Lords of Karma Uranus Pt. 2: Discovery and Nature

Please read Part 1 of This Lord’s of Karma Series before continuing
Lords of Karma Uranus Part 1

So, now let’s look at Uranus’ discovery, how he entered the human consciousness, and how the myth of Uranus is a powerful guide to understanding his nature and impact in our life – and then let’s identify Uranus’ actual nature:

2A. Uranus Discovery:

Uranus was discovered by William Herschel in 1781. A French astronomer had actually sighted Uranus twelve times on earlier occasions, but he didn’t have the courage of his convictions and was blocked in the fixed idea that Saturn was the outer planet! There’s a warning there about how NOT to handle a Uranus Transit!!!

Uranus’ discovery was at a time of Revolutions in France: republican and anti-clerical. It was at the time when the USA broke free from British Empire colonialism, and it was also at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Uranus actually has an energy of revolution and breakthrough, and indeed there’s more about it that is different from the other planets of this Solar System in that its very motion is eccentric and different from the other planets in that it rolls along its orbit. And also, the electric energy of Uranus is different from all the other planets, in that its electromagnetic expression is not located at the pole of rotation like the other planets, and it energy emission is sporadic in bursts as compared to the steady emission of North Polar magnetic energy that characterises our own planet: Earth.

So it was in 1781 that Uranus entered the human consciousness, and so now we have to be able to perceive how Uranus operates as a deliverer of our individual karma, how to work with his gifts and challenges, and how to heal ourselves in the areas he points his finger at, and how to empower.

Yes, we must heal and work with negative karmas which we have built up. But we also start this life with many beneficial karmas to assist us and support us, and most importantly: there are also very special sparks of skill and gifts and golden reapings from past lives which we incarnate with this time, to develop yet further.

So, in this video bog we identify what sorts of challenges Uranus brings us, what traumas, what transformations, but also what gifts and beneficence. We learn how to perceive his karmic role, how to heal our negative karmas, how to make golden reaping around the special talent that Uranus points to in our birth chart and in our predictive astrology.

2B. Uranus’ Nature as Lord of Karma:

Uranus Positive:

Force of creation. He re-creates us.

He seeds the Earth Goddess, Gaia. He seeds us with his inspiration.

He is Sky God of storms, Lightning and Inspiration. He brings us inspiration.

Futuristic. Prophetic. Enlightened. He gives us the big picture and the energy and vision to map our better path ahead.

Difference, revolution, divine Rebellion. Breakout. He calls us to break from the mould and embody our rifference.

The Liberator. Reforming. Pioneering. Iconoclastic. He liberates us from our Saturn-imposed and us-imposed limits and imprisonment.

Creating alternative realities. He calls us to our creativity.

Magnetic. Generative. Inventive, innovative. Excitement. Independence. Freedom. Cosmic. Pioneering. Shocking. All these qualities infuse our consciousness and suffuse our actions and plans and our ability to stand up for themselves.

The Trickster. We may well try ingenious and back-handed ways of breaking out of our chains and creating our advantage.

Technology and creativity. Definitely it and tools may more so come our way.

The Tower Card in the Tarot. The tower card in the tarot is when lightning breaks the walls of the tower we live in. but did we not realise that tower was our prison and we are better off ranging free from it?
And did you know I am producing an on-line Tarot Course. Watch out for its release in about six months’ time!

Uranus Negative:

Mentally overloaded. Scattered. Half-finished projects. Definitely!
Disappointed in their creation. It’s a danger. Don’t forget to avoid treating people in the Uranian way with no value, love or respect.
Unable to relax – dig the garden!
Angry. Fanatic .Devouring, inhuman and wired. Well, a guy has got to get done what he has to get done, hasn’t he (Actually, no: he must also be kind and caring!)
Sudden, explosive, impatient, ungrounded, deadly and cruel. Frustrating, angry, over-bearing. Frantic, hurtful. Turbulent. Well, I am only being a bit like this!
Iconoclasm. What’s wrong with that?
Alienated. Cast-out. What’s new?

Now, go to Uranus Pt. 3: Uranus Astrology: in part 3 we look at the way to analyse the Astrology of Uranus, natally and predictively. And we look at the issue of whether the karmic impact of Uranus is fated, or whether we can do something to perceive, understand and then change/transform the effect of Uranus in our life.

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