Living in Ending Times by Elizabeth Hendricks

We all know we are living at the end of an era and the beginning of another new way of being.

Many people call the new way the “new earth”. Whatever you call it, it is a fact that more astral energy is pouring onto this planet.

The effect of that increased light energy is to start breaking up the clumps of darker energy on the planet. That increase in light energy also affects the dark thoughts that humans have caught in our minds (sixth chakra).

Those dark thoughts can be dim memories of previous traumas in other lifetimes as well as current traumas in this one.  The dark thoughts also include things like self-criticism, self-blame, and judgments we lay upon others.

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If you are empathic, you feel the increased suffering of others these days.  It is important however not to allow yourself to be swamped by the difficulties and angst of those around you. These are challenging times, and it is crucial to take care of your own emotions. Learn to monitor how much support you are giving. Over giving can be as detrimental as refusing to give. It is possible to be empathic without falling into codependence.

If you know this, it can help you understand the current world crises are not mysterious random events. They are a logical consequence of a shift upwards in energetics frequencies of both the planet and of humanity.

In a way, the huge influx of energy has put us in the position of feeling like we have moved into a frying pan. All our impurities are now exposed, because evolution wants us to transform those impurities into higher levels of consciousness.

It can be tough to go through these upsetting times, but it helps if you understand the reasons why it is happening world-wide.

The Kabbalah is a master teaching tool that explains this transformation in terms of pure energy. Learning the Kabbalah can really help.

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