you blocks and bring revolution and inspirational opening into your life?

We start off with study of the Myth of Uranus. Ancient Myth is often such a powerful guide to the Truths of Human Life:

Throughout this Lords of Karma series, we very much value the role of myth as a guide to our understanding our Karma. We look at the Vedic and ancient Greek myths, and Uranus comes out a lot more beneficial in the Vedic myths than he does with the ancient Greeks.

Uranus Myth in the Vedic Astrology:

The mythic understanding of Uranus given by Vedic Astrology, centres on the God, Varuna. Varuna is a Sky God. He is described as a Creator in the rog Veda. He is the Lord of the Waters Above. He gives the life-giving rain. Due to him, trees, flowers and crops flourish. He is the Keeper of Cosmic Law. In 600 BC, Zarathustra made him Ahura Mazda: Lord of Light.

Uranus Myth in the Greek Pantheon:

To the ancient Greeks, Uranus was the Sky Father. The Greeks has it right when they told how Uranus was married to the Earth Goddess Gaia, and how Uranus as a sky God was dissatisfied by many of the children Gaia bore him: ugly, not quite good enough, not up to the ideal, etc. he was disappointed in his creation – and so he returned them to their mother’s womb! He imprisoned them. This shows the guiding insight offered by myth in understanding the way the planets work as our Karma. Indeed, Gaia got so upset at his treatment of their children, that she sheltered Saturn or Cronos until he was called, until he was big enough, and Saturn then castrated his father Uranus with a sickle. And where Uranus’ severed genitals fell on the sea foam, off Paphos, Aphrodite was born. But where Uranus’ severed genitals fell on land, beings too dreadful to name were born. So, these were referred to as the ‘Kindly Ones’, in case you said their name, because if you say their name, they might come to you! But note and take care that their true name is spelled in English translation as the F u r i e s, and it was these dread beings who pursued Oedipus across the face of the Earth, when he lived out his dreadful and prophesied karma. He sought to avert it. But in seeking to avert it, he walked right into it. And his karma was that he slept with his mother and killed his father. Destinies can’t be escaped by evasion. They have to be worked with. Love and forgiveness is the only real key – hard and impossible though that may seem.
And as for Uranus’ son and usurper: Saturn, or Cronos, Saturn became a dictator to his children and Saturn was later trapped by Zeus and sent to Tartarus!

Prometheus: is another important Archetype for the Karmic Energy of the Plant Uranus:

Prometheus was a Titan who taught humans art and sciences and he also taught humans to take the best part of the sacrifice to eat, rather than consuming that in the sacrificial fire as offering to the Olympian Gods as had been the spiritual practise hitherto, just leaving the humans the gristle.
And then Prometheus went further. He climbed to the top of Mount Olympus with a fennel in his hand, and let the top of the fennel catch fire when the chariot of the Sun went overhead on its daily journey, and then actually brought that fire from heaven down to the foot of the Mountain and gave it to humanity for the evolution of their culture. The Gods were outraged, and Zeus sentenced Prometheus to be chained to a rock where and eagle pecked out his intestines in agony every day, but every night they grew again, only to be devoured once more by the eagle, day after day.
However: in the story now: Chiron arises: after ages had passed, Chiron arrived and sacrificed himself in order to liberate Prometheus from his terrible and cruel sentence.

1B. Meeting Uranus Energy through our Astrology:

So, are you really and definitely sure you are really and definitely ready and equipped to meet the Uranus energy that will smash you blocks and bring revolution and inspirational opening into your life?

Can you really understand all that it’s about?

Can you handle this energy wisely and properly?

Can you handle this driven, ambitious, obsessional, career-driven energy of ‘brook no dysfunction and don’t mess with me’ and still remain a nice guy?

Do you know how to perceive what’s on offer? What is coming and when?

Will you stick with your scripts, blocks and tram lines, your prison walls?

Or will you meet this electric force of change and channel it for your own great advantage?

So, as described in the Introduction to this Lords of Karma YouTube Video/Blog series, this series teaches how each of the planets in our Astrology birth chart act as the Lords of our Karma.

Each Planet is in fact and definably, a Lord of Karma. Each planet sets up in vast detail what we are here to experience and grow through this time.

