Lilith transits opposition Pluto offering you dramatic growth into your true power from October 2022

Before I go into the detail of this important transit, I want to tell you all that I have had Long COVID since end June, and so I have not been well enough to do any blogs or videos, I’ve felt ill and kept having crashes, and have only been able to work at about 25% capacity at most. However I plan to resume normal work on November 1st.

And thank you to all those who have contacted me with their kind best wishes.

In this video with its accompanying blog, I tell you about a powerful exact opposition between Pluto and Lilith is gathering in the heavens. 

It becomes exact, pretty well coinciding with the December 8th Full Moon. 

But because Pluto is at the start of Vedic Capricorn where Pluto has been for all this year, this energy has very long-time roots and it has been growing in our emotions and in our consciousness for much longer than the more recent Lilith opposition Pluto intervention which now caps it all. 

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OK, so, this Lilith opposition Pluto energy is centred on Pluto at 2 Vedic Capricorn and Lilith at 2 Vedic Cancer (that’s 26 Western Capricorn/ 26 Western Cancer) – and it affects the degrees and signs that these two opposing plants aspect in your chart, so especially also affected are the degrees around 2 Vedic Aries and 2 Vedic Libra which are square the Lilith Pluto opposition, but many other charts points are activated by aspects from this opposition.

Note that this Lilith opposition Pluto transit is certainly still in force up to February 2023. 

This Lilith opposition Pluto will have a VERY POWERFUL effect on the lives and consciousness of many – it can be very positive, if handled with awareness.

It can bring up a lot of traumatic situations from our past: Tears. Horror. Rage. Anger. Fear. Activated sensitivities – but if we can work our way through these: the promise of possible healing is firmly there. 

Healing for us. 

Healing for our relationship. 

And it is all the more powerful because, as I said, Pluto has been in this area of the heavens since January 2022. But from now till next February, the Lilith opposition Pluto now super-imposes upon that long-running vast energy, making it permeate us even more. 

And it will have been especially affecting you – if you have planets conjunct or opposition, or other aspects to these two positions. 

So what is this energy is Lilith opposition Pluto?

Basically Pluto is about our POWER (including our denied power, our power that is stuffed into the shadow, our power that was not allowed us by our parenting, our religious upbringing, the rules of our society).

Lilith is about our SHADOW self (including our denied self and our denied wild self). 

These two energies are both calling to us now, even swamping us, now. 

I will be going into the full detail of the timing, dates, degrees and signs involved later on in the blog (not the video), but for now, let’s focus on what this energy actually is, and what it can mean for us. 

Now, you are called to stand more properly in your true and destined power.

Now, you are called to open up buried shadow power and experiences in your life.

Tension will have been growing as this Pluto – Lilith opposition forms, not to mention the long-running Pluto transit that precedes it. 

You will likely be called to feel there’s a special dramatic purpose calling you at this time: what is that? 

You will likely feel a dramatic special sense of the importance of this time in your life. 

You will encounter past traumas and wounds. This will have the destined purpose that you acknowledge them and that you grow in your power by working through them. 

I feel it may help if I give a particular key experience I had at this time.

By weird ‘coincidence’ with these planetary energies, my wife and I went on a little holiday in Cornwall in  England, and we visited the ultimately dramatic Minack theatre on the tip of Cornwall at Lands End. 

We didn’t know what play would be on. We just said, ‘Let’s visit the Minack Theatre. 

But amazingly I found myself sitting in a play about the horrific treatment of Orphans in England in the late 17th Century. It was called Coram Boy. It’s based on the book by Jamila Gavin. When something terrible was about to be done to an orphan, five Black Angles appeared on the stage in black cloaks and hoods. They never said anything but stood in monumental silence and then began to shiver and shake with horror when something terrible was to happen to an orphan. 

I got the book and I read it after we returned home. The effect on me of this unexpected contact with the play and then the book was pretty traumatic. This was because by ‘coincidence’, I was actually put in one of the infamous Bon Seccours Convent Orphanages because my Irish mother was not married. 

Moreover, I experienced that Coram Boy is set partly in an English stately home. From this stately home, in the play, an illegitimate child was smuggled into an orphanage to preserve the good name of the pregnant outside marriage young noble woman. 

This stately home context of the unexpected play, too, raised wounds and traumas in me. This was because I was forced to serve as an altar boy in a stately home when I was little, and because I had a tough time at Oxford where all the other young men in my tutor group were from noble class families with their fathers holding jobs like British Ambassador to Russia, so as a scholarship entrant from a state school I was ridiculed and dismissed as a ‘scribbler’, having to work full time to support myself, as the others went off to their banquets and japes at stately homes every weekend.

Indeed, part of the coincidence that came into my life during our trip to Cornwall, is that we were staying in a 200-year-old little building that went by the name of The Piggery. We found that we were staying in the Piggery of a huge stately home: Lanhydrock House, similar to Broughton Hall, the stately home where I was forced to serve Mass as a little boy. We actually toured the home while we there. The first thing I saw was ‘rules for Servants’. 

I am telling you this to demonstrate how things come our way in a fated manner, an unexpected manner – almost, with the divine purpose being that we have to face our wounds and we have to come into higher awareness and come more into our valid and destined sense of power. Events like this may happen to you. 

Their divine purpose is a call to us to heal ourselves: in the case of this transit, the Divine Purpose is for each of us  to grow into our proper power and to heal wounds negatively held stuffed-down in our unconscious and in our shadow. 

If you have planets that are activated by aspect from this Lilith opposition Pluto, and so of course also activated from the Pluto transit in early Vedic Capricorn, you too may well be having these sorts of encounters and synchronicities, all with destined purpose for healing you.

