Living Between the Heavens and the Earth

In the Kabbalah the three-dimensional world is the arena of Malkuth.

This is the arena of coming into human form, living on our planet, and growing through experiences and mistakes.

Our three-dimensional existence here is very real. However, from the soul’s point of view it is like a training film. You learn and evolve, which means your spirit learns and grows as well.  It is only in this last Sephiroth, Malkuth, that we learn how to be human and how to be divine at the same time.

When we succeed in blending the human and the divine, we become the equivalent of what some folks called masters.

Malkuth is the sphere of the earth.  It is the arena of the physical, including our human bodies.  Different ethnic groups and religions approach the issue of embodiment in different ways. Some cultures are more earthy, others aspire upwards to the heavens.

Some people are very drawn to the realm of the physical, loving the outdoors and athletics.

Others connect more with the upward realms which are the inspirational realms of the artist and the creator.

Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The benefit of focusing your attention upwards is that it helps with inspiration, with visioning and with the uses of the mind. If you only focus upwards, however you may become ungrounded and lose a practical connection with your body and your planet.

Other people may have a stronger connection downward and to their own physical bodies. The benefit can be the benefit of a more comfortable relationship with the earth.

Too much attention on only physical matters, however, leads to its own problems.  This kind of imbalance leads to materialism and possibly greed.  The Kabbalah teaches us to walk the middle path of Mildness. If we can do that our lives will be easier and the earth will benefit.

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