Living from Your Heart by Elizabeth Hendricks

We all know the feeling of warmth that comes from loving someone.

Folks saying such as “you have my heart”

Express the knowledge that our hearts are the source of our love.

When I studied the Kabbalah Tree of Life, I learned about a sphere of Energy called Tipareth.  This sphere of energy is luminous yellow and is centered at your heart chakra.  It radiates the love of the All into the world.  We intuitively know this when we say about someone “she has a sunny personality”. Literally, those people are radiating sunshine from their hearts, and they are usually engaging and fun to be around as well.

What happens when you live with your heart open?

People who live fully in the heart are not foolish, nor are they victims. When you live in your heart, you see yourself as well as others with compassion and respect. It does not mean you let people run over you, Rather, it actually helps you to set boundaries that are appropriate for yourself.

One way to know if you’re living from your heart is to notice whether you pass judgment on others. Whether you are criticizing the way someone loads the dishwasher or you are passing judgment on a group of people – those can be clues that your heart is not very open yet.

Let’s face it, it is easier to live in a realm of black-and-white than it is to extend your consciousness and stop judging.

However, when you manage to get into your heart, you discover that your life is so much easier and so much more enjoyable. And that’s the reward for working on yourself.   For information on my worldwide on-line Kabala course, see below:

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