What these experiences and feelings at this time can bring is our personal realization that we have power. 

And hopefully they can bring us development of awareness as to how to lovingly assert ourselves with power. 

This energy will bring us a dramatic sense of the importance of this time. 

Hopefully, it will bring us a growth in our sense of power

But note that at times this energy may involve us feeling (even very) over-sensitive and powerless!

So Lilith reveals to us (if we are open to it) what is hidden and suppressed in our awareness. And it does this in an often DESTINED way. 

Lilith also seeks to reveal to us our WILD SIDE, which has been suppressed – the suppression being often in a predictable way, often in a destined way. I am talking about our wild side that our parents and our society FORBADE.

It has to be contacted.

It has to come out.

But this growth has to be managed with great awareness and the help of Healing.

My wife Maggie Pashley has been developing worldwide online healing modalities relevant to this and other health issues for over 25 years. 

And do note by the way, that often Lilith is used as a sort of ‘badge’ where a sense of our suppressed wild side can be worn as a badge to justify not very nice treatment of other people, and unhelpful gender warfares. Lilith’s highest purpose is not that. 

What Lilith is, is our suppressed sense of our personal power, with all the wounds and power stuffed down into our shadow, into our unconscious. Lilith is our suppressed power and wild side in this life. 

Until our personal Lilith destiny is identified, until it is exposed and lovingly worked with and until it is expressed, we cannot l be the full ‘us’; the full ‘me’. 

Until we make that growth, we can not stand in our needed rightful power and expression

We can not really know who we are in this life. 

Definitely this Pluto transit, and now this Lilith opposition Pluto transit, both call for a New Start. 

You will probably need to let go of parts of your identity that you have taken on. 

You will need to bring in more authentic ways of understanding yourself and expressing yourself. 

You will probably need to end some previous ways of working. 

You will probably need to bring in new ways of working, even a new job. 

You will need to go through a rebirth

You will need leave behind the imprisoning belittling You.

You will need to end imprisoning belittling ways of expressing yourself, imprisoning belittling work. 

Definitely, at this time, Fears will arise!

These fears could even be sufficiently powerful to stop you opening to the needed new realization. Don’t give in because you are feeling Fearful. 

These fears could even prevent you from becoming the full You, the New You – the full You intended by your Destiny. Don’t give in.

You must embrace and identify and understand your shadow self in order to heal.

You must move forward to:

Stand in your Light

Become aware of your complexities now.

Become aware of the very different sub-personalities within you. 

Unlock the true potential in your Shadow. 

Find your new independent path forward now. 

You will feel more intolerant now of anyone bossing you about, of people who control you. 

And always balance use of your new power with love, with the role of pleasure, with proper ethical and loving management of your power struggles. 

Embrace your loving sexual expression. 

Become aware now of what your Pluto life issues are as expressed in your natal chart. 

Become aware now of what your Lilith life issues are as expressed in your natal chart. 

Get a reading. Get a personal reading or a relationship reading which will always combine both Vedic and also Western psychodynamic astrology plus pointers to Healing. My websites are: and

O.K. let’s now get a grip on the timing, dates, degrees, and signs involved. I’m not including this more complex data in the video but it’s here in the Blog post.

The timing, dates, degrees and signs involved:

So: the Pluto-Lilith combined energy has been calling to us certainly from mid-October, and the two of them stay within palpable orb of each other until end February. I’m referring to Mean Black Moon Lilith now, but True Black Moon Lilith position also needs to be added into the definition of signs and degrees affected. 

So, yes Lilith has been powerfully calling to us since mid-October, but actually this power-energy growth, this potential empowerment energy, this liberation of our buried power has been going on and affecting us much longer than that, because of course Pluto has been transiting in early Vedic Capricorn for a long time. Pluto reached 4 Vedic Capricorn in May 2022, then Pluto retrograded: Pluto was at 0 deg Vedic Capricorn in January 2022.

Yes, this Lilith Pluto energy is truly entering our lives now, especially if you are in the signs and degrees affected, but note that this huge Lilith Pluto energy is but the icing on the cake from a very long-running and very gradual Pluto transit which has been affecting exactly the same signs and degrees.

So, what’s the timescale?

Well, in more detail, Pluto starts November 2022 at 2 Vedic Capricorn (that is 26 Western Capricorn). 

Lilith starts November at 28 Vedic Gemini (that is 22 Western Cancer)

The opposition becomes exact around the 8th December 2022 Full Moon, with Pluto still at 2 Vedic Capricorn and Lilith now at 2 Vedic Cancer.
The opposition is still in force by 12th February, with Pluto now at 4 Vedic Capricorn, Lilith at 9 Vedic Capricorn (and Mercury is caught up in this at 7 Vedic Capricorn. Be careful!!)

So, who’s going to be affected most by this energy?

Well basically, the people affected most will be those with planets, especially Sun and Moon etc, in the following square, say +/- 6 degrees from the exact 2 degree of sign point:

2 Vedic Aries
Ashwini Nakshatra

2 Vedic Capricorn
UttaraAshadha Nakshatra

2 Vedic Cancer
Punarvasu Nakshatra up to 3 deg Cancer Pushyami Nakshatra from 3 deg Cancer

2 Vedic Libra
Chitra Nakshatra

Note that the above figure is based on opposition and square aspects, but of course you will also be affected if your natal planets are in a trine, Inconjunct, sextile aspect from Pluto and Lilith. 

And note that the Libra-Aries axis is ALSO massively affected by the Nodes of the Moon transit at this time.

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