And when a planet is highlighted in our predictive astrology, we really do need to know what is the nature of the energy of that planet, how it fits in with our destiny for this lifetime, and how to heal and empower the experience.

Always Love and Forgiveness must be the key. And we do need good perception and understanding to handle the vast energy wisely, ethically and for the best – for ourself, and for others. .

1C. So: Why am I starting this series with Uranus?

Well a Uranus Transit has just totally transformed our lives, and is still doing so. It made me stand up for myself with my dysfunctional family. It made me emigrate to Ireland. It brought me to writing a novel again, and really feel I was writing inspired exalted stuff again this time, just as I did in my novel Rune Magic, which I so enjoyed re-reading. It seemed to get me to be able to work really hard. I do feel powerfully now, the rays of inspiration coming, like sun-beams falling through the leaves of the forest branches. It is a driven energy, and so I am finding that the fact that I have to do a lot of digging out foundations for our AirBnB extensions really helps calm, ground and strengthen me. ( Ed. Watch out for our all new Airbnb Opening soon and it will be listed on both the Offical Airbnb Website plus have it’s own website with a focus on the exciting activities and amazing scenery around where we are based.)

‘Out of the blue’, to stand up for myself and my future, to manifest the special spark I came here to shine with in my life, and felt impelled to emigrate. No longer could I accept the half-life, the not so good location to live in, the limitations of what the place did to me. And so, we emigrated to Ireland in August 2016, and we set up a Healing Centre in the beautiful West of Ireland. The land is so beautiful. The culture so lovely.

It started May 2016, and it will end March 2018. On the way round his 84-year orbit round the Sun, Uranus passed right over my Moon in my birth chart, and at the same time, Uranus transited opposition my natal Sun (I am a Full Moon birth).

And now a Uranus transit to my Mercury is starting as well!

The rewards of each Uranus crossing over my natal Moon and opposition my Sun in my birth chart, have been so generous and vast. Utterly life-changing. Time is even passing differently; the inspiration is massive.

In fact, I had had a Palmistry Reading from a man called Ian France, back in 1994, who said that ‘I would end my days abroad – Ireland’, but of course I never could be sure if that might happen.

But I do feel, now that I am here and that I have responded to Uranus call to bring in revolution, that I am living my life in a way that is much more ‘me’.
So, I am stating my Lords of Karma series (and is this not the result of Uranus’ energies?), to give others the chance to read and understand this energy of total revolution, and how to handle it.

From May 2016 to February 2018, Uranus is transiting forward and backward three times over my natal Moon at 29 Vedic/sidereal Pisces and opposition my natal Sun, which is at 1 Libra, using the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

And I also wanted to share with you how to understand the karmic message of Uranus. So, I am stating my Lords of Karma series, to give others the chance to read and understand this energy of total revolution, and how to handle it. And actually the Lords of Karma series was suggested to me by my wonderful Web Master and SEO guy: Robert A Williams:  – and is not a suggestion coming from an IT guy Uranian as well?

By the way, please do note that I do have another ‘planet series’ of videos on my YouTube channel, where I share a journey of presenting the nature of the planets, rather than their karmic role. This is the link to my Uranus presentation:
Uranus in the Astrology Chart video:

Blog Post on Uranus

And I have a similar set of meditation videos: one for each planet, for students of my astrology courses: Master Vedic Astrology and Enlightened Astrology Course’ and others. The Meditation Videos are there for us to make connection with each planet and to assess the nature of our own connection to each planet. So do enrol on one of my astrology courses:

But this new Lords of Karmas series is different form the planet presentation series of videos and blogs. This Lords of Karma series is designed to help us understand how each planet forms the nexus of Karmas that defines and drives your life.

It’s a series designed to offer ways of perceiving, healing and burning our negative karmas. It also shows us the way to maximising the benefic karmas in your destiny, including those which bring into our life our special skill and spark.

You can make your Lord of Karma steps in Perception, Healing and Empowerment by enrolling for one of my worldwide Astrology Readings, or by enrolling for one of my astrology courses, or you can have a worldwide Healing with Maggie Pashley.

This Uranus Lord of Karma presentation continues next with Pt 2: Uranus’ Discovery and Nature, then Pt. 3: Uranus Astrology.

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