Lilith Ketu Neptune Yod is a Finger of God chart aspect shape

There’s a Yod in the chart for the very start of September.

And it’s present for a couple of weeks when it morphs into another Yod. See below!

A Yod is a Finger of God chart aspect shape.

The base of the Yod is two planets in sextile aspect to each other.

And the long Finger of the Yod is two quincunx aspects which point to the apex planet. The Apex planet takes on a special fated and destined importance.

So in this case:

The base of the Yod is Lilith sextile Ketu (Ketu is the South Node of the Moon).

The apex planet of the Yod is Neptune.

So, there’s a quincunx aspect from Lilith to Neptune

And quincunx aspect from Ketu South Node to Neptune.

So, with this particular Yod is a very special and wonderful vision work opportunity (with Neptune as apex planet) including past life issues (with Ketu at the base of the Yod) and work with our shadow material (with Lilith at the base of the Yod).

So if you are inclined to visionary work, do make time to focus on the nature of the Yod’s energy and the planets’ energies and the special energy combination they take on because they are in a Yod chart aspect shape.

A session with shamanic Drumming and journeying could be very productive at this time.

So, to repeat:
Lilith sextile Ketu South Node form the base.

And Neptune is the apex planet.

This means that how we handle Neptune in our life, in our consciousness may arrive at a crunch of new awareness at this time!

This Lilith Ketu Neptune Yod is a big topic.

Lilith starts September at 2 Leo.

Ketu South Node starts September at 3 Leo.

Neptune is at 2 Pisces.

The apex planet of a Yod represents a very significant principle demanding clear and purposeful expression by us working away at the energies of the planets in the base (the sextile): Lilith and Ketu.

We work at the energy of the apex planet, Neptune, initially, more by working away at the energies of the two planets at the base.

In this way we reach out to clarify the nature of the apex planet more and more, relating to the apex planet more and more through images and visions or (hopefully not) illusions, rather than genuinely connecting to it, and we are forced to do this work through mounting tension we inescapably feel in relation to the quality of the apex planet: Neptune.

We are walking along our life’s pathway of how we relate to Neptune, but we will find that we might need to change pathway. That’s because the road we are on no longer exists. We have come to a fork I the road.

This could very likely be that we reach a fork in the road as to how we relate to Neptune: planet of vision and intuition and sensitivity – Or Delusion!

Our current pathway that we are on in relation to Neptune may cease to exist. We need to find ourself 0n an (even) better one!

We might therefore have to choose the left fork or the right fork in how we relate to Neptune. We might have to reassess how we handle Neptune energies. Maybe handle them more. Maybe handle them better. And when we choose one of the two (or more) possible directions in how we understand and handle Neptune, it will have a fated feel about it.

So what is Neptune about? Ideally Neptune is vision: better and better vision.

And this chart aspect shape suggests that now could be a very good time to improve our visionary connection

And we might do this through working away at our Lilith (what’s buried in our unconscious and shadow including our Wild Side)

And/or by working away at our Ketu: Our Past Life issues, including our ancestral issues.

Do check out if this energy applies to you.

It might especially apply to those of us who’s charts are aspected by the Yod Finger of God, in other words, to those who have planets touched by one of the corners of the Yod, i.e. planets within orb of Lilith around 2 Leo, Ketu around 2 Libra and Neptune around 2 Pisces.

Check it out for applicability to you!

I have found when my Neptune is activated by progression or transit, I experience things like, for example, clairaudience, clairvision, vision work and great ability to read rock energies, etc. what will it be for you?

Note that the above Yod lasts within orb until 12th September.

But then note that a second overlapping Yod sets in from 4th September:

This is Neptune sextile Pluto where both of these aspect Lilith by quincunx – so Lilith is apex planet for this Yod, and this Yod lasts within orb until 14th September.

To fully access the potential of this Yod, you may need to embrace a course or spiritual path or method or Healer path of a visionary or healing nature.

It will be like entering the Labyrinth, the mystic spiral.

Pluto quincunx Lilith lasts for some time – within orb until 28th September. And this is very important to work with and understand.

Saturn is opposition Lilith from 12th September to the end of the month and beyond. And this is very important to work with and understand.

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