Living in the between and staying sane in the middle of this chaos

The last few years have been particularly confusing and may continue to be confusing in the future as well.

If we look at history, we see social unrest, anger, and rampant fears are all indicators that one way of living and working has been outgrown.

When our established patterns are interrupted, peoples first reaction is always fear.

That is normal, because we do not know what is going to take the place of what we are losing. All we know is we’re losing something:  a way of being, or even a way of thinking. This happened many times in the past but each time there is a cosmic seismic shift in culture or technology, we are sure it’s the end of the world as we know it. In some ways that is true, because we do need to adapt to the new thought. However, adapting to that new thought can feel both foreign and threatening.

In today’s world there is a shift towards a more synthetic way of thinking, one that is less polarized and more inclusive. But no matter how much we may have longed for this shift, in truth it has thrown some individuals into fear and paranoia.

The way to stay sane in the middle of this chaos is to stay grounded as much as possible.

Watch the video HERE.

The other technique is to practice the technique of staying in the moment. Practice this over and over, for it does help. By paying attention to what you are doing at this moment in time, you remove your focus from fear of the future.

Often when we think we are practicing “in the now” what we’re really doing is staring out, seeing nothing and continuing to think… without experiencing what we are seeing or what we are feeling.

“Present moment” is not an easy practice because your “monkey mind” will insist on bouncing you into the future again.  Then you must yank your attention back to now, over and over.

If you are staring out the window, then start noticing exactly what you’re looking at. See the plants, see the trees, and don’t just look at them, see them in detail. See them in such detail that you could draw them accurately if you took your eyes away. That’s how you train yourself to pay attention to the now.  Don’t let your mind run away with you like an out-of-control horse.

Learning this technique will bring you enormous rewards. You will find your feel from nurse is lessening day by day and your sense of optimism will start to return.

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